Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Blackuary 25, 0001 AB - Satan's Ass Puppet

Today, in the year 34 BB, the man allowed to grow the Religion of Peace in the United States moved into his new quarters in Hell. Elijah Muhammad died today and now his body burns forever in a lake of fire without being consumed.

Let's look at Satan's ass-puppet's accomplishments in his life, shall we?

Elijah POOLE was born in Sandersville, GA to sharecropper parents. His father was a Baptist minister as well. Little Elijah had too much HATE in his heart to conform to a peaceful religion, so he INVENTED his own.

To get to that point of utter and sheer hatred, Poole had to take baby steps. One of his first was to JINE up with Marcus Garvey's Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League. You don't know Marcus Garvey? He was a member of WEB DuBois' Pan-African movement and also a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE black separatist. Making sense to you now?

Marcus Garvey is also known as the "Father" of the Rastafari movement. Rastas are yet another movement that teaches "Black Pride." That is the exact same philosophy behind the Democrat Party's Ku Klux Klan, but no one will talk about that. Not even Eric Holder, the Moron Attorney General.

Back to Elijah Poole, though. You see, he created and promoted the Nation of Islam here in the states and started a violently aggressive move toward a black separatist movement that CONTINUES to gain momentum. Nevermind that fact that Black Muslims are not getting together to worship, they are getting together to foment HATE and VIOLENCE. Why else would Poole direct his ministry to prisons and jails to find his followers?

And guess where his ideas for "converting" prisoners originated? Well, obviously it originated while Elijah was serving JAIL TIME FOR SEDITION. Yes, Poole refused to be drafted into the Army during World War II. In other words, he was a PIECE OF SHIT COWARD.

One thing that you should certainly consider. When you build a religion with criminals, rapists, murderers, and thieves, what kind of religion do you think will form? Instead of the "meek inheriting the Earth," Black Muslims desire their minions to RAPE, KILL, and STEAL the Earth. Also, be aware that the NOI operates schools in ALL lower 48 states. Their schools are EXACTLY like the Madrasahs of the rest of the Muslim COUNTRIES around the world.

A few more things about NOI. Guess who helped write the autobiography of Malcolm X? Yep, none other than the LYING Alex Haley of Roots fame.

The NOI now believes COMPLETELY that Elijah Poole did not die, but is perfectly healthy on a spaceship somewhere in the sky.

If you want to know what the NOI desires, HERE's a complete compendium of their ransom demands. HATE.

Louis Farrakhan, born Louis Eugene Walcott, the current Grand Wizard of the Klan that is the NOI, lives down the street in Kenwood, Chicago from President Hopey McChangerson and they are BFF.

And those followers of Elijah Poole like to wear bow ties. I guess they want to look like CLOWNS. MORE about the Nation of Islam and the FRIENDS of this HATE GROUP.

And that brings us to our new president who received early training from his Uncle Frank (Frank Marshall Davis) in the teachings of Marcus Garvey, just like Elijah Poole did! (Does this bother anyone else?)

I missed last night's Barry concert, so I cannot even address that. I forgot that he was performing, so I did not etch out the time for it. Has he learned any new SONGS? I hope so because Barry's approval ratings are not as good as George Bush's were at this point in W's tenure. AND BARRY'S THE MESSIAH! DANG!

I just don't get it. According to the Barrystream Media, EVERYONE hated George Bush and LURVES Barry, but W is more popular than Barry? HOW CAN THIS BE?

Maybe we need to create a website where you can report your parents if they don't lurve the Obamessiah. HOW ABOUT THIS ONE? (Hat-Tip: Mitchieville)

Wonder if they have one of those websites in Kenya, where Barry's cousin is Prime Minister? And wonder who that Prime Minister hangs out with?

The market continues to react negatively to anything the Moron President or his Merry Band of Morons says. The Dow is off another 100 and change today. If Barry wants the market to react to one of his actions, may I suggest "Going into Hiding?" "Hiding" is MOST definitely an ACTION. But, how about Barry instead removes HALF of your wealth without having to pass legislation?

And who shall receive this magical NON-money? How about someone that buys an 800k house and cannot afford it. EIGHT HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS, PEOPLE!!!! She drives a friggin' BUS for a living. EIGHT HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS, PEOPLE!!!! EIGHT HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS, PEOPLE!!!!

David Drake continues to do market comparisons with the Moron President v. INFINITELY smarter people. Where's the HOPE? The CHANGE appears to be really bad. Is it wrong to hope that the President just moseys off into the sunset, never to heard from again?


Let's go to the video of Keith Olbermann's under-the-breath introduction to Bobby Jindal last night. Just listen. Olbermann doesn't believe in G_d!!!!

As long as we are talking about people too dumb to report on sports, let's check in on some others.

Does it scare you that Emmitt Smith is smarter than the man in the White House? At least Emmitt can communicate better than Barry Moron.

EVEN Peter King is smarter than Barry Obamoron. DANG, we are talking about Peter KING, folks.

Here's a quick video of a part of the Barry concert last night, enjoy!

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