Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Lying Liars Report the News

Since I live in Central Mississippi, I have the benefit of the availability of stark raving shit-douchery as far as receiving news from the typical sources that are lucky to reach the level of imbecilic. Of course, there is the Clarion Ledger, but we also have a local weekly called The Jackson Free Press that is published by Donna Ladd and the dumbest human beings to ever live. One such moron is named Ronni M and he/she/ambiguous other published an article that parrots the Barrystream Media's claims that "conservatives" prefer online pr0n. Ronni also links THIS PDF that explains the claim.

Lemme eviscerate the premise for a minute. You see, the first thing that they do is claim that the states that voted for John McCain are typically "conservative" states. This doesn't mean that EVERYONE in the state is "conservative," it just means that since McCain carried the state, that state is not as leftist as the ones that voted for Barry Jughead. There are still moonbats in those states. It also discounts the fact that those folks that are living in the stupid states have much less disposable income because they are taxed at much higher rates and want to save their money for drugs and kiddie pr0n which is not distributed through typical means.

When you see articles like Ronni's, you immediately think, "There is no possible way that this is right." And you are correct. But, JFP has no desire to actually report anything without the typical MORON TILT of their idiotic paper. Their only desire in life is to make everyone live in the bonds of slavery and moonbattery. Global warming, anyone? (Hat-Tip: [Dead] Tommy 5)

The other way that you can discredit the stupidity of Ronni's article is that you can argue that Libtards like herself download FREE pr0n. They believe that pr0n is a RIGHT. Conservatives only enjoy pr0n that is PAID FOR by the users. So, either argument makes the dumbasses at JFP look like dumbasses at JFP.

Also, David Hampton broke out of solitary confinement and got to the webby-nets to publish another idiotic screed. His article from yesterday tried to implant the stunningly stupid idea that our governor, Haley Barbour, is WRONG for denying federal funds that come tied to unfunded mandates down the road. By the way, David Hampton is a JOURNALIST and a leftist. Sorry for the redundancy.

Hampton has no interest in attempting to LISTEN to Haley when the governor states that YES, the money would be nice to bring back from DC and give it back to those that EARNED it, but there are the UNFUNDED mandates that shall grow the size of our state government to the breaking point. Big Dave is too dumb to understand that or he understands the concept, but just wants HIGHER TAXES ANYWAY.

Oddly enough, The New York Times has what they refer to as a "conservative" on their staff. Even though David Brooks VOTED for Barry Obamoron, the Times still refers to him as "conservative." David Brooks is having second thoughts on Barry and tries to state that "Barack Obama is not who we thought he was." All I can say is that Barry is EXACTLY who I KNEW him to be.

Most of us that are responsible voters took the time to study these folks that were on the ballot, I guess David Brooks did not if he is just now coming to the realization of WHO Barry is. You know, not that Barry actually penned two books that told EXACTLY what he believed or anything. Thanks David Brooks, in a sane world you would be FIRED from your NEWS REPORTING job for not REPORTING NEWS. Maybe you should apply for a job at Sutherlands or something.

But, but, but, lemme NOT just bash the new Moron President all through this post. Barry can be credited for SAVING 6763 Dow points yesterday. May I offer a little bit of market analysis? Businesses are terrified of an activist government that believes in higher taxation and mandated medical services. Businesses are terrified of an activist government that states that they are going to raise taxes and increase regulation. You can try to point the blame elsewhere, but why exactly has the market been in free fall since the Democrats took over government spending and regulations? (Hat-Tip: doubleplusundead)

You want some advice on what exactly to do with your money? Well, what little bit of money that the new feckless federal government is NOT going to confiscate? HIDE IT. Well, because....THIS. (By the way, the PJM author of this article and I are BFF on Twittah. I certainly appreciate the fact that Charlie Martin seems to be a really good guy that takes the time to respond to the folks that chat him up on Twittah. That makes him at least 6.2 times better than MALKIN!!!! Just kidding, Malkin is married, so it makes sense that she doesn't respond to my advances.)

Steve B actually produces DOCUMENTATION and FACTS regarding the housing and subsequent market failure. Something that the Barrystream Media is reluctant to do. Wonder why the typical news outlets refuse to REPORT THE NEWS?

If you would like a comparison of exactly what really is going on with your retirement accounts, here are the historical FACTS about the Dow. Yet again. I cannot keep from pointing this out every day until every single voter KNOWS who is to blame for the failure. Yes, DEMOCRATS.

As an update, the Dow is experiencing the BEST day evah since Barry was inaugurated. It is only down 43.72 right now. Barry is AWESOME, I tell you!

Is it a shocker to you that Obama has nominated a big tax-spender as head moron in charge of Health and Human Services? Kathleen Sebelius is/was the governor of Kansas which BOASTS the thirteenth HIGHEST property tax burden in the country. Yippee!

Since we are so unfortunate as to NOT have Jimmah Carter as president anymore, Barry decided to reinstitute one of Jimmah's policies. Surrender to Russia. Even though Russia is supposedly no longer a Communist nation, Barry just cannot get that past admiration outta his head with the water wings attached. Good thing we are just now coming to the conclusion that Barry was not who we thought he was.

To check in on the Obamoron Administration's ideology regarding education, all we have to know is that he sends his daughters to Sidwell Friends, while actively trying to remove scholarships in DC to allow vouchers. Does this seem contradictory to you? I am sure that is just because of your festering bigotry and hatred of Halfrican-Americans. RACIST!

A Gaza UPDATE. Holy CRAP! You mean that da Juice are REALLY only bombing the terrorist's hideouts and stuff? The Juice said that, but you cannot believe THEM!

Wonder what is happening in the Lovefest that is Obamatroit? Well, John Conyers wife, Monica Conyers, disallows white folks from saying Barry Obama's NAME in the city council meetings. I wonder how successful the employment market and economy are going in Obamatroit? Well, average asking price for a FRIGGIN' HOUSE is 7500 bucks. Remember, you can sleep in your car, but you cannot DRIVE your house. Too bad that houses are cheaper in Obamatroit.

What can we possibly study in college in a land controlled by the Obamabots? Underwater Basket Weaving. I swear that I finally FOUND the course at UC San Diego, but it is an embed in the catalog. It is an elective for one hour, in case you need the credit.

For all you folks in Jacktown, our good buddy, Chris Crothers, has published a cookbook. It is currently sold out, but keep e-mailing him and pestering him to re-publish. Also, he is going to be involved in a beer tasting shindig at Sal and Mookies on March 29. You gotta order your tickets by tomorrow, though. But, we can all remember the fun times falling down the steps and the White Trash Cook-Offs at MusiQuarium and laugh. "Spammon**." Ah, just to be young again.

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**Spammon was the dish that won the WTCO one year (sorry, I am still drunk from that night and cannot remember what year, 2005, maybe?) and the photo is HERE.


Anonymous said...

Hey TD,

For some reason I can't see the "Meanies Spew"....won't load, just a blank page. So if what I say has already been said, just humor me.

John Conyers wife, well TD she is just not being a coward like our AG Eric Holder has told us not to be. She should be praised for being honest for her feelings. See this is the dialogue Eric Holder was talking about where black folks can say all kinds of crazy sh-t and white folks get painted as racist for drawing a cartoon aimed at the Italian American speaker of the house and senate majority leader but since it has a monkey in it well that is racist. Oh what about that vogue magazine cover of Lebron James and Gisele Bundchen where he apes King Kong???? Oh right when left wing publications depict a black male as large lunatic monkey that is ok, but not the NY post....f-cking media couldn't contrast that but I just did. This is why all those bs publications are losing money, their lack of integrity in framing and contrasting news has uncovered their true political feelings. I used to laugh at the msm being called liberal, but with Obama as President there is no longer any doubt...the msm has made it alittle too obvious, way to go guys.

PS-John Conyers wife is piece of garbage. Boycott Detroit, if the people of that city want a black speratist place well give it to them...give it to them good (no federal or state funds).


Paul Mitchell said...

Yeah, Haloscan has been kinda wonky the last two or three days. Luckily, Herb made me put the Blogger comments back up and I now have TWO, YES! TWO ways to comment. It is our never ending desire to offer you the Pro-Choice CHOICE.

Monica Conyers should be on the Dallas City Council. Remember "Naw, OH Hell naw, you mean WHITE hole!"?

You probably don't remember the Reagan years, Roderick, but it was just as bad as it is now. The MSM made Reagan out to be a doddering old man and it was vomit inducing.

My grandfather told me that Walter Cronkite was the same way back in the late 1960s, but I just cannot remember that.