Sunday, February 08, 2009

Blackuary 8, 0001 AB - Syndicated Jawing

On this day in 0023 BB, Orpah* Winfrey became the first black woman to have a nationally syndicated talk show. While this is NOT really an achievement, the subsequent fallout has had a MAJOR impact on the victim mentality of our nation. The entire philosophy of the program was to promote the ideology of the victim. That concept was been WILDLY successful.

Instead of laugh tracks, there are crying tracks.

While Orpah has certainly pulled herself up to the realm of multi-BILLIONAIRE, those that gasp and swoon at her success are reduced to worshiping her instead of realizing that if someone (as intellectually incurious and dishonest as Orpah) can make BILLIONS, why can't they as well?

And the victims elected a president, too. Orpah is the kingmaker of the idiot class. And she is OH-SO attractive, too! Fat, dumb, and ugly, it's a damn Three-Fer!

Please do not e-mail me defending this bucket of shit, mmmkay?

Let's check in on Da Newz!

The Obamabot artist poster guy got busted Friday. For graffiti. Too bad it wasn't because of his theft of another's photography and for attempting to publicize our new president in propaganda equally as bad as Soviet artwork. But, you take what you can get, I suppose.

I mean seriously, we are just living out Atlas Shrugged
, right? How can anyone KNOW what is going to happen? How can anyone KNOW this Welfare for Welfare Bill is a bad idea? Lifted whole cloth directly from Ayn Rand's 1957 novel, second on the best seller list ONLY to the Bible.

How is it that the banks that so wanted bailouts are NOW lining up to return the money? The above statements from Atlas Shrugged. Too late, folks, you voted Barry and the Demomorons into office, you GOT what you CHOSE.

Here's the strings. But, sorry y'all, you done took the money and we now OWN THE BANKS. No give backs!

By the way, according to the Compromise Welfare for Welfare Bill, if you reduce the amount of money that you steal from working Americans, then reduce the amount of that confiscated money that you redirect to deadbeats, even though it is STILL actually grotesque spending increases, we STILL CALL IT A REDUCTION. Up is down, white is black, death is life, slavery is freedom.

What do Dims say about the "Compromise?" It doesn't mean anything, we will still spend MORE money that has ever been spent in the entire history of the world. Shit, we'll even spend more than the last Republican Congress did over three years ago.

But even though we are going to spend like Rednecks at Dollywood, we still know it is NOT GOING TO HELP ANYTHING.

Who is President now? THE STIMULATOR! Moobs are photoshopped, by the way.

Since everyone has realized the things that smart people knew four years ago, Barry's approval ratings are sinking faster than Jimmy Carter's. SHOCKER. By October, Barry HOPES to have CHANGED his rating to one congruent to the one held by Congress. I think that is destined.

Halfrican Obamoron Coffee! Moonbat style! (They are serious, too. We are doomed.)

Hey, look, the first Barry Building is in Schematic Design! In Aviapolis. And it's GREEN and shit, too! Check out the second image, look familiar? Thank goodness it is not in Jacktown, but just wait a minute, we will certainly have one. And it will look just like every other burnt out husk of a nothing building, too!

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*Yes, her name IS Orpah, not Oprah. Her parents gave her the Biblical name and the nurse/midwife screwed it up on the birth certificate. Check it.


ChristinaJade said...

those damn spheres are popping up everywhere. i don't like it at all.