Saturday, February 28, 2009

Blackuary 28, 0001 AB - Race Riots

On this day in 67 BB, in the little hamlet of Obamatroit, the Democrats lined up in opposition to dahkies moving into the 'Hood and started killing. Before this time, relatively few blacks lived anywhere near Nevada and Fenelon streets, a white Democrat neighborhood filled with union (UAW) folks. But, the Federal Government came in and built the Sojourner Truth Housing Project in the area to house the great influx of blacks looking for work in the munitions plants. Remember, President Roosevelt had just signed on to increase the length of the Great Depression, so folks went where the jobs were.

Needless to say, the white Democrats did NOT want blacks in their neighborhood. Remember, Democrats HATE black folks.

Now, who was Sojourner Truth? Born Isabella Baumfree, she was a black slave that became a staunch abolitionist later in life. Obviously, her story is rife with all kinds of fairy tales and exaggeration, but for the most part, it is a compelling tale. READ MORE.

READ MORE on the Democrats in Detroit killing black folks. Or HERE. One thing that is continually ignored in the telling of the race riots in Detroit is the involvement of none other than Paul Robeson. We can remember Robeson from early Blackuary posts as the Communist that tried to say that he was against fascism in the United States. In other words, Robeson was a MORON.

I am done for yet another year on Blackuary and the end could not come soon enough for me. Too bad that we did not get to enjoy Lily-White Cracker Day this year, just another three years to go!

Let's check on the new Paul Robeson contingent and see how they are destroying our country today!

Of course since yesterday was Friday, that means it was time for President Moron and his merry band of simpering imbeciles to get some work done to KILL BABIES! And this time, they accomplished a Two-Fer! They shat upon the First Amendment, too! More dead babies and more destroying of the Constitution, man these guys are friggin' awesome! Saloth Sar was a PIKER!

Even some of the Obamabots are getting up in arms with their Messiah. One of Barry's BFF sent Barry and his drones some AIDS blood. Want to bet this AIDS guy learns exactly what torture REALLY is?

The National Guard abandons New Orleans. Hell, I do not blame them one bit, if there ever existed an unwinnable war, Nawlins is it, baby.

Intel decides that their SEVEN BILLION DOLLARS can be spent somewhere better than California. The shocker in this story is that Intel ever thought it was a good idea to BE in California. Obamanomics is alive and well in California, though. Wonder how that is working out for those morons?

No one in Barry's Department of Education can add. Hmmm. That means that they are continuing business as usual. Barry is Conservative?

Thankfully, Barry has NOBEL WINNING ECONOMISTS saying that his economic plan is sound. Paul Krugman is the Al Gore of the money racket. Paul Krugman is to economics, what Helen Thomas is to beauty pageants.

What can be done to combat the Idiotarianism of Obama stupidity?

Tea Party!!

Tea Party - St. Louis. (I cannot believe that they dumped POLLUTION in the Mississippi River.)

Tea Party - Atlanta, Chicago, Nashville, Tulsa.

Iowahawk responds to those Tea Party whiners. STFU.

Warren Harding invented the phrase, "Founding Fathers."

If you are planning your gay wedding, better get the GREEN JEWELRY. Just wondering, is there really a MORE ecologically sound diamond? Ask a Rock Doctor.

How to debate a liberal. Trust me, it is a whole lot easier than it looks. They usually eschew meat in their diet (sorry, Andy) so that means for the most part they are not very tough. The funniest thing that I shall ever hear is a violent man, after attacking a little woman, screaming, "Eeeeek! Eeeeeek! Get off my head, get off my head!" (I watched that at least twenty times and it got funnier every time.)

During CPAC this week, the Democrats had their own meeting. Debate was somewhat heated. Obama is Da Man!

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