Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Blackuary 24, 0001 AB - Influencing the Plebeians

The thing that makes this blogging shit so much fun is that you can feed your universe size ego with the most simple little comparisons. Couple that with the fact that for the most part, about ten percent of our population that considers themselves "liberal" cannot figure out how anyone can read your "conservative" blog and they think that everything that you state is just made up whole cloth. Nevermind that I do not even consider myself to be a "conservative."

This hunk of shit blog is ranked in the very top ONE PERCENT of blogs in the friggin' world. Amazing, especially when you consider that according to most estimates, there are anywhere between 100 and 200 million blogs currently on the webblee-netty-blargs. Technorati says they have indexed 133 million blerks since 2002.

Being number 156,336 makes this blog AWESOME. And with that awesomeness comes a HUGE responsibility of delivering the knowledge of Blackuary. We willingly tackle that task with the viciousness of an SEC defense playing a Mountain West team. Well, all of the SEC teams MINUS the Bammeroids.

On this day in 145 BB, Rebecca Lee Crumpler became the first female "President" in the United States to earn an M.D. degree. She was also the only "President" to graduate from New England Female Medical College. Needless to say, shortly after she graduated, the powers that be, shut that FRIGGIN' school down, baby. Boston University took in all those "Presidents" punted from NEFMC and we all know how wonderfully those Bostonians treat the dahkies.

Just so you know, Crumpler stayed in Boston a FULL year and then bailed to Virginia to help out with the Freedmen's Bureau. Nowadays, morons call that "giving back to the community." Non-morons call it, "trying to show poor, slow, dumb morons that anyone can be successful if they try."

Please note that near the end of every Blackuary, I become bitter from the attention spent to find the most obscure black history that cannot penetrate the stupidity celebrated by most during this month. Seriously, I saw a white teacher from Spann Elementary dressed as one of those morons in RUN-DMC for Blackuary yesterday. Yes, a friggin' TEACHER dressed as a rapper for the celebration. DENSE.

How much WEB DuBois scrota can we gargle this month?

HERE, bailout your friends. I'm sick of hearing about it. Just do it yourself.

We will probably hear the new White House guy talk about no earmarks again tonight. ZERO is EQUAL to NINE THOUSAND.

But, that's okay, at least Barry is NOT the government. Well, not to The New York Times anyway.

And Barry will certainly talk about TAXING THOSE RICH FOLKS and he'll try to appear Reaganesque while LYING.

Guess which Barry suck-buddy is in trouble NOW? Captain Gaffetastic, Joe Biden. MOST. CORRUPT. ADMINISTRATION. EVAH.

How are Barry's policies working out in California/Mexifornia? NOT TOO GOOD.

If you are tired of listening to your typical daily radio stuff, try out RFC Radio. Just know, there is a link to Ted Nugent playing The Star Spangled Banner. Not kidding.

Good Eats:

For all of your news that IS bacon.

And I always weep when I see supposedly educated folks falling for the same old, tired RAPPY-HIPPY-HOP. Not this time.

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