Friday, February 27, 2009

Blackuary 27, 0001 AB - Da Law

I usually try to find a different thing to bring to the forefront every day in Blackuary, but today is too damn important to black history to ignore. While the Fifteenth Amendment was ratified on Blackuary 3, 139 BB, it was not recognized by Congress until TODAY 139 BB.

And the first Negro, REPUBLICAN Thomas Mundy Peterson, voted on March 31, 139 BB. Immediately upon this happening, the Moonbat Wing of the Democrat Party launched into their hysterics and has never ceased their idiotic crying since that date. And still the Republicans FIGHT the Democrats for equal rights for all people. This includes fighting black Democrats to keep black Democrats from taking away rights from black Democrats.

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Despite the efforts of groups like the Ku Klux Klan to intimidate black voters and white Republicans, assurance of federal support for democratically elected southern governments meant that most Republican voters could both vote and rule in confidence. For example, when an all-white mob attempted to take over the interracial government of New Orleans, President Ulysses S. Grant sent in federal troops to restore the elected mayor.

And so it goes the exact same way to this very day, Democrats continuing to keep the black man in his place by nothing but race based politics. Please keep in mind that Democrats hate black people, even the black Democrats hate black people.

Obama's War on Achievement.

Thank G_d there is only one more day of Blackuary and we can return to the important stuff.

Phyllis Schlafly fell and broke her hip on Tuesday. We pray for her speedy recovery.

Brits are STILL dumb as a box of rocks. This douchesicle has been Tweeting me all damn day. Obviously to Stupid McTudordumbass, Barry Obama is a grown-up, while people that are against having all of their income confiscated to pay for deadbeats is BAD. How did that work out for those Brits the last time they tried to tell Americans how to handle their shit? NOT. TOO. GOOD. STFU, Neville or I shall swim the fucking Atlantic and knock a knot on your knoggin'.


Today is the Tea Party day. It seems that the folks that have jobs have decided to actually meet up and protest the stupidity that is the Obamoron Presidency and Welfare for Welfare LAW. It is about time for the responsible people to get pissed enough to actually do something. Sorry, the protest in my area was held at the State Capitol. I do NOT go into Jacktown on the last Friday of any month. Too many Democrats are out cashing their checks and stealing cars. And by "Democrats" I mean CRIMINALS.

CPAC links.

For those of you that are unsure exactly what kind of Federal Government lunacy awaits your area with the Spendulous Law, here's a Google map SHOWING EVERYTHING, except Puerto Rico.

I love the phrase "with all due respect." After using those words, you can add in the next phrase, "but, your mother is a whore," and no one can get mad. With all due respect, President Jughead's mother was a whore.

What does the Obama administration think about photographing our fallen soldiers? They agree with the ideology of John F'n Kerry. They think that disrespecting THESE GUYS is a good idea. The leeches in the Democrat Party think that it is perfectly fine to allow images of our fallen soldiers to be added to the pages of The New York Times. Don't worry, nothing bad could possibly happen with that. It's all good, yo.

What has the Obamoron done to make utterly sure that medical personnel cannot form their own opinions or HAVE FREEDOM OF RELIGION? He has recinded a Bush policy to allow doctors and other medical staff to refuse to perform procedures that contradict their beliefs. What about that First Amendment? FUCK IT, FUCK IT TO DEATH.

Obama's Secretary of State is anti-Semitic? Holy crap, WHO KNEW? American Jews are seriously STUPID and SUICIDAL.

Obama's Cap and Trade. Good ideas, one and all from the Moron President.

Ross Perot even knows that Barry is a moron.

Earliest human-like footprints found in Kenya
. I have at least ten million dollars that says this will be found to either be a hoax (most likely) or actually be something completely different than the original explanation.

Wonder how long it will take to get this built with the idiot in the White House?

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Anonymous said...

Love cap and trade, that will destroy the economy by itself.

They are implementing this now in Cali...just released new limits on carbon dioxide emissions. So goes Cali goes the nation, our unemployment out here has just hit 10.1%. And now they put in force these new caps on "greenhouse" gas emissions.....f---ing MOONBATS!!!! All forms of manufacturing (what is left anyway) is now targeted (for destruction) in CA, and soon the rest of the nation under our Radical in Chief.

CA will be economically decapitated in about a year from now (new taxes, higher energy costs,and lost manufacturing jobs) what happens out here and see your future. I guess I won't be able to sell my place until 2015, after three years under Bobby Jindal and Sarah Palin and five years under a Republican House of Representatives....I hope we can survive the next two years, November 2010 seems so far away now.


Paul Mitchell said...

The CO2 thing always puzzles me. Moonbats lurve them some trees, so they want to reduce the amount of food for trees. Make that make sense to me, please?

Was there a tea party in Sactown? Did you participate?

Andy said...

Roderick...are you sure you want a President Bobby Jindal? He's my Governor...and I'm not one bit for sure that I do...well, he'd be better than BarackO' for sure.

This is a video featuring Moon Griffon. I know Moon, and respect him a lot. He's a stupid coonass, but he's straight up.

Anonymous said...


It is a scam, a big scam...and we can't stop it, I guess when the economy continues to contract and the gov't programs lose their funding then they'll realize how stupid this emission control nonsense is.


I chose Jindal because that gives people cover for being able to vote against Obama without being called racist. If Obama loses to somebody other than a generic older white gentlemen, the media won't be able to paint America as a racist country: See the racist American public wouldn't give this smart qualified black man two terms but they gave GW two terms, that imbecile. But then again maybe we shouldn't go that route, stick to principles and put up the best guy not play the democrat game of image management..for the conventions the democrats used a racial quota system for their delegates while the republicans did not and the media kept harping how white the republican delegations were (I am black and that didn't bother me, it didn't matter to me but for some reason that matters to the ministry of information [MSM]). To be a republican delegate you had to have actually done work for the party, not just be able to look good for the camera. I take it back, we should have principles dictate who gets the nod, I just picked Jindal because he currently gets all the buzz since the republican party is running scared right now due to their lack of "diversity." See diversity is all about skin color, nothing else.

I'll even vote for a guy like McCain, atleast he wouldn't be doing anything near what Obama is doing right now...Obama is a pure radical (he wants to hurt this country,his country,his people), nothing pragmatic about him at all.


Andy said...

Rod: Sorry man... Ummm...I didn't mean to rile you up so much.

But trust me, the country will not vote for a brown Indian-American just because he's brown. And they sure won't vote for a kickin' white chick from Alaska just because she's a kickin' white chick.

I get what you're saying, though. There's a big hole for us all to climb out of for sure.

Yeah, I voted for McCain myself. I didn't even hesitate because I could clearly see the alternative...that we are all truly enjoying now...

Are you sure you're black? Just kidding Roderick. ;)

Anonymous said...


I'm not riled up, I just have alot on my mind and I took a touch typing class in high I can get out a lot in a short period of time.

My problem is I voted for Obama because McCain didn't give me a real alternative after he voted for the first wall street bailout. Didn't think Obama was going to go FDR/LBJ on steroids on me...didn't see that coming..I was just expecting some modest increases in domestic spending. Not a complete tear down of our way of life and draconian redistribution of wealth.


Andy said...

Roderick, are you a real person? I'm starting to think that you are Two Dogs' alter ego...kinda like Garth Brooks & Chris Gaines...

Please don't take any offense, but it's kinda weird. You show up as "Anonymous," yet sign your work as "Roderick." And use terms like "draconian"...

Hey, if I'm off-base please forgive me. I don't need any more enemies. I'm just a retard cracker...

Paul Mitchell said...

Andy, Roderick is a childhood friend of one of my college buddies. He's about 30 or 31, of the "President" persuasion, and lives in Cali. He certainly exists, I drank a beer (read as thousands in a short period of time) with Roderick a few years back, and he appears to be coming to terms with his lot in life.

Roderick is what you and I know as a "Big Boy.**" He can take care of himself and he thinks. Plus, he seems to be wearing a cup. This is a good idea after the age of 25.

**For those of you that did not have the advantage of growing up in God's Country, a "Big Boy" is someone that can more than take care of himself and doesn't wear his feelings on his shirt sleeve.

Anonymous said...


I am real...I don't sign in because I have this thing about being tracked and indexed by third parties like Google. This is why I don't have a facebook page or a myspace page. I'm sure the NSA knows all about me but I have an issue with my data/activities being used to make other people rich when I don't get a cut.


Skunkfeathers said...

Hey TD, what happened to your moronic Brit? No comments here? You terrorize him into silence?


Andy said...

Okay...hope no offense taken by either Rod, or TD.

Paul Mitchell said...

Okay, so Roderick is a little on the paranoid side, but I guess we should all use his model a little more often.

Skunkfeathers, I guess he went to bed or something, you know "Great" Britain is on a weird time over there.

Andy, no offense taken or any offensive comment even realized. Lighten up, Francis.

Yiddish Steel said...

It's just wrong that Blackuary has only 28 days instead of 32. 'Da Man is always tryin' to keep a Brotha down.

Paul Mitchell said...

No lie, Yiddish Steel, you see what time it is.