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Blackuary 6, 0001 AB - A President

There are many things that must be considered when getting into the mindset of Blackuary. You have to think like a victim, think like a loser, and think like a person living in poverty. There have been many people in history that drug the victims kicking and screaming from their loserdom.

None like today's HERO.

Today's story begins on Blackuary 6, 1911. Single-handedly, this man pulled our country out of the worst economic nightmare experienced since the Great Depression. He stood on the throat of government restrictions, government mandated mediocrity, and government forced slavery and poverty. He fought tirelessly against the philosophy of CHANGE that brought nothing but bad times to the United States.

Just so you know, that CHANGE that our guy destroyed at the time was the CHANGE that offered up the legislation that introduced the cancer into the economy that caused our most recent economic calamity. Further showing that you must make sure that ALL of the cancer is removed before moving forward in recovery.

The driving force behind the philosophy of this man was that he entered the work force during the depression, he watched as NO ONE benefited from government expansion, he observed a move toward socialism and Communism in his chosen profession, and he watched as the elitists destroyed the poor folks simply to gain power and control over those that were downtrodden.

This man made all attempts to serve his country during times of war and produced numerous films for the purpose of increasing the national pride and motivating people to join in to the backing of their country. He was successful in this endeavor, just as he was in all that he attempted.

After completing his task that he willingly undertook during World War II, this man turned to attacking the politics of Communism that had overtaken the union that was responsible to his profession, further gaining knowledge to help in the fight against mediocrity and failure.

Even though at one time he was a champion of New Deal politics, he spent the necessary time to understand the end result of that mindset. After seeing first hand what happened when government controlled and restricted freedom, he admitted his WRONGNESS and then went about trying to understand the implications of his philosophy. AND correcting the wrongs that he found.

This led him to the political ideology of Barry Goldwater. While the rest of the country was still mired in the ideology of Communism and the politics of failure, our guy quietly did what was right for all people concerned.

This man was NEVER a conservative by today's standards. He believed in limited government and FREEDOM. He also learned first hand the damage that can be done by government inserting itself into the debate regarding personal morality. While in a position of authority, he signed legislation allowing abortions to be performed, understanding the need of medical safety and to limit the "back alley" abortion trade. Shortly after signing this legislation, two million abortions were performed and he saw again first hand the devastation brought by government's actions.

When he was finally FORCED to the forefront of national politics, the country was in an economic meltdown just like the one that led to the Great Depression. It was understood totally at that time that the politics of HOPE and CHANGE were utter failures when never backed by any philosophy that moved toward promoting personal responsibility and self-determination. He spoke directly to the mindset of victimhood and ran on a platform of ending government handouts to the loser class of people that were a drain on the wallets of the motivated.

With a Congress full of the people that had always been power hungry racists, the Democrats, this guy STILL managed to pull this country from the economic devastation and mediocrity of government regulation. He removed forty thousand pages of government regulations from the books that ushered in the longest peacetime expansion of our economy in history. This expansion continued until 2007 when the Democrats took Congress back from the Republican majority gained in 1994.

The policies of this President lifted numerous people from poverty, cut the unemployment rolls in half, raised the standard of living for every person in this country, and moved our country back to the leadership position that was surrendered by his predecessor. (By the way, the predecessor's legacy was just elected to the White House last November.)

When he was first elected to the Presidency, unemployment stood at 7.5% and would rise to almost 15% before his policies could be implemented. The inflation rate stood at 11.9% and would rise to almost 17% before his policies could be implemented. And interest rates hovered near 21%. Clearly, this economic model was light years worse than the one that we are facing today. LIGHT YEARS.

Almost single-handedly, this President brought about the downfall of Communism the world over, freed millions of people from the slavery of that type of government, ushered in a period of HUGE economic growth, at over 3.8% per year, and leveled the playing field for all the economic classes.

His re-election campaign produced the LARGEST margin of victory EVER in the history of the country. Oddly enough, the national media, TO THIS DAY, still says that he was a CONTROVERSIAL President. NOTHING could be further from the truth. He won forty-nine of the fifty states, his opponent only won ONE STATE and DC. The final winning tally of electoral college votes was 525 and he won the popular vote by an unprecedented eighteen percent. Another feat that has never been equaled, before or since.

He also signed the Immigration Reform Act, the first of the criminal alien legislation that was promptly ignored by Democrat legislators and they reneged on every part of their agreement that allowed for increased criminal immigration. Leading us again to today's point of the Democrats trying to buy more votes from criminal aliens.

Furthermore, he restored the HONOR to the Presidency by instituting a policy of NO ONE entering the Oval Office sans TIE AND JACKET. This policy was to ensure that the office was a one of respect and loyalty to HIS COUNTRY. A policy ignored by today's failure of a loser of a mediocre president.

As the first, and so far last, President of this country to be a leader of all people, and a champion of equal rights for everyone regardless of race, we salute you, sir.

Ronald Wilson Reagan, Fortieth President of the United States of America, would celebrate his ninety-eighth birthday, TODAY.

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a great, great man indeed. he is missed.