Monday, March 09, 2009

Week Seven - Barry's "Death to America" Tour

I have been saying for the past two weeks that if President Barry cared one bit about our country and the wealth of our citizenry, he would resign. We all know that he doesn't care, although another smarty-pants has called for Barry's resignation.

Dr. Thomas Sowell (interview with John Hawkins):
JH: Now, we've heard people say that this is a uniquely bad economic situation -- that it could be as bad as the Depression, etc. However, looking at GDP and job loss numbers, it doesn't look as bad as, say, the recession in the early 80s. So how bad is this really and if you were advising the president, what would you tell him to do?

Thomas Sowell: Resign.

Most of y'all read everything that Dr, Sowell writes because y'all are smart. Dr. Sowell is also a very nice guy that gives all sorts of opportunities to everyone to see if they are, well, for lack of a better word, DUMB. Dr. Sowell has telling us for quite some time that Barry is dumb, are you folks listening?

There is also the ever-increasing problems with Barry's attempts to obscure, shadow, or twist, AW Hell! We all know it, he's a damn liar and a complete fraud. In the coming weeks you will hear the Barrystream Media tell you that Barry has begun his troop drawdown in Iraq. What they won't tell you is that even though some troops are leaving, they are BEING REPLACED.

We will NOT hear about anything that Barry doesn't want us to hear about because the national media is completely in the anus of Dear Leader. Remember the last time that the national media got behind a candidate? It was Jimmy Carter. Remember the last time the national media went after a president before George Bush? It was Ronald Reagan. THEY WERE WRONG ON BOTH COUNTS, because they are stupid, stupid journalists.

Do you want to see what the media can do? Contradict themselves in less than four inches. That printing everything that Barry says as gospel truth is going to cause problems with reality, huh?

And as long as we are taking a look at the UTTER FAIL of the media, how about we check in on nationalized "healthcare." Methinks that only having to wait a YEAR for a wheelchair shouldn't be the NORM. Sorry, you had to wait FOR YOUR WHEELCHAIR FOR TWENTY MONTHS! Does anyone ALIVE think that this is a good thing?

You know what else? Barry decided that he would "Shield science from politics." Am I the only human being in the world that GUFFAWED at that ridiculous statement? Hey, Barry, just HOW does this shielding of science from politics happen? Well, of course, we shall shield science from politics by BRIBING scientists to study, with more earnestness, Embryonic Stem Cells. Just call me batshit crazy, but if you move science from the free market to the government controlled model, aren't you FORCING POLITICS ON SCIENCE? You know, FOR THE CHILDREN? Seriously, ONLY the research that is government funded is POLITICIZED by DEFINITION. Still think that Barry is NOT a MORON?

You know, it gets harder day in and day out, to keep from just retiring to the family hideaway.

If the above stunningly asinine links do not send chills up your spine, how about militant Moooslims in 'Merrica? Folks, these are Barry's people, not black folk mind you, crazed FASCIST nuts.

More troubling market news. The losses since the all-time highs in October of 2007 are greater than those of the "Great Depression." Democrats took less than two years to take us back to FDR days. Still more.

What other troubling things could Democrats in DC POSSIBLY do to speed the United States decline back to Muslim standards? How about FEDERAL CONTROL OF THE POWER GRID? Ho-leeee shit, in the name of greenieness, too.

On a related note, MORE SHIT-DOUCHERY FROM AL GORE. Dang, I thought that we only got fifteen minutes. Al owes somebody some minutes.

Since everyone on the Left is cheering their utter success in accomplishing their life's mission, what would really turn things around? REPEAL THE MINIMUM WAGE LAWS. Y'all know that I have advocated that tactic for the entire forty-seven years that I have published this blog. I am certainly glad that there are other smart folks in the world.

There is another little problem with government, too. The regulations that government institutes to cripple businesses are written for one purpose, to increase the VALUE OF LAWYERS. Have you ever read the Constitution? It is one of the most easily understood documents of all time. Here's my label and posts on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Just when you thought that the Moonbats in San Francisco could not jump the shark any further, "Healthy Penis" happens. I think that we can consider that shark sufficiently jumped for the duration of ALL TIME.

Welcome back, CARTER. (Yes, I know it was "Kotter.")

One of my favorite weekly reads is the EDSBS Corrections post. Johnnie Majors and Commuter Donkey, in the SAME POST!

In case you were wondering what Stuff Black People Like.

And in case you are wondering what I think about Keith Olbermann, check THIS. If you want to see the reasons why, CHECK THIS. Are you wondering why this arrogant moron got FIRED from ESPN? You are? Good lord.

More apostrophe help. You know you need it, BEAN.

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ChristinaJade said...

i feel privileged to be in the same "smarty-pants" category with Dr. Sowell, although that's about as far as it gets.

as far as healthcare goes, i've made it no secret that i don't have dang insurance. i keep insurance on Puddles, and i know that i will have insurance again, but right now everything is a stretch. *sigh*

does that mean i support socialized medicine? NO. my little brother is a doctor, does he? NO. he FEARS it. not too long ago he and i were talking about that possibility, and his statement was, "it would reduce the quality of healthcare in this country by such a large percentage, the consequences would be unfathomable."

i'll never forget his exact words.