Monday, February 09, 2009

Blackuary 9, 0001 AB - The Moral Dilemma

There are many problems that face the black community (and no other racial community) today, not the least of which is the philosophy of the snitch and the contradictory opinions of right and wrong. There exists a mentality of "Sticking in to the man!" and "Gonna get mine!" Again, we deal with the victim mentality. But, who is actually the victim here?

Black criminals prey on black folks, BECAUSE of the racist ideology that has been hammered home by so-called leaders in the black community. For instance, Jesse Jackson has a financial interest in keeping the black community uneducated and locked into the victim mindset. In an attempt to continue this cycle of mediocrity, Jesse has to keep hammering home the point that at one time, LONG AGO AND FOR A VERY SHORT TIME, the black race was almost entirely a slave race in this country.

If you would like to see the results of this ideology, in startling detail, check out this Google Maps rendition created by the folks at The Baltimore Sun. It is telling. Notice that the pulldowns on the map allow you to sort the number and locations of MURDERS by race and "gender." ("Gender" is some kind of ambiguous term that now is interchangeable for "sex." But, let's not get into the argument about making up words to mean something for which you already have a perfectly good term.)

(Here's another for Chicago, the detail is somewhat lacking, though.)

You will also notice that there are about half of the murders in Baltimore where race is unknown. Guess why? That is because the person is NOT dark enough to be determined to be black or there is a mixed race person involved. Just know, THEY ARE NOT WHITE.

Is Baltimore currently a ninety-seven percent black city? Of course not, but fully 97% of those people MURDERED are of black or black-mixed race. Why?

Because of THIS mentality. Read the comments, too, folks. They are important.

Who exactly is Rick Ross? Well, he's a Mississippi boy that became a correctional officer that went marginally bad. That means that he got arrested on a weapons and misdemeanor drug charge. And he is a "rapper."

And he has gone to great pains to obscure the fact that he worked in a prison. Why exactly would he do that? Because to become a "successful" rapper, you must possess some modicum of "street cred." This means that you need to have perpetrated an overwhelming life of crime and drug usage or dealing.

To be a good rapper, you must be a shitty person. The value placed upon a rapper is in direct proportion to how EVIL that person is. Please understand, I am not making a value judgment on the style of music, I am making a value judgment on the CULTURE. The quickest way to become better known in the Rap World is to SHOOT someone or be shot yourself. How stupid is that?

Also, today in Black History, Paul Dunbar, the poet, died in 1906. His name is now on many schools in many different cities, not the least of which was originally known as Preparatory High School for Colored Youth in DC. This school was the very first high school for black kids in the country. And at the time of its inception, it was an excellent school. Today? Not so much because of every single bit of "self-esteem" building and race-based tripe that is spewed in the educational system.

Read more about Dunbar High School. <--Read this NOW.

What has this ideology of racism and mediocrity delivered in the long term? The crippling of the black race in this country. At one time, there existed a pride that came from the fact that the success of black people in our country continued to occur even though the majority of black folks were descendants of uneducated slaves. Now, only mediocrity and failure are heralded as "success" in the black community. Black folks are VICTIMS.

And to further that point, Hollywood has gotten into the game of distorting and promoting the mediocre black folks. I guess that Spike Lee started the trend by brushing off the racist story of Malcolm Little and his subsequent struggle to get murdered by other black racists. Yes, Malcolm X was completely a creation of Hollywood.

Here's some more Hollywood creations, Chris Gardner of "The Pursuit of Happyness" fame, Joe Clark of "Lean on Me," Rubin Carter of "The Hurricane."

And how about Frank Lucas from "American Gangster?" This movie tried to make us LIKE a murdering drug dealer.

The world has gone mad.

But now, we have a black president that has lowered the standard for presidents to an all time low. Our country is getting punked out by every tinpot dictator the world over. Do not believe anything from mainstream news sources about Barry Obama. He is the ultimate end result of the mediocre mindset.

Even the Muslim murdering cult that we herald as the Religion of Peace thinks that Obama is a pansy. They are right.

If you think that I harsh on the mental midget, Obama, CHECK THIS.

And helicopters are racist.

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ChristinaJade said...

i'm in the floor. helicopters. who knew?! LOL

hey, check this out...speaking of racism and all

Skunkfeathers said...

Helicopters are racist? Wahl horsefeathers, guess I ain't too old to learn something new ;)

So, somma my tax dollurs will be goin' to re-educate them racist helicopters in this porkulus progressive wish list bill, huh?

I 'spose I'm racist if I say unto you, TD, that I think a helicopter should be exempt from sensitivity training, and won't get a lick from it, anyway.