Monday, March 02, 2009

From The Google Chat Thingy

The folks that I used to work with keep in touch almost daily through e-mail. The majority of us still STAY in the Jackson area, but some have moved on to bigger and better things, but NONE of us are still employed at the firm where we met.

Excerpt from an actual e-mail thread:

Me: My contact at Scudder just informed me that I should prepare for "Road Warrior" days because of the market collapse.

C: so, my child will be born in "road warrior days"? great!

Me: Get her a helmet made out of a skull, that would be really cool.

C: Just got to find me a skull and i'll do that. Wait, there are skulls in the heads of the people all around me....

Me: And there ya go.....

C: For a moment I thought. "Its illegal to take someone's skull"... but then I remembered it's okay cause its road warrior days!!

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