Monday, February 23, 2009

Ripping Da Music

In an effort to reduce the size of my CARBON footprint, I am ripping all of my music to my portable drive. I noticed that I have a great many discs from the 1991-1996 era. And I have a disproportionate amount of chick singers. I like wimmen voices, especially if they are STRONG female voices, like Gladys Knight. Anyhoo, there was a band out in the early nineties called "4 Non-Blondes" and the lead singer was Linda Perry, who could wail. Here's Linda singing their one hit with piano. Linda is kinda weird, by the way.

The band didn't hang around for a follow-up, so I checked to see what they were doing. Linda Perry has been writing and producing for some of the more popular chicks in music today, Christina Aguilera, Pink, some other folks, but here's Linda from the Aguilera video "Save Me from Myself." She looks EXACTLY like Slash.

Well, maybe not EXACTLY like Slash, but DAMN close.


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