Saturday, March 07, 2009

Conservatives are Pathetic - A Guest Post

I received a comment that was so utterly stupid and inane, I immediately thought it had to be written by a college professor at a state journalism college. And the weirdness is compounded by the name left, Winston Smith.

According to the top post on his blog, he was/is a teacher, so, enjoy what the education racket has for you and your kids.

Yeah, look, it's absolutely clear that this has nothing to do with Bush. Everything that's gone wrong for the past eight years--which, of course, is virtually everything--was Clinton's fault as everyone knows. Until Obama was elected. Then, as that great intellectual R. Limbaugh noted, the recession that had begun on Bush's watch was Obama's fault--though Obama had, y'know, not yet even taken office. Gotta love how the "party of personal responsibility" is pathologically incapable of admitting its (copious) errors.

Man. You people are really pathetic. It'd just be funny if you weren't screwing up our country too.

For God's sake, do everyone a favor and stop voting. Conservatives have been wrong about almost every single major issue for the past forty years. How's about you pack it up and just quit? The world would be a much better place.

Not to actually offer a platform for an obviously unhinged moron, but this is one of them there TEACHABLE MOMENTS. The problem that my philosophical brethren have had in the past is that we just ignore obvious morons and go about our day. We miss the opportunity to pass on valuable information.

Since Winston is/was a teacher, I will go on the obvious assumption that he is a fucking moron and talk him through the facts and his wrongness.

Forty years was the length of time that Winston used and that is somewhat troubling. As a base premise for this argument, I shall use Conservative and Republican as interchangeable terms because the terminology for C/R had changed before that time. Let's go back to 1969.

Democrats control Congress, Nixon begins his first term as President and we were tied up in the Democrat war in Vietnam. tOSU beats uSCCC in the Rose Bowl. The first Zeppelin album released. The SDS seizes the Harvard admin building, launching Billy Ayers terrorism career. (Remember, Ayers was a terrorist until 1980.) CHAPPAQUIDDICK!!! The United States lands a manned vehicle on the moon. Charles Manson's family kills Sharon Tate to launch their Democrat slaughtering spree. Hurricane Camille. Socialists win parliament in Germany. Billy Ayers and his Weathermen terrorist outfit COMMIT their "Days of Rage" in Chicago. ARPANET, the Beta release of Al Gore's internet was launched. K-19 and the USS Gato collide. Wendy's hamburger joint was opened. Altamont.

The administration of Richard Nixon accomplished two big things in my opinion, he ENDED the Democrat war in Vietnam, the exact way that Barry wants to end the War on Islam in Iraq, by running. Nixon also took US currency off of the gold standard. Both were terrible ideas, but both were ideas that came from the Left, the fact that he followed them was the important thing. He was wrong, but the ideas were not his. So, if we are generous, Winston is right.

Fast forward to Gerald Ford. I. Got. Nothing. Seriously, my memory cannot bring up anything that he did at all. From Wiki, he was only president from August of 1974 to January of 1977, so that's only two years, five/six months. I do remember him being nominated to replace Spiro Agnew, I was in the fourth grade and that was an assignment. I actually remember writing his name down in my Civics notebook the night Nixon announced his nomination. The notebook was green. How's that? Ford was also shot at a couple of times and the fall of Saigon happened on his watch. But, we had a Democrat Congress then, too.

NOW! Jimmy Friggin' Carter. It can be debated that he was NOT the worst president ever, now that Barry Obama is in the White House, but we still do not know how long the new Moron President will last. Jimmy was the first in the milquetoast line of Democrats to get a national platform. In other words, he checked his spine at the door and embraced every single piece of liberal claptrap to come down the pike. He also had a Democrat Congress that was itching to destroy every single bit of individual achievement and success in our country. They DAMN NEAR succeeded. Check out his electoral map, it is too damn bizarre to imagine by today's standards. And also understand, Jimmy was the first media president, the national media pushed this guy as strongly as they pushed Moron McDumbass. THEY GOT WHAT THEY WANTED. Utter and complete collapse of the economy, and our country almost returned to the breadline days of the Great Depression. Understand, his tenure was UTTER failure unknown until that time, well except for Detroit, WHICH CARTER KILLED. We all thought that the Democrat Party was dead because their ideology is so sand-poundingly stupid as to defy ALL logic. Proven without any doubt. Google CRA. Absolutely ZERO successes occurred in the Era of Jimmy Carter. ZERO. And NO Republican ideology was promoted or enacted. Weird, huh, Winston?

And Carter begat Reagan. Reagan epitomized the current "conservative" ideology. His was a philosophy of limited government, slashed taxes and reduced spending from the fed. Reagan's reality was that he had a Democrat Congress that continued the Carter Era spending and that continued until the Democrats realized that every move they made, the economy got worse. With that realization and the Democrats NEED to continue to get elected, they relinquished the reigns to Reagan's ideology and passed the Economic Recovery Tax Act in August of 1981. The economy's decline bottomed shortly thereafter around December of 1981 and unemployment and inflation started falling. The net effect of the legislation was that revenues to the fed dropped less than ONE FRIGGIN' PERCENT WHEN TAXES WERE CUT!!!! The reason why? BUSINESS EXPLODED! Reagan also slashed spending in the welfare programs, extracted government from the lives of individuals, thus allowing employment to rise, and ushered in the longest peacetime expansion of the United States economy in history.

In other words, the thing that worked is the EXACT opposite of what our current Idiot in the White House is doing.

Reagan brought about the utter collapse of Communism in the USSR by crushing the Russians in the BCS Championship of Awesome. Where did President Reagan fail? He appointed Alan Greenspan as Chairman of the Federal Reserve at the end of his second term. In case you didn't know, Greenspan at one time was an Objectivist. Ayn Rand died in 1982 and Greenspan WENT FRIGGIN' CRAZY. We missed that part, he hid it well and actually got to move up in the government world until he damn near wrecked everything. And Greenspan is married to Andrea Mitchell, 'nuff said?

After Reagan, we got his wimpy VP for four years. HW Bush RAISED FRIGGIN' TAXES and derailed the Reagan growth model. Northeast Republican went all Northeast Republican. By the way, Democrat Congress. Milquetoast. Lost his spine in WWII, obviously.

Bubba Dicktrouser. A serial rapist, philanderer, utter douchebag. Impeached for corruption. Jacked up taxes higher than at any time in the past and was the motivation for the Republican return to limited government. From 1994 on, Clinton was controlled by a limited government model controlled by limited government REPUBLICANS. Economic success achieved. But, Bubba sold technology to Communists and was corrupt to the very core. His entire cabinet shall be recycled in the future.

Milquetoast Bush's oldest boy. Good guy, honest guy. Good wife, solid family. TOO DAMN NICE TO MORONS. W Bush allowed the Republicans to increasingly become controlled by the morons in the national media and started the return to the cycle that led to the election of Jimmy Carter. Did not follow the limited government model. W did take the fight to the Muslims after they attacked NYC. He was hated by morons and America haters the world over, so he was doing something right. Did lower unemployment to record lows, and increased the economy to record highs. His failing was NOT crushing the Libtards while they were ripe for the crushing and the Party of the Morons took Congress back in 2006. Still, the country enjoyed the greatest expansion of the economy EVER in our country's short history. Until the Democrats increased the minimum wage and stalled the growth. Bush signed the Bill.

Juggy McMorontard. UTTER FAIL. Even Barry's nomination for the Democrat candidacy slaughtered the stalled economic growth, caused by Democrats. Obama has done nothing but rapidly attempt to move our country toward the failed ideology of Socialism, a dead ideology in all minds that work. Only total morons are even remotely enthused by any moves of this administration and those morons only control the litigation arm of the American economy. Since there shall be no legitimate businesses to sue into oblivion to buy new yachts for the lawyers, the economy has continued to go south and the fall is rapidly accelerating. When Business Week calls Barry an utter moron, you better take notice, because Business Week is run by Barry's buddies, the folks at Newsweek.

What is my HOPE, Winston? My HOPE is that Barry will just wake up one morning and wander off into the desert at Burning Man. Then we will get to see a bunch of the new President Biden and the Democrat Party will be crushed down again like Carter accomplished and that the Barrystream Media will be deported to their true home in Cuba. I gots me some HOPE.

And in the spirit of bi-partisanship with the morons, I offer the economic model of the Libtards. CHOOSE.

Please take the time to comment.


ChristinaJade said...

thank you very much, i kinda took that comment from the previous post personally, as it was posted after mine. lovely rant, and ALL TRUE. (go look it up people, he knows what he is talking about here)

guess what, didn't get my feelings hurt. don't call 'em morons for nothing.

o, and when you went back to 1969? left out the most important thing...the birth of ME! TA-DA!

Paul Mitchell said...

Dang, a whippersnapper all up in here. Punk children.

Neil Cameron (One Salient Oversight) said...

Oil prices didn't help the current situation. Click here.

The Republican Congress between 1994 and 2006 also oversaw in increasing indebtedness of households beyond their ability to control. See here.

In short, Reagan's deficits and Bush's deficits are now coming back to haunt them. Republican economic policy has essentially bankrupted America.

Paul Mitchell said...

OSO, oil prices would be minimal had we continued our own US production with no minimum wage restrictions. Of course, the Department of Energy is doing a GUH-RATE job of accomplishing its task in that arena. The SOLE task of the Department of Energy was to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. Thanks for pointing out the UTTER fail of Jimmy Carter, continually. It never hurts to have people know how feckless Democrats are.

And the relationship to Clinton's easing of home lending requirements directly ties to the debt of families. Thanks for pointing that out, too.

Great graphics by the way, did you produce those in attempts to emulate me? If so, I am flattered.

Funny that you would point to Reagan and Bush in direct contradiction to your graphics, though. Please explain.

ChristinaJade said...

punk child (that's fun to say) is confused as well...

i found this...

"You're darn right I intend to follow President Reagan's economic principles. Just think back. Eight years ago, inflation was 10 percent and going up. Interest rates were 20 percent and no end in sight. Unemployment was 11 percent and new jobs scarce.

"It was the Democrat time of gas rationing, factory closings, high taxes, and government control of our daily lives. President Carter called it a 'malaise of the people' which could be over-come only with more rationing, more wage and price controls, more quotas, more taxes.

"Well, those dismal figures have been cut to less than half, thanks to Reaganomics. Income taxes were reduced. The American private enter-prise system was turned loose to produce with a profit. There is plenty of gasoline. Fifteen million new jobs were created."

can we really blame the bankruptcy of our country on the republicans, especially Reagan?

just asking here, after all, us whippersnappers need us some guidance.

Paul Mitchell said...

I only wish that Republicans had held the line in spending the last few years. And if we really want to know how bad off our economy is, we should run the numbers on the FICA money that got thrown into the general fund.

A billion trillion wouldn't cover it.

ChristinaJade said...

by the way, that quote was from Bush, Sr.

if it makes more sense now.

ChristinaJade said...

ok, remember Billy Beer(still have a can), but not much about that really why the Dept of Energy was founded? that is NOT what the kiddies are learning in school!

Paul Mitchell said...

Yeah, I got that it was from HW, Northeast Libtard. And it was typical campaign nonsense, too.

DO NOT DRINK THAT BILLY BEER!!!!! I did, it was RANK. Just ring your socks ouot after a good yard raking, same thing, T-R-U-S-T me.

And yes, that is REALLY, REALLY why they made the Dept of Energy. Really. On one of my posts I have the stats, from memory, we now have 16k full time DoE employees and 100k contract employees and have INCREASED foreign dependence by a factor of 30.

ChristinaJade said...

have a funny feeling the billy beer is waaaay past the freshness date! heh.

see, i had that DoE conversation with someone that swore up and down that it was to watch over energy sources from other countries. now i can shut him the hell up!

Paul Mitchell said...

I am sure the Billy Beer is past its date, that could NOT make it taste worse, though.

Carter did combine the nuclear program into the DoE, but it was formed to address the "energy crisis" during the Carter Administration when the Muslims were punking him around like a ladyboy.

ChristinaJade said...

i know the DoE has an awful lot going on here in West KY, what with the uranium enrichment thingy over there that makes the animals grow 3 heads and stuff. and TVA, can't ever forget those idiots. ugh.

of course, the atomic energy commission, i think that's what it was called, originally ran the uranium plant, that sucker has been contaminating the world since the 40's.

and where did OSO go? wasn't he gonna come back and do a Perot with his charts? :)

Skunkfeathers said...

If Winston is a teacher, the dumbing down of America's youth is easier explained.

Winston Smith said...


Oh, man, that's funny. I mean, the first paragraph or so. It was too dang stupid and poorly-written for me to read any farther. But I think I got the flavor of the thing...

And that's 30 seconds of my life I'll never get back as it is.

You really, really, really have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.

Let me make it clear for you. I'll type slowly since I'm sure you can't read very fast:

There are a couple of types of blogs on the intertubes. Here's one salient distinction:

(1) There are the blogs written by folks who have collected interesting information or produced interesting analysis

(2) There are the blogs written by blowhards who just want to spew bile.

You're a (2), my friend, in case you didn't realize it.

What you've got here isn't thinking, it's basically just screaming. It says way more about you than it says about the targets of your silly little arguments (and I use the term loosely).

Seriously, man, I only stopped in because a friend of mine sent the URL saying "check out this idiot."

I came for the freak show.

Now, five years ago I would have gone through your little post line by line and refuted it. But I finally learned that, if you try to refute every two-bit moron on the intertubes you are taking on an impossible, never-ending battle.

But no serious person who reads this POS blog could ever possibly take it seriously. It's a joke man. Not, as my dad might say, worth the powder to blow to hell. Really. Come on. Don't waste your life with this pathetic crap. Go read a book or something. Try to crawl out of your rage-filled conservative fantasy and make contact with the facts. Just about the last thing the world needs is another hyper-partisan blowhard (on *either* side) screaming about how everything is the other party's fault.

Think about it.

Andy said...

I think Winton is in denial...I think he's got a crush on you TD...

Paul Mitchell said...

Skunky, his post said "former student," so the teacher thing is just an assumption, but it is certainly fitting. My bet is that he is an architecture professor, he can write complete sentences, so literature is certainly out.

Thanks Winston, you prove my point, but keep reading like your buddy does.

Thanks for joining the freakshow, Andy.

MUD, I know what you mean.

ChristinaJade said...

and as always, TD, you toss a shot at those in your profession. i would have been disappointed if that had not happened in here somewhere! :)

Andy has a point...

and Mud, i'm with ya, I love this country and weep in fear over our Government. the porky bill is honestly some very scary crap. really. Biden was asked what was in it for small business...didya see the answer he gave?

"if you have to cross a bridge to your small business we are going to make sure it stays open" or some hogwashy words to that effect.

in other words...nothing in there. dangit.

and it better be a nice room, with a bar.

Paul Mitchell said...

CJ, I cannot help it, if they weren't so utterly useless to actual BUILDING, they might get a pass occasionally, but alas, they are.

ChristinaJade said...

and don't forget a shopping area and free wireless. TD can write and Bean and I can go shop! :)

Paul Mitchell said...

HA! FAIL on the shopping, Bean hates to shop other than the grocery with me.

ChristinaJade said...

i know, TD. it will be ok. i know that someday you will find another person in your chosen profession that you consider valid.

this is my wish to you.

ChristinaJade said...

ahhh, but then again, she hasn't ever been shopping with ME!

although i hated the mall yesterday. people were shopping like it was Christmas. i was looking around thinking, "recession? really?"

i purchased a cup of coffee.

SouperBean said...

Hmmm...MUD you noticed too, huh?...


I do shop..just not in public areas. I have tried very hard to bond with otehr females only to find that I still hate shopping. It's too much work in an area with too many people and too many stores. I have to walk from one place to another just to compare prices...Why in the world would I want to waste precious time, gas and money on my day off to be bothered and surrounded by other human beings when I can go to work and get the same thing while being paid? On top of that going to the store with someone always is a disaster. It was hard enough not to toss myself out of the car as i subjected myself to the nonsensical rants of other females--that is a day I will never repeat.

I'm like that shitty glue they sell at the dollar store- i don't bond well. If i shop, I do so through the "intertube" (btw, what a dumb regard to the internet--that's another sentient being with whom I wish to thwart thier attempt at spawning).

If you have made it through my diatribe (which TD never does) then you realize that I abhor shopping and that I only like wal-mart because everything is in one open area and because i can go there at 3 AM when few people are there.

ChristinaJade said...

AH-HA! we found the common ground, wal-mart at 3 am! the only problem i have found is that the self-checkout lines aren't open in the middle of the night, never have figured that one out. seems like that would be the best time for them to be open.

and i don't do girly talk either. i could care less where someone gets their hair did. i don't get my hair did. or my nails. bleh. :)

SouperBean said...

Ok..i do the foot thing but that is only because it always feels good to have your feet rubbed on.

I can at least admit my happiness at having those self-checkouts closed. They never work and I spend more time waiting for the attendent to fix the "you didin't bag this item" lock on the screen than I do actually scanning items...thank god for the commissary...

Two Dogs said...

I only wish that Republicans had held the line in spending the last few years. And if we really want to know how bad off our economy is, we should run the numbers on the FICA money that got thrown into the general fund.

A billion trillion wouldn't cover it.