Friday, February 06, 2009

Blackuary 6, 0001 AB - Version 2.0

Since I wanted to leave the President Reagan post without any crap about this present FAILURE of a President, I needed to make another post for the linkdump.

Remember, we are in the age of the post-racial, post-partisan political environment. But, not really.

Tomorrow, the Klan is getting together to try to reduce AIDS in the racist community, while ignoring the majority of the population stricken with AIDS. Go commune with the New Klan for KLAN AIDS DAY. Stunning the extent of the racism.

Here's a comparison of the economy that the Obamoron inherited v. some of the competent presidents in our past. (I am certainly not counting Carter as "competent.") More screeching about worst economy since the Great Depression. I think that I PROVED that wrong with this morning's tribute to Ronald Reagan. You know, with facts and shit.

Our dumbest President to date orders charges to be dropped on a USS Cole bomber
. Seventeen days in, ZERO good decisions. Awesome. And shocker of all shockers, a dad of one of the victims REFUSES TO MEET WITH THE PERSON THAT ENDED THE TRIAL OF ONE OF HIS SON'S KILLERS! Dad passed up a meeting with the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES! Do you blame him?

Cheating on your taxes is ONLY bad if you are a private citizen and do not want to work in the Moron White House. So sayeth the national media.

Rule number one of violent robbery, GET IT DONE QUICKLY and get the Hell out. That is the only way to pass the Welfare for Welfare Bill, too. Odd how those two things overlap, huh?

Here's fifty DE-stimulating things about the Welfare for Welfare Bill. Gotta get it done before another 500 million people lose their jobs.

The Purple Avenger gets through about 100 pages of the Welfare for Welfare Bill before he finds ONE SINGLE THING aimed at helping small businesses. Shockingly enough, he also finds one hundred times that meager amount in PORK in the same number of pages.

The Top Ten Reasons to oppose the Welfare for Welfare Bill. This was whittled down from an initial four hundred eighty-seven billion reasons to oppose the bill.

President Douchebucket breaks yet another protocol. You can't blame him, he has never met anyone in the military. Oh, and he is a moron, too. (Did you hear the reporter in the background jizz his skivvies when Barry shook the hand of the Marine?)

Please understand that currently there is a move underfoot to allow DC to have a voting member of the House. This is patently UNCONSTITUTIONAL and should be opposed with all measures. The LOWEST percentage that any election has produced for a Democrat running for any office in DC was the 78% win by Walter Mondale over President Ronald Reagan in the 1984 Presidential Election. Please understand also, that anyone that voted for Mondale over Reagan was RETARDED. Wear that crown proudly Minnesota and DC.

Anyhoo, call your Congressmen TODAY and tell them to refuse to VIOLATE the Constitution by giving the idiots in DC a voting member of Congress. And to tell them to OPPOSE, even with violence the Welfare for Welfare Bill. Also understand that the Capitol switchboard is loaded up today. Call their cell phones, too.

And while you are it, please note that Dickie Scruggs, a former Hillary Clinton fund raiser and FRIEND of Joe and Hunter Biden, is headed back to G_d's Country from a Kentucky prison to plead guilty to yet another bribery charge. Along with Scruggs on this one, Democrat Judge Bobby DeLaughter has been removed from the bench pending further investigation, another big time Democrat fundraiser, trial lawyer Joey Langston, has gone to jail, and Ed Peters, yet another big time Democrat trial lawyer is looking at jail time. Wonder why Mississippi doesn't vote for Democrats for statewide or national office? RACISM!!!! MORE HERE. Guess who these guys voted for in the presidential elections? If you said, Barry O'Criminal, you would be correct. They are lovers.

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