Friday, January 16, 2009

Proposition 8 in Californistan (UPDATED!)

If you were to shoehorn me into a political ideology camp, I guess that you would have to say that I fall firmly in what is commonly referred to as the "Conservative" one by today's screwed up definition. I would also have to disagree with your terminology, but that is a debate for another day. I'll accept that terminology for the sake of brevity.

Prop 8 in Californistan outlaws government recognition of marriages between two consenting adults that just happen to have the same sex organs. I seriously am sick to death of hearing about this crap. I do not care whether you rub penii and vaginas together and I would hope at some point all people would realize the exact nature of what you are debating, instead of trying to LIMIT what consenting adults do in the privacy of their own dungeons.

You are staring at the SMALL PICTURE while IGNORING the Constitutionality (or lack thereof) of the BIG PICTURE.

Why should the government have any say on what in the mortal Hell you do in your personal life if it has not one damn thing to do with the PROTECTION OF THE COUNTRY?

Whether you adhere to the principles of Christianity or the principles of stupidity, the government should have no friggin' say in what you, as an individual, does at any time IN YOUR HOME.

Plus, a MARRIAGE is between two people that are pledging to be together until the end. Why that has a single thing to do with tax breaks, visits in the hospital, or who you leave your estate to confuses the mortal shit outta me.

Why in the Hell would anyone of political ideology think that bringing MORE government into your life is a good idea UNLESS they wanted to be slaves to the government?

The solution to this debate and damn near every other one lies in the recognition of the individual PERSON. Not in "protected" groups, but the Constitutional RIGHTS granted by our individualist philosophy, RIGHTS SPECIFICALLY RECOGNIZED AT THE BEGINNING OF THIS COUNTRY.

There are certainly more than two routes to the same waterhole, but most people are too friggin' stupid to realize if you want to marry someone of the same sex as yourself, then the way to ensure that right is to REMOVE THE SHACKLES OF GOVERNMENT from every INDIVIDUAL person's life.

Shit, will y'all please take a few seconds to quit parading up and down the damn boulevard and realize what that solution is? Puh-lease?

And so-called Conservatives, quit being argumentative in the friggin' process, the opportunity for y'all to SOLVE one damn problem, while growing the friggin' tent of the Republican Party is one little heartbeat away. Your party is built on INDIVIDUAL FREEDOMS, that means allowing the fags and dykes to get married and removing all tax burdens for ridiculous, idiotic, stupidity from everyone in the same damn process. Shit, Hell, damn, sometimes I think that the whole damn country is retarded.

UPDATE: Dr. Rusty Shackleford pointed out to me the concept of federalism contained in the above mentioned, and subsequently shat upon Constitution. To simplify this concept, this basically means that if Californistan passes fag marriage, then Mississihicksville is obligated to recognize that institution. What this very idea ignores is that the only benefit afforded by government recognized marriage of any kind is one of taxes or some sort of financial oppression from government. A progressive taxation system demands unequal rights for everyone. Even accepting the status quo at this point STILL allows for the dissolution of marriage as a sanction from the government. If NO marriage at all for any reason is specifically sanctioned by government, then there EXISTS NO PROBLEM with fag marriage.

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