Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bagging the Moron Limit - A How-To Lesson

In an effort to let you know where the highest concentration of morons exist in our beloved country, I found a map. There are metrics too numerous to mention of how exactly these places wind up with a higher concentration of idiots, but the proof is undeniable. *Click the image to see it BIG.*

In areas that are the DARKEST BLUE, you experience the HIGHEST crime rates, the HIGHEST unemployment rates, the LOWEST intelligence quotients, the GREATEST disparity in incomes, the LOWEST concentration of religious buildings, the GREATEST number of government buildings, the LOWEST performing school districts, the LOWEST number of manufacturing jobs, the HIGHEST number of bureaucratic jobs, the HIGHEST number of home foreclosures, the HIGHEST tax rates, while still maintaining a LOWER number of taxPAYERS, the HIGHEST rates of government corruption, and the list of BAD STUFF is endless.

Not only that, but those DARKEST BLUE areas receive the HIGHEST amount of federal dollars that just so happen to come from the DARKEST RED areas.

By contrast, reverse all of the statements in the second paragraph and that is the environment that you experience the DARKEST RED areas. Wonder where this map originated and what exactly could it POSSIBLY mean?

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ChristinaJade said...

i am in the pink. which makes me happy. :)

nifty little map

Paul Mitchell said...

It certainly makes finding stupid people easier. If you'll look at Mississippi, the darkest blue county is right next to the darkest red. Hinds is blue, Rankin is red. Hinds has one of the highest unemployment rates in the state, Rankin has the VERY lowest. There are ZERO elected Democrats in Rankin County. There are ZERO elected Republicans in Hinds County. Funny, huh?

Neil Cameron (One Salient Oversight) said...


Paul Mitchell said...

I am really unsure what exactly you are showing in your post, OSO, how an state is the same throughout? I would say that your data is very wrong in fact. In other words, Jackson, MS is a very BLUE area, while Brandon, MS is very red and only 11 miles away. Jackson is one of the poorest cities in our state and Brandon is one of the richest.

Another comparison would be DC v. Alexandria, VA. Distance SEVEN miles. Compare the numbers and you see a very distinct separation between the blue and red mentality and the success levels in the two VERY different areas.

Texas certainly shows the vast difference as well. Compare Houston to Galveston. Distance 45 miles.

Or the Garden District in New Orleans v. the lower Ninth Ward. Eight miles.

Please understand that our states are much like countries to the unwashed masses outside the US.