Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Apathy? Who Cares?

I gotta go off on a rant here for the purpose of easing my mind. Over the last few days, FINALLY the Republicans have regained their fiscal conservatism and fought against the Welfare for Welfare Bill. Now, it is too little, too late. Nevermind the fact that they are really only fighting on WHO to give this confiscated wealth to. Folks, the takeover of our lives by the federal government is complete. Hopefully, you are still ARMED so at the point when they come to your house to take the rest of your stuff, you can resist.

But, that is NOT what I wanna rant about. It's the other stuff that is EXACTLY THE SAME THING.

It is about the Early Show actually getting something RIGHT, but at the same time MISSING dreadfully the reason they are RIGHT. (Hat-Tip: Newsbusters)

Again on the marriage issue.

What is "marriage?" If you immediately start thinking about relationships and the commitment thingies, you are far afield. Let's look at the "institution" of marriage and try to come to understand exactly how far the reach of government goes and the detrimental effect that legislation has on your life, my life, everyone's lives.

To get "married" you must first go have a blood test. Generally, people go to their local health department and get this done. In Mississippi, they ONLY test for syphilis. They do not test for AIDS or whether the two folks are brother and sister, they test for SYPHILIS. Why? Because at one time, syphilis was a big, fat, hairy deal and the government decided in the sense of "public welfare" they must try to limit the spread. On the surface this seems to be a good idea, but instead of allowing people to take care of their own SHIT, the government took over that task.

This technique is called "incrementalism." And it is wildly successful in REMOVING your individuality and your personal FREEDOM.

The testing that was done in order to protect "public welfare," accomplished something entirely different and the government saw that it was good.

What the Early Show failed to grasp was the fact that marriage is nothing more than a contractual agreement now. That is ALL it is and the government receives the largess of this contractual agreement. They use your "marital status" on every document that they produce. Check it, on any government form, they ask whether you are married, single, divorced or what not. And they make assumptions based on your answers.

G_d forbid you are married and do not file a joint income tax return with your spouse. The penalties for that action border on criminal. We are just one minute step away from public flogging on "Married-Filing Separately."

There is a philosophical PROBLEM with this mentality and people that desire the personal freedom to live their lives as they see fit need to step up and start fighting this takeover.

I blame syphilis testing for this Welfare for Welfare Bill.

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