Saturday, February 14, 2009

P0wning the Blarqs

For some reason, all of the things that I have read today have been funny as Hell. Not that I actually took the time to find funny stuff, they just appeared.

Take for instance, George H.W. Bush. Can you think of anything at all funny about HW? What about, the young Bush family lived in COMPTON back in 1949-1950. W was three years old and sister Robin was BORN there.

When you think about Bush from this point forward, think.....

And also know that in 1991, HW Bush hosted Easy-E at the Republican Senatorial Inner Circle. Sorry, thinking about HW hanging out with the founder of NWA just cracks me up.

How about the differences between Liberal drinking and Right drinking? The liberal site is a map and dates for meeting up and being liberal. The right site says that it is not about being right, it's about being DRINKING. With free right thought drinking blurbs.

Someone told me that Maya Angelou was not the moron poet's real name. I never had enough interest in someone who is, at best, a very bad poet, but I checked into it. TRUE. Anyhoo, read the Maya Angelou Wikipedia page. The fact that she was even allowed within one mile of President Clinton is amazing to me. And please let me know why she is even marginally famous. Find a single accomplishment on that page.

The Loop tries to horn in on my MONOPOLY on Blackuary. Please compare the content on my site with the mediocre examination of the month by them. I think that you shall admit that they are posers. White folks do Black history better than black folks. (Hat-Tip: blackweb2.0)

David Drake points out that the vacant seat in Minnesota is doing a FANTASTIC JOB. In a Two-Fer post, he also begs for more art in the vein of Piss-Christ.

The Mayor actually promotes two parts of the Welfare for Welfare Bill, too. Condoms and art.

The Barry coins are just US currency with photos of Barry GLUED ON THEM. Oh man, an Obamabot getting taken by the Messiah? Dang.

The Steelers kicker, Jeff Reed, loves paper towels. Enough to get arrested. Sorry, the photograph of him GIVES. ME. JOY.

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Trenton Powers-Mellencamp said...

This is kinda a racist post. Totaly not appropriate

Paul Mitchell said...

Remember, I voted for McCain, I'm a racist.

Two Dogs said...

Remember, I voted for McCain, I'm a racist.