Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Frank Walks

Dude, seriously, you just have to live in Central Mississippi to grasp the BATSHIT craziness about to spew in the local dog trainer, The Clarion Ledger. Ronnie Agnew, the executive editor of the paper is a screeching unhinged MOONBAT of Biblical proportions that has been completely 100% against DEMOCRAT Frank Melton, Jackson's mayor. Ronnie has not written an article for the past three years that was not completely trashing Frank.

It is beyond comprehension exactly how friggin' wigged-out Ronnie is at this very moment. I can picture Ronnie BUTT-ASS nekkid, running around the paper building, shitting all over desks, while wearing a Barry Obama mask, screeching at the top of his lungs, "HOPE-CHANGE!" Once again, Frank Melton has escaped from a courtroom without being convicted of charges. I think that Frank's record is like 1000-0. Trust me, I have no dog in this fight, well other than watching a "newspaperman" lose his shit. Which Ronnie will certainly do, now.

Here's the TILT of the current story:
In 2007, they beat state charges connected to the raid.

Just understand, the Clarion Ledger ceased to be a "newspaper" years ago, now they compete with the Jackson Free Press as the preferred cage liner of choice of the Jackson intelligent people crowd. JFP leads in this endeavor because they are a free paper.

Here's the comment I left on the article:
That really LOUD POPPING sound that everyone just heard was Ronnie Agnew coughing up his skull. How unhinged can Ronnie possibly be now?

And hilarity ensues.

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