Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Cynthia Tucker and all Obamabots are Retarded

It's Tuesday! The caretakers at the Home for Deranged Obamabots throw open the doors to the coloring room on Tuesday! So, we get another batch of Cynthia Tucker's drool-covered stupidity. Atlanta Journal Constitution, puh-lease quit sending money to the commissary for Cynthia's Crayolas! Please, I am begging.

Cynthia resolutely takes on PEANUT corporations in her insanely asinine way, today! The title of her simpering moronity is, TAINTED FOOD SHATTERS THE MYTH OF 'SELF-REGULATION' . Eeeeek! Capitalism! But, is it really the problem?

Cynthia starts her literary depiction of textbook stupidity with the sad, sad story of lost jobs and poverty surrounding Blakely, Georgia. She feels so, so sorry for those poor, poor people there. What is her solution to the problem?


FDA inspectors say plant managers found evidence of salmonella in its peanut butter products but still sold them, in violation of the law. Plant executives had a very simple reason for hesitating to destroy the products -- it would have cost the company money.

Please, can someone, anyone at all, tell me how, IF the company broke existing laws, would making more laws HELP AT ALL?

"Jimmy Carter, this is your last chance, we made a new, MO' BIGGER law that you better NOT break! Hear me?"

One more thing, if the company executives actually knew that the risk of illness from salmonella was HIGH, why would they have risked the sale of those products in the first place? Did they not realize that dead customers could no longer buy their product? Or since they were evil capitalists, they just thought that once all of the other people were dead, those capitalists could sneak into dead folk's houses and steal all their plasma televisions, RIGHT?

More, sprayed across the bow:
But wouldn't consumers and -- in the long run -- even the plant, its executives and employees have been better off with a tightly regulated system that would have prevented those violations? With more federal and state scrutiny, plant managers would have been less likely to break the rules because they would have feared getting caught.

Laws are made for LAW ABIDING people. Criminals, as Cynthia is arguing these capitalists were, DO NOT FOLLOW LAWS. (*shithelldamn*)

Uh, your solution is jack-booted thugs with rifles to ENFORCE the law, standing over the executives with shoot to kill orders? Who would pay for that? The fines levied against the company? You mean the company that if we followed a practice of unfettered capitalism, would already be out of business?

Of course, she blames the unfettered free-market capitalists, while still admitting that the company violated existing regulations. How is it possible to have unfettered, free-market capitalism with regulations already in place?

Then the rest of the bukkake:
"Unfortunately, food safety hasn't been ... a high priority over the last decade or so," said Michael Doyle, director of the Center for Food Safety at the University of Georgia. "There has been erosion at (the Department of Agriculture) and the FDA, especially the FDA. Congress kept putting more and more on the FDA's plate, but it didn't appropriate more money. ... The number of people in food safety has gone down dramatically over the last few years."

Who is to blame? Why it is none other than George W. Bush, of course. And Doyle's solution is (of course) MORE GOVERNMENT SPENDING.

The problem can be traced to an ever encroaching federal government for which BOTH political ideologies are fighting to control. Food safety problems? Let the free market decide the winner of the battle by removing ALL government regulations in regards to food. A food supplier that sends out bunches of tainted food will soon go out of business, BECAUSE NO ONE WILL PURCHASE FOOD THAT WOULD MAKE THEM ILL OR POSSIBLY MAKE THEM DEAD! More government regulations set the MINIMUM standards for food quality (or anything) and that winds up being the MAXIMUM standard, because the companies shall meet the minimum and go no further.

But, folks, FASCISTS desire control. This is the anti-intellectual mentality of the Left. However, the so-called right is not the side of free-market capitalism, either. Remember, the McCainiac is all for cap and trade.

Which of the dumbest professions were included in the blark post? Journalists, professors, and gummint employees. SHOCKER!

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