Wednesday, February 25, 2009

WTW - A Touch of Irony

I am fully aware that there are at least a couple of NASCAR fans that read this here blerq. At the risk of offending those two readers, here is a true DALE! fan watching the void that is NASCAR since the Intimidator Prince ascended. Why exactly would this young fan be shirtless?

They shut down his favorite clothing store.

And he can no longer get his discount:
The Web site sold white tank tops, commonly referred to as “wife-beaters,” and gave a discount to anyone who could prove they were convicted of wife beating.

Maybe this should be added under the heading "Mexican Trash Wednesday?"

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Trenton Powers-Mellencamp said...

what do you think that blond guy is eating?

Paul Mitchell said...

The one right next to "3?"

Trenton Powers-Mellencamp said...

Yeah. Probaly a hot dog or a churro.

ChristinaJade said...

"the void that is NASCAR since the Intimidator Prince ascended"

i could NOT have said that better myself. my love for the sport has waned since the passing of the last true driver in nascar.