Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Blackuary Fo' 0001 AB - The Party of Freedom

We celebrate today by focusing attention on the political party that has always been for freedom and equality. Not FORCED equality, but true equality of opportunity. Oddly enough, the party that we shall focus on is also the one that has always been on the right side of the race issues. Democrat? Surely you jest.

Today, Blackuary Fo', 1996, Representative J.C. Watts of Oklahoma was the very first black man to ever deliver a MAJOR POLITICAL PARTY'S response to the State of the Union Address. He is a Republican, just as are all GREAT BLACK POLITICIANS. Oddly enough, Representative Watts was not chosen because of his skin color, he was chosen for the content of his character and for his understanding of the vast differences in the morality of the Republican Party v. that of the Democrat Party.

While this was certainly a big, fat, hairy deal for Watts, it paled in comparison to defeating the Florida State College for Women two years in a row in the Orange Bowl in 1980 and 1981. Watts was also named MVP for both games. (Just so you know, even then, FSCW was coached by Bobby Bowden.)

More on possibly the most intelligent Black Politician that our country has ever known. No other black politicians have ever surfaced to eclipse the accomplishments of Watts, to date. Some of y'all might try to make the case for Barry Obama, but Barry NEVER played college sports, least of all, D-I footbaw.

Two words: Black Quarterback.

Just so you know, that IMPOSTER, Rosa Parks, was also born on this date. Rosa Parks was the inspiration for Barry Obama to learn how to throw people UNDER A BUS. (Read the link, please and learn why you should never, ever call Rosa Parks anything other than an elitist opportunist.)

To the dump....

Firstly, go check out our brothers in the Great Black North as they join in the fun of Blackuary!

While reading the lunacy from Cynthia Tucker, yesterday, I also stumbled upon the article about HOW TAXPAYERS WILL FURNISH BARRY'S KID'S ROOMS. Pottery Barn will certainly keep those kids GROUNDED, Michelle. And prove to them that the gummint buys their furniture.

When Joe Plugs said "Barry will be tested by the world within six months because he is a moron," Joe Plugs meant TWO WEEKS. The War Against Islam in Afghanistan just got much tougher because of the fecklessness of the Barry Administration.

Barry's hatred of Fox News is pointed out here in spades. "We can't ALL be in lock-step." I guess that means he expects ONE news outlet to disagree with him. I call it, "Goose-Stepping."

Barry reads, "My Little Unicorn," while Kentucky freezes. What media bias? I mean, really, shithelldamn, is this photo doctored to replace Bush's head with Barry's generous eared one? (shithelldamn-shithelldamn-shithelldamn-shithelldamn)

Braden has MORE.

Confederate Yankee delivers their own cock-punch.

Just so you know, Kentucky-ians are not from New Orleans. Check the blockquote to see which electrical workers pitched in to help those without power. Mississippi leads the nation in charity donations, in case you did not know. And we are the POOREST state in the nation.

There is really no debating the fact that Barry Obama has been in charge of the WORST. TRANSITION. EVAH. There has been absolutely zero successes since he took office. So far, the Obama Administration has made the Carter Administration look almost Dog-Catcheresque in their awesomeness.

Seriously, it is to the point where even the morons in the DEMOCRAT PARTY are jumping ship. Two weeks in. My G_d, idiots, what have y'all done to our country?

What is even more disturbing is that our current president is an admitted traitor. Logan Act violations? Meeting with the enemy in times of war? IMPEACH BARRY NOW!

There is NO ONE with an IQ exceeding 50 that thinks closing Camp Delta at Guantanamo Bay is a good idea. But, Barry thinks it's good. He is the dumbest president that we have ever had.

Patrick chimes in on leaving Barry alone. Rope? No he di'nt!

The number three person in line for the presidency states that 500 MILLION people in the US are losing their jobs every month. There is video of her saying it, too! (There are ONLY 300 million people in the country. Democrat mathematics are wicked awesome.)

How is it that people actually think that California is smarter or more progressive than any other state? Well, it's because it is the only place on the planet where CONTRADICTIONS CAN EXIST. Come to California, the Dumbest State! (According to the linked article, Louisiana is the second dumbest state.)

The Mastermind behind the IOU tax return program in California renovates his office. He is a Democrat from New York that relocated to California. SHOCKER!

How's that bailout of the unions in Detroit going? NOT. SO. GOOD. Surprised?

Malkin offers more on the Welfare for Welfare Bill.

Cox & Forkum from February 2002. History repeats itself, again and again.

Best Gay Marriage idea that I have ever heard. Let them marry, but refuse to let them divorce. (Remember, I am all for the government getting out the marriage sanction business. Flat Tax, baby! Please don't hit me with your purse, Kevyn.)

Gribbit makes fun of a ground rat. However, he also acknowledges that said ground rat is smarter than Al Gore.

Leftist's ideas of science. With name dropping!

Dog owners, click and laugh. We have all been there.

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ChristinaJade said...

don't even get me started on the kentucky freezing thing.

i am sooooo living it.

Paul Mitchell said...

You don't like "My Little Unicorn?"


ChristinaJade said...

yep, you got me. i have problems with unicorns.

watch, the aclu will be all over me for that!

christinajade said...

don't even get me started on the kentucky freezing thing.

i am sooooo living it.

Two Dogs said...

You don't like "My Little Unicorn?"