Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Blackuary 10, 0001 AB - President Snake Oil Salesman

Of course the big talk the whole world over is about the Welfare for Welfare Bill. There have been more than seven blog posts about it, at least four Barrystream Media articles about it, one television infomercial about it, and NOW, the Barry Tour has launched and our friggin' president is riding around touting this ginormous Spendulus Plan.

Folks, there is NO ONE in the world (that has read any part of this bill) that thinks this is a good idea. Not one person on this planet thinks that this bill will do ANYTHING to help the economy. NOT. ONE. PERSON.

Why is it even being discussed? Because our federal government wants to control every aspect of our lives. There is NOTHING in this bill that is even remotely important to ANYTHING. There is not one line item that is critical to anyone on the planet.

Our friggin' PRESIDENT is riding around promoting this Welfare for Welfare Bill for ONE purpose, to grab more control over your life and mine. To take more of our money. To strap our kids and their kids with more debt.

President Stupid Moron actually had the GALL to proclaim that there is NO PORK in this Welfare for Welfare Bill. He actually stated that there were no earmarks in the legislation. If you have read a single page of this HUGE bill, you know that statement is a BALD-FACED LIE. Just know, there is 2.8 BILLION dollars for broadband internet services. What exactly could you say that is?

Read the Stimulus.

The Congress will NOT even allow amendments to keep the money out of the hands of CRIMINAL IMMIGRANTS. Can someone please tell me why Democrats would want CRIMINAL IMMIGRANTS to receive tax money? Is there any reason AT ALL?

President Doofus also loudly proclaimed that a "stimulus" bill is ALWAYS a spending bill. This is also a blatant, out and out lie. Tax cuts DO NOT COST MONEY. When the almighty federal government reduces the amount of tax liability on the individuals that pay taxes in this country, it doesn't HURT the government, it FORCES the government to cut USELESS expenses.

Did you know that the federal government currently employs EIGHT MILLION people that they call "Nonessential Personnel?" Two thirds of ALL federal employees are considered NON-ESSENTIAL. I call that "sixty-six percent of the fed is WASTED money."

If the Fed actually wanted to "save the economy" and shore up the individual families that are being squeezed financially, they would immediately reduce the money they are SPENDING on stupid shit. Like studying the effects of bovine flatulence on the atmosphere. Or reduce the number of staffers used by every single Senator or Representative at the Capitol.

Have these issues even been discussed?

Of course not and there is ONLY one reason, because the whole function of the federal government at this point is to insure that the fed keeps GROWING. While they ignore the FACT that REAL businesses need government to leave them the fuck alone, the fed continues to grow the rolls of NON-ESSENTIAL PERSONNEL.

And while all of this is going on, the so-called conservatives are crawling the THREE Republican asses that voted for this. You know, if there had been a decided push against spending during the Republican controlled era, I could agree, but there was NO SUCH OUTCRY.

Sorry, I am disgusted at Democrats and even MORE disgusted with Republicans. When someone FINALLY pipes up and starts screeching about spending only when the spending is in direct contradiction to their own pet projects, it is just TWO SIDES OF THE SAME COIN.

People that are currently on any type of government assistance or healthcare should be somewhat dubious of the new National Coordinator of Health Information Technology included in this Welfare for Welfare Bill. Can you say, "Healthcare Rationing?"


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Roland Hulme said...

Normally, I don't agree with you - but I think you've got a point. I think at least half of government spending is 'fluff.' It's free money, so they graft as much of it as they can. Whether it's free cars or stealing post it notes, there seems to be a concensus that if the taxpayer's paying for it, there's no need for thrift.

In this economic crisis, us regular folk have to tighten our belts. You'd think the government would do the same - when their revenue goes down, they cut spending to balance it.

NOPE. Loans and tax hikes.

And raising taxes just perpetuates the economic crisis.

Paul Mitchell said...

Roland, it is now time for you to turn in your liberal card. You cannot be considered liberal unless you believe in tax hikes for all reasons.

Go ahead, give it up.