Sunday, March 01, 2009

FYI - Our Image Policy

I received an e-mail from someone that wanted to use one of my images so I thought that I would respond in a post and then link this answer in the about sidebar thingy as a site policy. Plus to say to the person that asked, "Holy shit, do you not have STANDARDS for your blog or something?"

Good blogging policy is that you should ask BEFORE using anyone's images and certainly offer a link back to the person that created it. My blog has a little bit of a different policy than that. I don't give a flaming turd if you steal my stuff or not. If you link back, it is certainly appreciated, but seriously I just don't care.

Here's why.

When I started this blog it was just for funsies and I decided that I would never spend too much time and always zero dollars on this blog. It is still just for fun and it has still cost zero dollars. (Except for a twenty dollar DONATION to Haloscan.) Also, I made a decision early on that I would not spend more than thirty minutes on a post and never more than five minutes on an image. I have gone over many, many times on the post time, but only once or twice on the image time. I have well over five hundred images on this blog and I think only three were created in Photoshop, the rest were "developed" in Microsoft Paint.

Yes, I can produce images much, much better than I do, but remember, this a humor blog. The images that I make are generally supposed to be funny and what is more funny than something that looks like it belongs on a refrigerator and was created by a "special" child?

Anyhoo, steal them all you want, link back or not, just have fun. If you are using my images, you know you have no pride.

And always remember, *CLICK THE IMAGE TO SEE THE BIG 'UN.*

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