Thursday, February 12, 2009

Blackuary 12, 0001 AB - Ah, The Irony!

*Good Lord, click the image to see a big shot of this slack-jawed moron.*

On Blackuary 12, 216 BB, the Congress of the United States enacted the very first "This Be Mah Shit" law. The wonderful legislation ensured that slave owners would BRAND their slaves to more readily recognize their property. Please remember, there wasn't a Republican Party at the time, that came later. I am really unsure how we can blame that on George W. Bush either. I'm working on that one.

Today, black people regularly brand themselves to connect with their ancestors in a show of solidarity, instead of eschewing slave mentality and behaviorism, they embrace their masters. Think "Tramp Stamp."

Also on this day in Blackuary History, the "Great Emancipator" was born in 200 BB. The Sixteenth President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, was birthed on Sinking Spring Farm in what is now LaRue County, Kentucky. And he liked to say, "nigger" a lot. Just like today's current president. So, I guess there is SOME similarity between the two.

And oddly enough, today's Moron President is staunchly opposed to everything that Abe stood for. Barry Obama is a huge fan of the slavery, his white half is just dying to get out.

Barry's vice president news. Joe "Gaffetastic" Biden's buddies KEEP GETTING INDICTED. This is a peripheral indictment from all of the Democrat embezzling, graft, and illegal activity surrounding their attempts to get rich on the backs of the Gulf Coast residents hit by Hurricane Katrina. (NO, NEW ORLEANS DID NOT GET HIT BY KATRINA!) Dickie Scruggs, the Hillary Clinton fundraiser and PERSONAL FRIEND of Joe and Hunter Biden, rolled over on his former friend, JUDGE! Bobby DeLaughter on Tuesday. Why is all of this not plastered on every front page of every news vehicle? Because it shows exactly how corrupt this new presidential administration really is. Remember, so far, there is NOT ONE PERSON in this administration that is not a crook.

Oooo, the beginning of the idiot religion was spawned today. Charles Darwin was born on Blackuary 12, 200 BB as well. Coincidence?

In the spirit of the day, we enjoy, "The Obamasburg Address." We embrace mediocrity and failure and it is GOOD!

Seriously, this is about the funniest thing I have seen in a while. I have been WAITING for this First Lady, you know I have. Vogue is retarded.

Have you wondered exactly why the economy all of the sudden went to absolute Hell-in-a-Handbasket right before the elections? Could it have been Barry or HIS masters?

The Moronstream Media slobbers all over Shaun Cassidy Barry Obama in an attempt to completely destroy the typical media conglomerates. Thank G_d they are not attempting to do that to REAL businesses.

The "reporter" in the above link is apparently a twelve year old girl named Terry Moran. Read those Tweets, folks, it will give you the insight of exactly how the mind of a "journalist" does NOT work.

The future of our country under the "leadership" of the Moron President. White folks in back, biatches!

'Member the video of poor, widdle homeless person Henrietta Hughes? The video really didn't pass the smell test and now it seems there was a reason. Let's Joe the Plumber this moron.

She OWNS a house, the mortgage was satisfied in 2003.

Her son has a job and she has insurance.

And since 1983, she has been receiving SOME TYPE of government aid every year.

Our Moron President and his staff found her, coached her, and then put her on television. MOST. TRANSPARENT. ADMINISTRATION. EVAH.

It's weird how this "transparent" administration hand picks the questions from the media, too. Do they have pre-approved questions and prepared answers at all pressers?

Thank goodness our new Moron President is so smart as to follow the successful economic models of really rich countries, LIKE ZIMBABWE.

And thank goodness that we have finally turned our attention from that kissy-face Islamic cult, the Religion of Peace, and focused our investigative services on something important, LIKE INVESTIGATING WALL STREET.

How quickly do you think that California will lose congressional seats when everyone flees their new Communist dictatorship of fourteen BILLION dollar tax increases?

California WON'T lose seats, because the most ethical presidential administration in our nation's history has moved the Census taking stuff to Rahm Emanuel's office.

I am so glad that the post-partisan leadership locked the Republicans out of the conference meetings for the Welfare for Welfare Bill. We simply cannot allow those Republicans to BLOCK BI-PARTISAN LEGISLATION.

And now we have the "bi-partisan" economic bill. It has only grown in thickness by a factor of one hundred twenty percent in a week. There simply cannot be anything bad about this Welfare for Welfare Bill. Nothing at all.

In other news, conscientious war protester and deserter, Cliff Cornell, has returned to the United States to help Barry Obama plan the withdrawal of our occupation forces in the Middle East. WHAT A HERO! Thank goodness we are finally allowing the Religion of Peace to spread their lurve!

In DC, a special court has determined that the MMR vaccination is NOT the cause of Autism. I am so glad that we finally cleared that up, the government continues its perfect streak of NOTHING BUT SUCCESS STORIES. The Fed is just so smart, caring, loving, and awesome. I am relieved to the nth degree that I no longer have to have any knowledge of anything for myself, the government will tell me what is right and wrong.

Go give Justin Higgins some money, he's trying to get to CPAC. he's a college kid and has saved his beer, stripper, and hippie lettuce money for a while and is still short. Just kidding, he's the only good college kid in the damn country, spare a five spot for him.

And lastly, you can now make your very own "Obama Anus" logo. This should be good.

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