Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Dow For One Year

Not to continually point out the UTTER FAIL of the current batch of morons in DC, but this is just getting stupid.

The 52 week high on the Dow was on May 2, 2008 at 13,058.20. The Dow has LOST 46.24% of its VALUE since March 5, 2008. ONE YEAR TO THE DAY. Dear Reader, there is a reason that this is happening. You cannot help but place blame where it actually lies. The Democrat Congress has continually promoted ideology that is contrary to economic success. Hiking the minimum wage is the SUREST way to kill jobs and immediately kick that "declining ball" into rolling.

Lemme be PERFECTLY CLEAR. There are plenty of jabbering noggins that keep saying FEAR is controlling this decline. Nothing could be further from the truth. KNOWLEDGE is controlling this market. The current federal government is decidedly ANTI-BUSINESS and PROFIT, so those that have capital are moving it to areas where they can PROFIT and do BUSINESS.

If you hear anyone saying that you should give this government a chance to CHANGE THINGS, immediately punch that person in the throat. THEY HAVE ALREADY CHANGED THINGS.

The "Change" that Barry promised is here and it is BAD. Really bad.

And just in case you are doubly curious, here is a VERY graphic representation of the exact SCALE of ONE TRILLION DOLLARS. In the past month, the federal government has thrown TWICE this much down the give-a-way hole. FEAR? No, it's RAGE.

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Steve B said...

You need to stop being so negative, and just BELIEVE!

Didn't you hear Obami ONE Kenobi say that all you need to do is have faith, and dump all your money in the stock market RIGHT NOW becuase this crazy little hiccup is just the vagaries of public opinion, like a political poll, and will all go away very soon if we just believe!?

come on, boy. GET ON BOARD!

The Mayor said...

I heard this saying the other day and it especially rings true to your post: All the capitalists now live in Beijing, while all the commies now live in Washington.

ChristinaJade said...

My Dad made that same comment, and it was closely followed by a suggestion i learn chinese.

not really a bad idea...