Saturday, February 07, 2009

Blackuary 7, 0001 AB - Slavery is Reinstated

Last night and this morning, the almighty Congress passed the Welfare for Welfare Bill in the United States Senate. Senators re-opened the slave pens, but the people that will be sold are not yet born. (The final vote goes through on Monday or Tuesday, but it is just a formality, really.)

True, the current working people of this country will enjoy HUGE tax increases, decreased freedoms, and oppressive regulations, but our grandchildren will be the ones tied to the whipping post for our crimes. This is the grand plan of those on the political left. They do not have to administer the beatings, they will be dead. But, while still living, they will enjoy the spoils of the votes that they have purchased.

Our founding fathers knew that this day was coming and warned against it, but the only thing that our federal government sees in the Constitution now is the right to privacy from other people, but not from the federal government, and the right to kill unborn children. They certainly do not find the right to earn and keep your own income and they certainly do not see any freedom of speech, religion, or CHOICE. They only see the government's right to stifle greatness and remove freedom.

Yes, Ayn Rand's Directive 10-289 passed the Senate and will move to a joint committee of morons now. This terrifies me for one reason, because I can no longer grow my business because I refuse to be forced to do something that I find unjust. IF I AM EVEN ABLE TO STAY IN BUSINESS.

And President Barry Obama just paid back the labor unions for their support in his quest to ruin the economy of this country. Yesterday, President Moron made sure that the contracts of his Welfare for Welfare Bill shall ONLY be performed by union employees, effectively removing eighty percent of contracting companies from even bidding on these jobs. Executive Order 13498 removes all non-union contractors from eligibility to bid on federal projects. Remember, Barry is a fascist. (You have to read EO 13202 and EO 13208 to completely understand the devastating impact this will have on JOBS.)

And with one little stroke of the moron's pen, he effectively DESTROYED what could amount to ten percent of the economy. Yes, construction is ten percent of the economy, folks. But, the debt that he owed to the criminal unions is PAID IN FULL.

Barry just did to construction, what prior governments did to automobile manufacturing. If you do not see the ridiculousness of this executive order, you are beyond helping. Plus, he did it in the dead of night, on a weekend, to hide the action. He slipped in and perpetrated this crime, just like the burglar that he is. A burglar of FREEDOM.

We are miles past the tipping point. Conservative, Liberal, Libertarian, your philosophy doesn't matter. The new president has done all in his power to become a dictator and Congress is helping. Those that voted for this guy put my head and all of my philosophical brethren's heads on the auction block.

Successful, intelligent people are now the slaves. The masters are those that have always coasted, picked up their government funding provided by my side, and then just sat around and watched television.

I cannot fathom how I remain in business with these restrictions. I know that I cannot hire anyone, I cannot afford the FORCED wages and benefits that the federal government is mandating small businesses to follow. The fact that I need to hire two people and simply cannot do it because of the federal mandates, forces me to reduce the amount of work that I perform. Or become a CRIMINAL according to the government. The government is forcing me to restrict my success or break their laws.

How stupid do you have to be to miss exactly what our government is doing to us and our families? How evil do you have to be to accept the terms?

Do these people have any clue why so many people are losing their jobs? Does it mean ANYTHING at all to them that in the past year, more companies have FLED this country to more business friendly areas in the largest flight of employment in HISTORY? Do they have any idea why with every step they take, unemployment rises in leaps and bounds? Do they even attempt to understand that the economy desires the EXACT opposite of what they are doing?

Or is it this, they know exactly what they are doing. And do not care.

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ChristinaJade said...

as a tiny business owner (no, not small, just tiny) i gotta tell ya, i'm scared to death.

i made a choice to go into business for myself to allow me the FREEDOM to be with my daughter as a parent. to NOT send her off to daycare while mommy worked, to NOT miss school programs, and to be a mom like i think a mom should be.

with each new restriction, tax, and all the other crap that keeps piling up AGAINST people like myself who want to succeed, the American dream disappears just a little bit more.

and so do our freedoms.

Paul Mitchell said...

Maybe you should join a union. That way you would get to keep at least 1/4 of your salary.