Thursday, February 05, 2009

Blackuary 5, 0001 AB - Teleprompter Jesus

I haven't had time to do my Blackuary post, nor the hours of study required to produce my normally mediocre post, so a rundown on the open grave of failures that is Teleprompter Jesus' Administration Debacle is in order. Folks, seriously, is there ONE person on the planet that doesn't think that Barry is retarded? Seriously?

Please note that this guy has been president a total of sixteen days. You would think that in sixteen days he could get ONE thing right. So far, NOTHING. There is not one country on the planet that he has not pissed off, not one Executive Order that he has signed that is not sand-poundingly stupid, not one nominee that is not a criminal, not one statement that is not a gaffe, not one press conference where the media didn't have to tell him what to say, not one event he has attended that did not end in calamity, and not one iota of intelligence has been offered for a single problem facing this country.

Seriously, Barry should resign before he completely destroys the world. I never thought that I would ever say this, but Barry makes JOE BIDEN look like a total genius with his gaffetastic statements. Good Lord.

The one good thing about Barry being president is that being black, stupid, and useless can never be an excuse for being poor ever again. The Pied Moron made it to the most powerful position in the entire world, certainly YOU can get a job. If Barry doesn't motivate losers, nothing will. And we can cease the attempts from this point forward.

Let's check in on the failure model of our federal government.

The initial tally of third world countries that has punked out Barry so far is FIVE. The reason the world lurves us now is because our leader is as dumb or dumber than their own.

You know the world thinks Barry is a turd biscuit when the 'Stans side with Russia over us. Winning the war of world opinion is NOT Barry's strong suit. Anyone discovered what his strong suit is yet?

And we no longer NEED nukes because we don't want to be the sole super power in the world. He is who we said he is.

It is not good enough that white people are doing without power in states hit by the ice storm, Barry has to deliver poisoned food to them, too
. At least Satan Bush just unleashed the power of weather, he didn't pile on.

Barry's idea of energy independence is to abolish all energy. Oil leases canceled.

More on Barry hating white people. Is there any possibility that anyone will have a job by year's end?

Thank goodness Teleprompter Jesus comes out and says that NO religion teaches hate! He meant other than his own, of course.

He also believes that there is no G_d that condones the taking of an innocent life. It is assumed that his new Messiah name is "No G_d."

On the transparent administration. You simply must remember that Bill Clinton used that very same terminology. So did Nancy Pelosi when talking about the Moron Congress. Well, when you hire everyone from the most corrupt administration to date, there probably will be a problem with criminality, dishonesty, and corruption.

Labor Secretary.

Health and Human Services Secretary and bribes from the media.

Union Payoffs.

Chief of Staff. This post doesn't even touch on the fact that Emanuel was eyebrow deep in the Blago selling of a Senate seat.

The corruption and the thievery performed to buy off their constituents continues. Folks, if y'all don't see this for exactly what it is , the Democrat Congress, a corrupt Executive Branch, and a complicit media all aligned to take from you and your family, then we should just sign over our property, our lives, and accept our chains.

Another MORON Kennedy gets to speak in the Capitol
. Haven't we learned our lesson YET about that sleazy family?

Nancy Pelosi tries her attempts at humor. EPIC FAIL. She got the blacks and the gays, who did she miss?

How about dog parks, waterslides, and Frisbee golf courses? Let's call them ECONOMIC STIMULUS.

How much money is that Welfare for Welfare Bill anyway? One million dollars a day, everyday, since the birth of Jesus.

Buncha talk about the capping of corporate salaries. The funniest part of this article is the description of people leaving New York. Brain drain? And yet another halo on Teleprompter Jesus. Transparency of the stupidity of media, yeah.

Another example of the Brain Trust that is New York. The New York Times used to have a pay model interblegs site that was an utter failure, it started the decline of the paper. What do you possibly think would be a good idea if you were hemorrhaging readers and losing money because no one wants to read your garbage? Exactly, another attempt at trying the FAILURE MODEL.

The AGW crowd wants your kids to hate you and turn you in for not following their junk science. With Al Gore craziness!

If you go to see "Che," you are supporting an idiot. Guess who Che would have voted for this past November?

Arcticman chimes in on right and wrong.

Jude Law is...uh.....ambiguous.

Oddybobo rikes the Steerels. They won the Supel Bowr.

The "Hang in there Jack!" campaign. I just don't know what to make of this. Little help?

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