Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Blackuary 17, 0001 AB - Government Guud

There have been plenty of things that have happened in years past on this day that pertain to black history. However, they all pale in comparison to the Obamoron signing the single largest government expenditure in the history of the Earth.

Jim Brown was born today, Michael Jordan was born today, Huey Newton was born today, Virginia retired their state song today, the USS Jesse L. Brown was commissioned today, Thelonious Monk passed away today......BUT.

President Housenegro Slavery McShacklehead signed the new Slavery-Slave-Slavery Act today in Denver, Colorado. Having been in the car most of the morning, I have heard repeated statements from the moron press about auto-manufacturing having a HUGE effect on the financial markets and how the bottom was falling out of the Dow, S&P, and the NASDAQ. Not one person did I hear say, "President Moron is signing legislation that is making everyone cut their losses and remove all money from the market." Instead, it was about car makers. Disingenuous to say the very least, absolutely dishonest and lyinger-mclying-head at the very worst.

What does GM have to say about things? It is just cheaper NOT TO MAKE CARS. I am not really sure what kind of products that they shall manufacture, but I think that they will be rolling out some Communism in days to come.

Folks, the economy is about to go in the shitter. Not one person on Capitol Hill thinks that this huge waste of our money is going to help the economy. Not one person thinks that, they are all hoping to get rich by bilking the taxpayers and taking away more individual rights. We have effectively ruined our country's ability to survive with this bill. Make no mistake, the stage is set, the roles have been assigned, and now it is every man for himself. If you want your family to survive this, you better start hoarding your money and valuables, because the next thing is redistribution of your tangibles. Those will be the only things left to steal once all of the jobs are gone.

Atlas Shrugged.

Let's check in on the rest of the stuff going on.

Last week Congressmoron Debbie Stabenow (Dumbass-Michigan) called for the re-institution of the Fairness Doctrine. While all of the Barrystream Media talking heads screech that no one has called for the Fairness Doctrine again, Stabenow, Schumer, and their ilk continue to CALL FOR THE FAIRNESS DOCTRINE. Stabenow is especially GUILTY, but what the Moron Media doesn't tell you is that her corrupt, lying, sack of shit husband is a huge investor in Moron Radio and Leftwing media outlets. Transparent and ethical, R-I-G-H-T!

While the rest of the country goes BROKE because of Democrat corruption, graft, and theft, Democrat Governor David Patterson's friends get wealthy. There are ZERO ethical Democrats in this country.

President Obama spends your tax dollars to import PALESTINIANS. Hey! It's not like they are murdering Islamic KILLERS or anything, they are poor downtrodden VICTIMS.

Obama's Pock-i-stahn decides to allow Sharia Law in Swat Valley near the Afghan border
. President Doofus is doing a great job folks. He is Jimmah Carter on crack, you know.

An Afghan diplomat decides to practice Islam on his wife. Luckily, he didn't BEHEAD her. Those peaceful Muslims are so wacky. Happy Valentine's Day, sweetheart.

Macaulay Culkin Senator Patty Murray is a moron.

Let me just tell you how I would have handled this problem, I would have BEAT. THAT. ASS. I am kinda sick of college professors at this point.

Kansas folks, y'all do not need your tax refunds, the government can spend that money better than you can. Over-pay your taxes, get nothing but shit.

CONTRADICTION! It is a good thing.

We had the "Shining city on the hill," "the new day," and now we had the Obamoron's clusterfuck.

In case you are curious, the Dow-Jones Industrial Average is down almost 1800 (19%) since Obama was elected.

Deddy is sick and tired folks, sick and tired.

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Anonymous said...

Jimmy Carter on crack... I'd laugh if I thought that was an exaggeration.

Coffee Bean said...

Jimmy Carter on crack... I'd laugh if I thought that was an exaggeration.