Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Blackuary 11, 0001 AB - Mo' Craziness

The very reason that I make an absolute MOCKERY of Blackuary is because it is friggin' stupid. Black history is not special, it is simply history. I realize that the leftists and activists all believe that blacks are victims who are inferior to whites and can never equal the accomplishments of the white race, but that is not my opinion. That is why I publish this charade every year. Not only do we get to see the complete dishonesty of Blackuary and the promotion of all the leftwing moonbat ideology, because that is ALL that is promoted, but we get to see history skewed so far to the asinine that we think Malcolm X was a good guy.

Someone in the Nutleft finally agrees with me, but.....

In January 2008, Cynthia Tucker wrote an article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution proclaiming the DIRE need to continue to celebrate Blackuary, just ONE YEAR later, she advocates the EXACT opposite. Please keep in mind that Cynthia Tucker is CRAZY or either she has been kidnapped and someone else is writing her article. I am pretty sure that she has been kidnapped, it makes NO sense at all to suddenly switch your opinion to a polar opposite. Scratch that, we are talking about an insane lunatic. (No offense meant to insane lunatics, I just have no other description.)

A tidbit to clear up Tucker's attempts in failing to attribute the month of Blackuary to the proper person. It was promoted from Negro History Week to Black History Month by President Gerald Ford, Republican. Just so you know. And understand, Cynthia's kidnappers inadvertantly grouped Barry's name with his philosophical and intellectual equals, Cornel West and Toni Morrison. One month of the year, their books are grouped together so you do not have to see any of them, they are on a rack labeled "Morons that actually can hold a pencil somewhat" or "A moron buys a typewriter at a garage sale and fucks up so bad they made words and shit. Word."

Tucker's Kidnapper's Blackuary article. Please note the title of the article, I do believe that Tucker wrote that because it portray blacks as victims of robbery. (I am really curious to know exactly how they kidnapped her and pray for her safe return. G_d watches out for children and morons, though, so she's in His hands.)

From the article:
Americans young and old, black, white and brown, will understand that black history and the nation’s history are one and the same. (Ed note: Please forgive the terrible grammar, Cynthia is a blithering moron that is a journalist. She doesn't understand English or rules of grammar.)

From Blackuary's CHARTER post in 2006:
Then we won't have to even assume that "Black History" is really just history.

There is only ONE reason that Cynthia Tucker has finally changed her opinion, it is because the new Moron in Charge is a Halfrican American. No other reason. It is going to be a shocker to her when Barry proves to all folks involved that he is the WORST. PRESIDENT. EVAH.™ and has set race relations back to 1612.

By the way, let's check in on President Moron and his criminal buddies, shall we? Yesterday, after Barry's tax cheat Treasury Sec-uh-tary announced that he too is a moron, the market responded somewhat violently. This morning the Dow numbers are very tentative and will remain so until another Democrat moron opens his/her/ambiguous other's mouth or the Congress kills the Welfare for Welfare Bill. Please folks, do not let Democrats speak, normal people start projectile shitting the minute words fall from Demomoron's heads.

Mathematicians have discovered a new number. This number is larger than ever conceived. They are going to call it a "stimulus."

The Obamoron doesn't care about offering contradictory views twenty times in the same sentence. I heard someone say that he was smart. At what point will he let those smart thoughts slip out? I have been waiting for a single COHERENT statement to come from this guy since October of 2005. Nothing yet, but I am still HOPEFUL that he will CHANGE that.

Maybe President Moron will work toward energy independence. Oddly enough, when he said that, he meant that we should become independent from USING energy.

Reverse Vampyr takes down the Obamoron's first presser in blistering style. Can anyone remember where the asinine idea that Barry was a good speaker originated?

Most of y'all saw yesterday's post with Henrietta Hughes and the stalker lady, but did you see Julio, the nineteen year old college student that has worked at McDonald's for four and a half years? 19 - 4.5 = 14.5, child labor laws? Fuck 'em. His video has gone VIRAL. Scary, scary stuff from the Obamabots, y'all. Why doesn't he get a job in wrestling or something?

Malkin has more on the McDonald's moron. Check out the image.

Senator Lurch Kerry ADMITS that you shouldn't be trusted with your own money. Can someone give me the addresses of the people that keep voting for this moron? They need personal, in-home attitude adjustments.

Maybe that is why support for the Welfare for Welfare Bill is currently hovering right around forty percent now. I wonder if the Barrystream Media will ever report that NO ONE, NO ONE AT ALL (with an IQ over 60) wants this legislation to pass?

Two University of Chicago professors (one a Nobel economics laureate, like Paul Krugman) tell their former "colleague" that his Welfare for Welfare Bill is a LOSER.

Patterico supports building F-22s to boost the lagging economy. Bean lurves her some F-22s. (Patterico also links up some CRINGE worthy reporting. Guys, DO NOT READ THIS, IT CANNOT BE UNREAD.)

Frumpy, the Hippopotamus-faced wonder doofus, John Murtha, is losing friends coming and going. They are all getting raided by the FBI. Pennsylvania, if y'all keep voting this douchebag into office, your life is NOT going to Hopey-Change.

Do y'all remember that image with all the Obamabots wearing their Hopey-Change tee-shirts in the mug shots? An Iowa state trooper thought it was funny, too, and sent the image to a few of his friends. He was suspended for thirty days for his patriotic dissent. It is now against the law to be patriotic.

Joe Biden's good buddy, Dickie Scruggs gets two years added to his sentence for bribing another Democrat judge. They EAT their own, folks, what do you think they will do to us?

What do you get when you cross an eleven year old female skeet champion and two home burglars? TWO DEAD BURGLARS.

Finally, today in Blackuary history, an inspirational figure was born in 1964, the year when the most intelligent people in history were produced. Contrast that to the scientifically proven DUMBEST year, 1961. Happy Birthday, Governor Sarah Palin!

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ChristinaJade said...

this is awesome! ditto everything! :)

"Mathematicians have discovered a new number. This number is larger than ever conceived. They are going to call it a "stimulus."" i wonder what the square root of stimulus would be?

what most people don't seem to realize is that i could care less if O was purple plaid, he's not Presidential material. heck, i wouldn't let the guy volunteer to wash my car. just because he's a decent orator (as long as he has a script) doesn't mean he's that intelligent. i mean, damn.

ChristinaJade said...

by the way, cynthia tucker?


Steve B said...

I say instead of paying reparations, we should be paying for repatriations. If people are still upset about being stolen from their precious Africa, the government should make good by buying them one-way tickets back.

See just how many step up for the handouts then, eh?

Paul Mitchell said...

Steve, in case you were not aware, we DID that. There is a WHOLE country in Africa called Liberia that the US set up and shipped slaves to. We made an entire COUNTRY for them.

CJ, Cynthia Tucker is a personal weakness. The is the Atlanta Journal Constitution's Op-Ed Editor and of course, a blithering idiot.