Sunday, January 18, 2009

Where is the Mutual Exclusivity? (Judge not, lest you be judged.)


You know, daily I read about stuff that usually in five short lines contradicts itself numerous times. Folks, contradictions cannot exist in reality. Sorry, two FACTS that prove each other wrong are not FACTS. Well, at least one of them is NOT a FACT.

Excerpt from an actual conversation:

Ma: There's no Target sale thing in the paper!

Me: The paper is going out of business, I have only been telling you that for a year.

Ma: How am I going to get the news?

Me: You will have to read it on the internet.


Me: You can use the internet at home.

Ma: I don't HAVE the internet at home!

Me: Well, there is just no solution there, now is there?

I love my Ma, but she was taught in the burgeoning Communist schools of the 1950s and early 1960s. Her intellectual capacity was killed by those that worship evil, just as many of our children today. She was of the first generation that was indoctrinated by the far left admitted Communists that hated everything that this country was about. And the lesson took hold and destroyed every bit of her rational faculties. She is a test case for what is happening in our country today. And her parents at the time, trusted their government. BIG MISTAKE. If you take the time to read our Constitution, you will see that the dudes that wrote it felt the same way that I do.

By the way, in case you were wondering, Senator Joseph McCarthy has been proven right, over and over again, yet there remains a concerted effort to obscure that fact. Communism and Socialism was alive and well in our government then, as it is now, it is just that most of the folks involved in government at the time had no interest in rooting out their own kind. Here's a little tidbit that might shock you. Do you know the ONE Senator that NEVER jumped on McCarthy? JOHN F. KENNEDY, because HE believed McCarthy. Eat it. Don't believe me? Use The Google.

How did I miraculously skip that vicious Communist cycle? I was basically raised by my grandfather and grandmother. Two folks that came from good, hard-working families that saw what they needed and then made the effort to get or produce those things. I was raised by people that were never subjected to the evils of government education and that inoculated me to the stupidity that is government education now. Oh, I tried to become a sheeple, it just wasn't in me. I could not philosophically justify the evilness of that act. To myself or to anyone else.

"The Soviets just didn't DO Socialism RIGHT!" I was actually taught that in school.

I was but twelve years old when Jimmy Carter became President and JUMP started our country on the wrong philosophical path. (Yes, big federal government was already well on its way then.) My mother doesn't remember that time. I do, as if it were yesterday. I had no hope at all for the intellectual well-being of our country at that time. Barry Obama is the end-all of that socialist philosophy. But, I do have hope this time.

The reason that I have hope now, in the face of every basic premise of this country being thrown away is that I am old enough to realize that the philosophy is NOT in that piece of parchment upon which the words are written that established our country, our country has forgotten that parchment. The philosophy resides in the minds and actions of a very few men. As it did from the very beginning. Those men are RARE and they always will be. If not for a very few guys that saw the HEROIC in individual men and took a stand to protect those very few individuals, this country would still be the tax base for England today.

That brings us to the jumping off point of today's diatribe. Already, before Juggy McDumboears is even sworn in, there is a move underfoot to repeal the Twenty-Second Amendment that restricts a President to just two terms. In case you were unaware, Barry Obama has never accomplished a single, solitary thing in his entire life, EXCEPT to get elected president of the United States. Nothing. Not one thing has he done.

Yet, there is a man, Representative Jose Serrano that thinks we should repeal an amendment to allow Barry Obama to become president for life. BEFORE HE IS EVEN SWORN IN! HERE's Serrano's Wiki page, which is not on the first three pages of The Google. How friggin' weird is that? Oh, his MAIN political thingy or shtick is ending the trade embargo with Cuba.

Serrano is the very reason that our country is going to Hell in a handbasket. (No, not him personally, doofus.)

You want another example of what we are facing in the next four years? People that are so excited about ONE MAN being president that they are willing to desecrate our country's FLAG to worship that man. If that man, that is idolized by morons, cared one single whit about our country and our individualist philosophy, he would immediately renounce his election ON PRINCIPLE. He would refuse to become the person that they NEED him to be to prop up their victim lifestyle and mentality. But, he will not do that simply because he is NOT the man they F-E-E-L that he is.

Yes, we are headed down the wrong road and there is NO possibility to stop the roiling Meat Jello of the collectivist philosophy. There is NO WAY. And there doesn't need to be. There exist enough individuals to keep the intelligent philosophy alive until it is needed again to drag the morons kicking and screaming from their safety net of other men, from the protection of NO NEED TO THINK. We shall rebuild what the morons destroy because that is what we do when given the chance to prove our superiority.

The Barrystream Media has thrown their entire chicken coop in the basket of Barry Obama as well. For the past eight years those very people have completely denigrated the entire philosophy behind the founding of our country to destroy one man, George W. Bush. While I do not agree with Bush's "Help-Mate Government" philosophy, I must say that he did the things that he believed in his heart were right. The fact that he allowed his emotions to control his actions do not make him a bad man, it just makes him a less than intelligent man. I'll elaborate.

Was it right for Germany to invade Europe in the 1930s? Of course not. But was it right for the United States to declare war on Germany when Germany did not attack the United States? Of course not. HOWEVER, there were a few men that saw what was evil in the philosophy of Nazi Germany and made the efforts to stop that violent aggression that had no purpose other than to remove the freedom of men in Europe. These men, US Citizens, packed up their lives and went to Europe to fight, physically, the Nazi Germany war machine. Wars are never started by countries, folks, they are started by men. And the same thing is true how they are ended. Men END wars. George Bush tried to do that in Iraq and the Middle East, but he took an entire country to war, with the approval of the Congress, to right that aggressive wrong. However, that war was NOT started by Bush, that war was ENDED by Bush.

Having never served in the military, I cannot factually state this from experience, but history tells me that whether in a platoon, company or battalion, there are individuals that MUST motivate other individuals to greatness. Given the opportunity, most men will run from danger; that is human self-preservation ideology, but there are a few men that can make the split decisions necessary to think past immediate danger and see the big picture of the implications of their failure at a certain junction. "If this company overruns us NOW, the momentum shall be theirs and more people shall die in the process. We HAVE to stop them NOW. Come on, MEN!"

That is why there exist rough men that are willing to do what is necessary to protect less rough men. We need The Sheepdogs. Contemplate that message before moving on, please. Give the honor due to those men that willingly throw themselves on the grenade to protect YOU from evil men. Those guys and gals understand that theirs is NOT a sacrifice, theirs is the task of making sure the work is done to protect the right philosophy. G_d, country, family, FREEDOM. It hurts my soul when someone says that a soldier dying for righteousness is a "sacrifice." The definition of sacrifice is "giving something of value for something of lesser value." Dying in the act of protecting an entire philosophy is never a sacrifice in my opinion, it is an HONOR. A United States soldier that dies protecting FREEDOM is never sacrificed if they are honored by living the life that they protected.

"He died protecting what he believed in," tells you that man went to the mat to protect his right to his own thoughts. He offered his very life for his philosophy and his morality. I can NEVER see that as a sacrifice, there exists no greater action for any man. I think and I shall defend my G_d given right to think. Salute.

The more that I contemplate the refusal of our people to think, the more that I completely understand that there is a fine line between intelligent man and apes. There are group-think philosophies that completely reduce the potential of man to the lowest common denominator. Worshiping ONE man, by forever marring your body with his ICON, reduces you to the level of cattle. Sure, we point and laugh because that person is so very stupid, but really, it is very disconcerting. You are branded as the possession of THAT ONE MAN. You cease to become a human being, you lower yourself to the point of being that 3/5ths SLAVE. Adulation of Barry Obama, or any man, leaves you at that point.

Where this surge of resolving oneself to slavery is headed is anyone's guess. I can honestly say that it holds no attraction for me, but daily I have the hope that Barry becomes the person that he COULD be. His past and his philosophy tells me that happening is so highly unlikely as to contradict history and mathematics, but still there is the belief in the ultimate victory of man and therefore for mankind.

Here's the reference to "judge not." You continue to hear the statement, "Judge not, lest you be judged" from people that DO NOT understand, nor do they realize the verse that follows this statement. Oh, they know it somewhat, yet they never took the time to read the entire passage in order to understand it. I am Catholic, so when I read the Bible, I am to understand it in the LITERAL sense. Let's check this out a bit, from Matthew 7 of the New International version:
1 "Do not judge, or you too will be judged. 2 For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.

3 "Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? 4 How can you say to your brother, 'Let me take the speck out of your eye,' when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? 5 You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother's eye.

6 "Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and then turn and tear you to pieces.

My interpretation of this little lesson for life is that you are to make sure that you are standing on righteous ground and then you should take that message to others. However, you should not waste your virtues on people that do not want them.

However, anyone that keeps telling you that the Bible tells you NOT to judge anyone, is LYING to you. The Bible LITERALLY tells you to do just that when you have cleared up your own personal nightmare. The Bible LITERALLY tells you that you are responsible to yourself FIRST, then you take care of your stupid brother that keeps getting his eyes all sawdusty.

UPDATE: Dang it! Even during Biblical times there existed ANALOGIES. "Throwing your pearls to pigs" doesn't mean LITERALLY throwing your pearls to pigs, just as a LITERAL translation doesn't mean that LITERALLY you are throwing your pearls to pigs. You LITERALLY translate the Bible to the point of UNDERSTANDING that is a ding-dang ANALOGY. Well, unless you are a moron.

UPDATE 2: So sorry, I did not know that I had to physically DRAG the horse to water, bend his head down to it, and shovel water into his mouth. All while rubbing his stupid throat to get him to swallow the stupid water.

Verses 1 and 2 tell you that you are to judge people with the exact same scrutiny that you want to be judged. If you are very hard on yourself, you expect people to judge you with that very same rigidity. If you are a deadbeat, you do not want people to judge you at all. However, since I am EXTREMELY hard on myself and expect nothing less than greatness from myself, Biblical teaching DEMANDS that I use the very same standard with which to judge other people. I demand perfection, losers demand worse losers. Git it?

UPDATE 3: I knew that this would spark some debate with mealy-mouth, "Jesus was the Savior of the world, so I have to do nothing other than believe in Jesus" types. That is so beyond any legitimate comprehension of Biblical teachings that I feel the desire to kick you out of Christianity myself.

No, sir, adhering to the tenets of Christianity is an actively active action. Just as LOVE is not a feeling. You must PRODUCE from your intellectual understanding. You must DO. Thought, in and of itself, is NOTHING. Intellectual thought must lead to ACTION with anything that you undertake. Just as I do not have FAITH in G_d, I have factual proof that overrides my NEED for FAITH. Faith is only important to the point that proof is realized. Morons have FAITH in Barry Obama, yet there exists no factual PROOF of anything that he believes, since he has never accomplished anything other than getting a group of SHEEPLE to follow him.

I'm tired of throwing my pearls to you, Mr. Pig.

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