Thursday, February 12, 2009

The SECOND Linkdump for Blackuary 12, 0001 AB (UPDATED!!!)

Dude, the news is spewing out like insanity from Joy Behar's cakehole, like stupidity from Teleprompter Jesus's jug handle ears, and like the meatsicle from Tom Cruise's mud-ditch, today.

It is hard to keep up. But, still I persevere because that is exactly the kind of sonoffabitch that I am.


Barney Frank lisps his way through an announcement that the Party of the Morons is bringing back the NEW DEAL. Harry Potter thinks that it is hilarious.

Kyra Phillips campaigns for the nuthouse. Seriously, Barry Obama compares to Lincoln, huh? Can someone point me in the direction of some actual examples that are not stupid to come to this ridiculous Obamoron-Lincoln comparison? Well, other than they are both skinny. (What color were Kyra's Obamapom-poms today?)

The Party of the Morons has decided that we shouldn't be allowed to live. STILL included in the Welfare for Welfare Bill is the provision to completely destroy all medical services and allow Quinterraniqua at the DHS to take over your medical records. Maybe we'll find out once and for all what kinds of STDs President Bucky Clinton was toting around on that crooked shaft of his. (Can you say, "I shall pay cash from this point forward, doctor?")

Rather than invite the brothers of a victim of the Muslim attacks on New York, Barry invited their aunt, a committed moonbat that protests "torture" at Camp Delta. Yes, there is trouble brewing. Dammit, is there no limit that this moron will not find that pisses on the graves of our Constitution and our military?

Girl on the Right, who possesses oo-koodles of Injun cred, points out that Canada is kinda sissified. Drunk, rolling around outside with your baby damn near nekkid? Go to rehab. Would it be too much trouble to just beat her senseless with shovels? I am sure that she is certainly "shovel-ready."

More later. I gotta make an attempt to look like I'm working, the boss might see me slacking off. He's an asshole.

UPDATE: The smartest actor in the whole movie industry interviews with David Letterman.

More utter FAILBOAT from the Obamoron Administration. Since he was inaugurated, Barry has yet to be successful in ONE single endeavor. His ONLY attempt at "bi-partisanship" ended today, when the nominated commerce secretary, Senator Judd Gregg (R-NH) decided that he had enough of the blatant lies and deceit vomiting forth daily from this overwhelmingly corrupt administration.

Ray LaHood now becomes Barry's favorite Republican. Of course, no one has ever heard of LaHood, he's from Illinois where party lines mean nothing, it is all about the corruption.

I give up, RightwingSparkle found PROOF of the miracles performed by the Obamessiah. I am convinced that he is MAGIC.

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