Thursday, February 26, 2009

Blackuary 26, 0001 AB - Religion of Peace Update

On this day in 45 BB (the year that produced the smartest people ever recorded in history) a boxer named Cassius Clay pissed on his heritage. In case you did not know, this boxer was named after his father, who was named after an abolitionist, Cassius Marcellus Clay. The moron boxer actually stated that he was giving up his "slave name." Kinda ironic, huh?

Yes, Muhammad Ali converted to the Religion of Peace on this day, which triggered all kinds of fallout in the entire country. Starting with his refusal to serve in the military because of his cowardice and subsequently being stripped of his title.

Ali made hating this country cool again. We salute you, TRAITOR.

Also on this day in Blackuary 81 BB, Antoine Dominique Domino was born in Nawlins. At the height of his popularity, this dude was somewhat large. Today, his stage name would be "Average" Domino. During the debacle of flooding in Nawlins back in 2005, Fats was actually rescued by Coast Guard helicopter and then he was picked up by JaMarcus Russell at a Baton Rouge shelter. Here's a photo of Fats hanging out with George Bushwhen Bush was returning Fats' stuff that he stole with Hurricane Katrina. (Hat-Tip: Andy. I gotta say that Andy's profile photo on his blog makes me laugh every single time I see it.)


There is so much denial going on in the media about the "Fairness Doctrine," that it is just beyond my imagination. The Barrystream Media keeps saying no one is calling for it, yet TODAY there are TWO votes on various FD stuff. Senator Jim DeMint TWEETS about it. but, but, but, the Barrystream keep saying no one wants it, I guess Dick Durbin is NO ONE, huh?

This week Barry has been SPEECHING about cutting the money spent and owed by government. This is somewhat disingenuous since he has in effect doubled (or more) the deficit and spending in what shall become to be known as the "Worst Month Ever in the History of the United States." Folks, the Moron President is quite possibly the most lying liar to ever be born in Kenya and that is NO SMALL FEAT.

Let's go to the transcript of his speech the other night. Now that we know EXACTLY what Barry said in his speech, let's check out how he proposes to reduce the amount of money that is owed and shall be owed.

By getting the Moron Congress to pass YET ANOTHER FOUR HUNDRED TEN BILLION DOLLARS in spending. Okay, this seems contrary to his goal, but let's roll with it.

And how is Barry's concept of REDUCING the deficit working out? How about THIS?

While I was watching the Dow ticker yesterday, we experienced a fall of 130 points in about sixteen minutes. Guess what happened? Yep, Barry gave a speech RIGHT FRIGGIN' THEN. (with video of Barry alongside the Dow ticker)

Another piece of Barry's digging out of the economic problem is to INCREASE unemployment to the point we haven't seen since Jimmy Carter's policies were being overturned. Wow, we all thought that it would take a couple of years for Barry to destroy our wealth. WE WERE WRONG.

What does Senator Klan Kleagle Robert Byrd (Dumbass-WV) have to say about Barry? Trust me, it has the "N-Word" written ALL over it. Barry has forgotten his place.

In an effort to make collecting YOUR money much easier for Barry's Brown Shirts, he has his folks in Congress working overtime to facilitate those collections by taking your protection away.

Bobby Rush jumped ahead of President Jughead a little in the planning, HERE's HR 45 to ban ALL GUNS basically.

And since we are not going to be able to protect ourselves, how does the Department of Homeland Security propose to reduce the amount of illegal, CRIMINAL aliens flooding into the country? By making it against the Regs for ICE agents to arrest Mexicans.

But, those Democrats are the MOST. ETHICAL. CONGRESS. EVAH.

What do Moron Leftist think about Barry? They think that he is a chimp. Or not, seriously, I can't understand Moronese.

Finally, I have two friends that are celebrating their fourth year of blogging. Actually three, but Pam Meister hasn't remembered hers yet. We all started about the same time and sorta wound up reading each other's stuff.

Geosciblog is four!

David Drake is four!

As an aside, one of the local writers for the Clarion Ledger makes the BIGTIME. Yes, he is an idiot. Yes, his article gets taken down by Newsbusters. Yes, everyone in the country now knows that Robert McElvaine is a simpering douchebag. Millsaps College should be so damn happy and proud of their "professors!"

SPORTS WATCH!! What is former running back Jamal Anderson up to? Puking on a bar.

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