Friday, January 16, 2009

The Lunatics are EATING the Asylum

Reverse Vampyr sent out a link to Top Conservatives on Twitters post regarding an ideas list on the supreme moron site, I went over to see what all the hub-bub was. On Barry's dumbass website, paid for by US the taxpayers, there is a moron book where you can vote up or down the most important legislation. Needless to say the ideas are not static, but they are very telling.

From Dipshit McLoserdumbtard's

1. Legalize the tree. (This means those marijuana cigarettes.)

2. Bullet trains.


4. US to be the GREENEST country.

5. Medical spliffs.

6. Close Guantanamo.

7. Revoke the tax cuts for the Top 1%.

8. Close down the health insurance companies.

9. Legalize online poker.

10. Forced higher MPG rating for automobiles.

11. (Ed Note: But ignore all of those above) BRING BACK THE CONSTITUTION!

12. Reduced scale farming. (I think this one has something to do with number 1.)

13. Net neutrality.

14. Honesty and transparency. (Starting riiiiiiiiiight...3....2....1?)

15. People talking to government. (Really, I have absolutely no friggin' clue?)

16. Euthanasia.

17. End the "War" against the AMERICAN citizens. (I musta missed something. Did we invade Californistan or something?)

18. NATIONAL high speed rail.

19. Legalize the tree. (Yes, again.)

20. Vote and debate online and show all Reps contributions. (I am actually for the contribution thingy.)

21. Whistleblower protection. (I guess that means something about smoking weed, too.)

22. No more wars based only on abstract concepts. (I seriously can't think of one that ever happened in history. I have gone all the way back to the Trojan War, too. Little hepp?)

23. Green jobs, government money.

24. Prohibit junk mail.

25. "Health freedom is our first Freedom." (Uhhhhhhhhhh, zero, I got nothing.)


26. Reform the IRS and Stop the Tax loopholes. (Well, not finally, lemme cut-n-paste this one.)
Stop taxing the poor and the middle class and stop the rich from avoiding taxes. In his article entitled : "Fiscal Therapy" found at Mother Jones the author talks about some of the loop holes in our tax system and that the IRS needs to be brought to the 21st century. (Ed Note: Did this doofus-tool-dung eating moron just reference MOTHER FRIGGIN' JONES on the economy and taxes? Those folks at Mother Jones are stoned outta their gourd.)

The author David Cay Johnston, in his article entitled: Fiscal Therapy says: "End Legal Tax Cheating. The marginal tax rate for cops and teachers is more than 40 percent—25 percent for income taxes and another 15 percent for Social Security and Medicare taxes. The marginal rate for some hedge fund managers, five of whom earned more than $1 billion in 2007, has been zero. That's because many of these speculators have been able to avoid taxes by operating through offshore partnerships under rules that let them defer income taxes. Executives, entertainers, and athletes also have been able to amass vast untaxed fortunes: For example, Roberto C. Goizueta, the ceo of Coca-Cola in the '80s and '90s, built a nest egg of more than $1 billion, but was able to defer taxes on most of it until he died."

Please read the rest of the article. I am sure all his points can be verified with a little research.

Well, at least Gomer McTreesmokingdilbert thinks that maybe a Mother Jones article should be VETTED.

Good Lord, folks. If Barry put all of the top 25 stupid ideas in a hat and then got his head unstuck from the bucket long enough to pick one out, there goes the country. There was only ONE idea in the top 25 that was not a nuclear warhead launched on this country.

I am just SO curling up with my .50 cal and going to sleep. For. Four. Years.

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