Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Four Letter Sports Linkdump

All sports fans are very well aware if they need really bad sports reporting, all that they need do is to go to and there is a literal plethora of garbage. And it is reported on by absolute idiots!

Anyhoo, I am a linker and a dumper, so while reading the entire blarkynets, everyday, I Control-D all day long. Most of these articles are great, but with an award-winning blurger like myself, I must be able to formulate some kind of coherence to the madness.

Tonight, I do not have to do that, because this is Four Letter Style. Enjoy the bullshit, y'all.

At EDSBS, every year about this time, they start the Fulmer Cupdate. This Big Board keeps track of all misdemeanors and felonies committed by players at Division I-A college footbaw schools. Shocker that Ball State is already in the lead!

AA has the Peetah Gammons suck-fest with A-Rod. Uh, when Alex got tagged, steroids were NOT against the rules, yo. Please, MLB, let this issue die a painful death. If you keep messing with it, the morons of Dumbass Hill in DC are going to get involved, you know. 'Member how swimmingly that went last time with Harry Reid asking what a baseball was?

The Double(!) Bacon Hamburger Fatty Melt. May I have TWO, please?

More extreme eats. No, it is NOT the Four Letter, it's just awesome.

Finally, an interview with Stump, the Sussex Spaniel that won the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Stump has a tendency to use somewhat risque language. Holy crap, he's seventy years old, give the guy a break. Old dogs, new tricks, you know.

And as long as I have turned this place into a language strip club, we might as well listen to some snipets of President Jughead cussing like a sailor.

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