Monday, March 02, 2009

Black Monday - March 2, 0001 AB

We are getting a definitive demonstration of Democrat governance and their built-in FAIL today. Currently, the Dow-Jones Industrial Average is DOWN a whopping 203.58 in a rabid sell-off that has reduced your net worth to the point that it was in 1997 given a zero sum gain. This is sure to go lower in coming days or minutes as the case may be. The Barrystream Media will continue to point to factors other than that working folks have ZERO confidence in Chairman Zero. They will point to markedly lower earnings from AIG and other folks to try to explain away the philosophy behind the failure of the current batch of officials in DC.

These lower earnings did NOT appear from the thin air, folks. LOOK. If there was ever a need for competent media outlets, it is right this moment. This development is as stunning as the ever-present skyrocketing violent crime levels in areas that just made guns illegal. In other words, actions beget responses. The truth of that axiom is glaringly apparent, too. Democrats won control of the Congress and immediately the economy went into freefall. These two things simply MUST have some kinda relationship, huh?

Face it, Barry and the Democrat Congress are incompetent and dumb. They have no clue how businesses work or succeed, they have never held jobs in the private sector. They only know what government offers them and that is control over the governed. That cannot be more clear to anyone that possesses even a marginal intelligence, all you have to do is WATCH what happens when government cracks down on profit and success. A market meltdown that occurs in a mere two years after record growth is telling IF you take the time to acknowledge what causes it. The facts are right in front of you, but YOU have to interpret what you are seeing. Usually, the simplest answer is the best. Democrats took control in January 2007, the economy collapsed shortly thereafter. Relationship?

There has been NOT ONE SINGLE POLICY released from the Obamoron White House that has not had extremely devastating effects on our economy. The "Reality Based Community" HATES, HATES, HATES intelligence and facts. They do all in their power to influence by propaganda and misinformation. Hence the interest in "Global Warming." Never mind THE FACT that 2008 was the coldest year in the last DECADE. "Dr." James Hansen needs you to BELIEVE that the Earth is warming. And needless to say, "Dr." James Hansen is the government.

Also, there have been plenty of folks that have LIED and said that the medical services industry in this country costs people more per person than other places that have government FORCED healthcare plans. I proved this to be false. But, morons that cannot fend for themselves NEED to have dominion over you and your MONEY otherwise they CANNOT SURVIVE. So, they continue to support the lie. If you desire to read more on the stupidity of government mandated healthcare and the FAIL associated with that, just read more from me on that topic, HERE. I have repeatedly taken down the "data" that is only agitprop from the WHO Report.

Dear reader, when you get that uneasy feeling in your SOUL that tells you that something SOUNDS wrong, chances are pretty good that is your intelligence SCREAMING to you that what you are hearing is patently false. Do you trust YOURSELF or do you require someone else to tell you what to believe?

Do you get your news from a decidedly leftist Barry-Supporting news source like CNN? A "news source" that says, "I think, as a friend told me once, that -- listening to Barack Obama give a speech is like sex. The worse there ever was, was excellent." has ceased to be a legitimate source of news, folks. And yes, I have HAD BAD SEX. It was BAD. Of course, when your opportunities for actually having sex are so minimal, such as is the case for any person that works in journalism, I guess that even really bad sex is appreciated and therefore the ALMS that you receive are better than anything you could achieve for yourself.

When your government comes out and says, "We have established a policy that is going to cost more for working folks and have no positive effect on anything, yet we are still going to move forward with this plan", do you stop for a moment and screech at these folks that this is the dumbest thing that you have ever heard? Maybe you should start taking that moment. They actually admit their policies are bad, but they DO NOT CARE.

Even the people in Franklin Roosevelt's administration knew they were the problem, but went ahead and did the same thing. Is the gist of the situation apparent to you, now? They knew they were WRONG and went ahead and did those things ANYWAY. They consciously did WRONG. What do you call people like that? Criminals? Evil people? What is the term for someone that knows beyond any doubt their actions are WRONG?

Remember that I told you on Saturday that the Barrystreams would be all over the Rush Limbaugh speech today? Well, obviously Barry's telephone girlfriends got together on Saturday and decided what they were going to say to their sycophants on Sunday. Does this upset you that your government officials would get together to decide how they were going to attack a private citizen? Yes, Rush Limbaugh is a private citizen, JUST LIKE YOU.

Way back in the day, a bunch of individualists got together to take down a government that was no longer interested in the success of its populace. We now call those folks HEROES and the Founders of the United States of America. The government that they helped create has now completely overstepped its boundaries and needs some citizen revolt. Get involved in the movement.

You didn't believe me when I told y'all that Barry Obama was an evil, evil man. I told you so.

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