Monday, February 16, 2009

Blackuary 16, 0001 AB - The Obvious

*Screengrab from MoronStupidNBC*

On this day in black history, in the year 37 BB, Wilt Chamberlain passed the thirty thousand point mark. And bagged his twelve thousandth piece of ass.

And also, since I did not post yesterday, Leon Spinks became the egg-suckingest Heavyweight Champion the boxing world had ever seen. He also went from heavyweight champion to homeless moron in less than a decade. The only thing that is left to show for Leon's win is Mr. T. At least we got that in the deal.

And just to prove that MSNBC is wearing its kneepads out sucking Obama's choad, they incorrectly credit the 10th as the day that the Obamessiah announced his candidacy for the presidency. I guess they HAVE to have something in the calendar for the Obamoron, otherwise Blackuary becomes just another month of mediocrity for black folks.

Kunta Kinte was also born on this day way back in 52 BB. Actually, the guy that played Kunta Kinte, Levardis (yes, that's his name) Burton was born on this day. Kunta Kinte never existed and "Roots," the Alex Haley novel that was claimed to be his family history, was mostly fabricated. Haley was also sued for plagiarism and settled out of court for 650k. Yeah, "Roots" was bullshit. SHOCKER! Please let "Roots" die a painfully slow death and recognize when people, such as Alex Haley, falsify the history of slaves and try to perpetrate a CRIME such as Alex Haley did, they marginalize the people that actually DID suffer through slavery.

But, hey! It's Blackuary, we can lie through our damn teeth about black folks this month and pretend that the black race is nothing but a bunch of victims!

Believe it or not, in the entire time that this site has celebrated Blackuary, I have never actually taken the time to search the site, "" Surprisingly enough, the site is NOT about black history, it is a social networking site. So, if you want to see a bunch of young black girls' pictures of their asses, that is the site for you. Can anyone tell me exactly WHY it has become necessary to take a photograph of a twenty-something-year-old ass as a profile photo? Kinda skanky if you AXE me. And you did.

And as long as I am debunking black history, no debunking would be complete without the Le Amistad. Since nothing of significance having to do with the United States and the Amistad occurred in Blackuary, just indulge me for a minute. At no time EVER did the Amistad head to the United States to sell slaves. They were to be resold in Cuba. The ONLY reason that the Amistad wound up in the United States was because of the slave revolt on board. The United States in its terrible bigotry and hatred of the black race, found FOR the black folks and ordered them returned to their rightful home in Sierra Leone, an AFRICAN slave trading country. The United States forced HISPANIC slavemasters to release their property purchased from BLACK folks.

Former United States President, John Quincy Adams (Whig, which was the opposition to the Democrat Party) was instrumental in returning those former slaves to Sierra Leone. He had to try the case before the Supreme Court because Democrat President Martin Van Buren appealed the ruling of a lower federal court. Just so you know. Of course, even Hollywood got that right, but the people that saw the movie were TOO DAMN STUPID to understand that.

Now, let's check in on the Slavemasters in the Democrat government from today!

President Barry Obamoron has been taking lessons from Alex Haley. Here is a video of his blatant lying about sunlighting legislation, and a comparison of hiding, cheating, and stealing his way around that. SCREW integrity!


Protests in Seattle. AGAINST the Welfare for Welfare Bill!

Barry Obama's FDIC closes four more banks on Friday. You know, because SUNLIGHT is the very best thing. Thirteen banks have been closed this year.

Forty-nine people die in a plane crash because of Barry Obama's "fanatical partisanship." Rahn Emanuel sent out a memo on January 20th that states ABSOLUTELY none of the directives enacted by the Bush administration are to be followed. The body count of people murdered by the Obama Administration continues to pile up, how much more will we take before there is a revolt?

Obama also returned a bust of Churchill to Great Britain in the attempt to completely piss them off. It appears to be the very first act on which the Obama administration was completely successful. Restoring the standing with the rest of the world obviously doesn't include our allies.

In retaliation for the shitting on Churchill, the Brits tell the truth about Obama's Welfare for Welfare Bill. That makes it unanimous around the world. The WFWB will not work and there are no intelligent people on the entire planet that think that it will.

But, morons like Cokie Roberts and George Stickmyheadinmybackdooralos, think that it is entirely irresponsible for the Republicans to oppose the Welfare for Welfare Bill
. The fact that these morons actually think that the bill is GOOD, should tell you exactly how BAD it is.

From the "Up is Down, Right is Wrong, Black is White" File, comes the shocking ignoramus idea that Barry Obama should hold a fiscal responsibility summit. I have no idea how to even address that silliness. Uh, should we just place a bucket on the floor and let Barry get his head stuck in it to avoid having to listen to that stupidity?

But, remember, Barry won, so he doesn't have to practice anything that he preached during the sermon. It was just campaigning, you know.

Muslims investigated for defacing something and making bomb threats? Aw, Hell to the naw, Islam is the "Religion of Peace," yo.

In more Religion of Peace news, a "moderate" Muslim hacks off his wife's head. Thank goodness he got that "Muslims are Good People" television channel off the ground before practicing Islam! And I would hate to see what a "fervent" Muslim would do instead of that "moderate" reaction of beheading.

A Illinois Senator IN TROUBLE? The world has gone MAD! Roland Burris, Obama's replacement, is as corrupt as his predecessor. SHOCKER!

Obama's Shock and Awe! The AP makes the Obama Cheerleading Team!

Thank goodness the US markets are closed today, otherwise the 6000 Dow would happen today. Since Obama shall sign the Welfare for Welfare Bill tomorrow, it probably won't happen until Thursday.

New Hampshire has decided to secede from the Union. It ain't about slavery. Well, yeah, I guess that it is, too, they refuse to be slaves to the federal government.

You know what would be really good for a company in desperate financial straights? The labor unions to decide NOW to be a really good time to walk out of negotiations FORCED by the Federal Government. Do you have General Motors stock? I pity you.

The AP also broke the cardinal rule of publishing a corrupt Democrat's party. Don't fret, they scrubbed as soon as the error was caught.

In architecture news, Frank Gehry PROVES that he is an absolute idiot. Well, The New York Times writer, Alec Appelbaum proves that he is an idiot for even paying any attention to the moron Frank Gehry. And that the New york skyline is about to get much uglier if this POS Frank Gehry building gets built. Read this article and see if you can find one single statement that is not complete craziness.

The Greatest Picture EVAH on the Interblags.

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