Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday - Gloomy, Cool, AWESOME!

Today appears to be headed towards wetness, but I just realized that I like rain and cold, so I am happy. I also realized that since you have like a real job and everything, you probably want a bunch of links to good stuff that happened this past week and I have to undisappoint you. Sorry, guys, no pr0n, this is a family blog. Well, if your family cusses a bunch, anyway.

A quick aside about the firm in the post below that folded because of the "economy." I currently have three projects rolling full blast with another more important project looming over me like a Democrat watching a wounded taxpayer in the middle of the road. The fact that I keep pushing that job back to concentrate on bigger paying gigs shows my materialism, huh? So, sue me, I suck. Sorry, Cletus, I shall hump that building like a chihuahua this afternoon.

On to the SHOW!

The big story this past week was Flight 1549 belly landing in the Hudson with all on board surviving! I heard that the worst injuries were a couple of broken legs. The pilot, a retired Chairforce fighter pilot and airline safety business owner, kept everyone from projectile shitting their Chinos. And HERE is the video. (Hat-Tip: Everyone in the blogging universe.)

Even before Barry Obama takes the Oath as the WORST. PRESIDENT. EVAH.™, he can add another important accomplishment to his resume. Most proficient gun sales guy in history. That makes ONE accomplishment in his lifetime, well other than winning elections, backed by morons. (I am really beginning to like Barry as President, too. It gives every single person in the country motivation, because if this mental lightweight can be president, then people with above average intelligence can do anything! Hope-Change!)

And, if you want to be like Barry, make your own Communist campaign poster like all of his and YOU CAN BE BARRY! Nothing but a paper thin colored poster. <--See what happened right there? Racism happened.

Good thing Barry is going to be President, we NEED A NEW DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE. "We live in the greatest country in the world, join with me while I hopey-change it."

While I am kicking Jughead in the nuts, I thought that I would link the site that posts photos of all of the folks that voted for mediocrity. IT AIN'T PRETTY.

I also know why Barry nominated Joe Biden to be VP. Joe is Barry's Kevlar vest and bulletproof glass. There is absolutely no possibility of assassination at all because then the guy that lost a wife and kids to a "drunk driver" would be the Chief Honcho. No one wants that craziness. Anyway, Doddering Joe told another tall tale when leaving the Senate. Shocker!

Harry Potter makes the news! "I hate Fox News! I have never watched Fox News!" <--Huh?

Little question here, if a Tee-Vee station has a program that is UNWATCHED by BILLIONS of intelligent people, but they continue to pump MORE money in it to keep it afloat, why would they kill You Tube videos of said program to further reduce the viewership? BECAUSE THEY ARE MORONS?

Video of Iraqi Veterans Against the War. If they readily admit committing war crimes, in public on a bullhorn, why are they not at Guantanamo? Uh, this makes nary sense.

The New Drudge Report, but it's called Top Conservatives on Twitter.

Still more Architects and Economy news. Folks, the AIA is going to their knees to Fellate for Food. Here's another article discussing a parallel topic. I am ashamed. There is no greatness in my chosen profession anymore.

Michelle Obama has tapped her first staff member. Wonder if SHE used a cigar, too? (I actually threw up in my mouth a little just then. Mmmmm, BACON!)

Global Warming v. Global Cooling v. Catastrophic Climate Change! SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SUNDAY! It's like a monster truck rally of eco-moonbattery ideology!

Is it sarcasm, or is it a telling indictment on the stupidity of school teachers?

The only thing missing is David Lee Roth!

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