Sunday, March 08, 2009

A Policy Change for Specific Folks

I have been going back and forth with a certain person in my e-mail that reads my blog obviously to the point of creepiness. I have tried to explain in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS that I am NOT interested in writing for a group blog FOR MONEY. Still, they persist, so I must try to detail why I do not write for group blogs or for money.

First, I do appreciate the offer. But....

I enjoy blogging, and I do it for FUN. If you want to spend money to PURCHASE my writing, we'll do it this way. I will set up a Pay-Pal account, you can place money in that account, take whatever the Hell you want from my blog and post it ANYDAMNWHERE you want. E-mail me for the info on the Pay-Pal, I have already friggin' told you that I would do that. I refuse to continue this e-mail crap, it is getting silly.

For the LOVE OF MOTHER GAIA, just drop it, mmmkay? When I tell you something, I stick to it, because I am NORMAL.

AND at the end of an unspecified period of time, we shall give that money away, sound good?

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