Thursday, March 05, 2009

Seriously, I Just Got Nothing

Just so you know, (Dead) Tommy 5 sent me some great stuff for White Trash Wednesday and I have not had the opportunity to post it. For that I am truly sorry, because I am all too aware how much you enjoy seeing folks from Mississippi do what we do.

We heard the gleeful noises from the Barrystream Media yesterday about the Dow bouncing back but what they failed to tell you was that even though yesterday WAS a gainer, the Dow was still DOWN over 185 points for the week. This morning is a slaughter house. The Dow is now below 6700 (6624). Obama's musings have returned us to Clinton Era levels in the market. Two months, roll back the economy to 1996. Awesome. I do hope that you are going to stay charged up until 2010 so we can turn the morons out of Congress and get back to making money again. DO YOUR PART. FOR THE CHILDREN!!!!

Obama is urging you to buy stocks. In other words, Obama is urging you to take a known quantity and put it in a market that he is actively DESTROYING. Barry wants everyone to be equally POOR. Just so you know, if you had invested 1000 dollars on Monday morning, you would now be the proud owner of 800 dollars. IN FOUR DAYS. That is called a LOSER of TWENTY PERCENT in FOUR DAYS.

Not only is Barry destroying your life savings and the ability to make money in the future, he is actively BLAMING George Bush for his own administration trebling the deficit in two months. If you are a Barry voter and you DO NOT have buyer's remorse already, you, my friend, are an IMBECILE.

Here's some more graphic representation. Dang, you gotta lurve you some YODELING.

Good thing that Barry's administration is BASED on SCIENCE, though. Too bad the science on which it is based is science from a crazy, stupid scientist that has no clue about any science. Halt "Global Warming" by shooting MIRRORS into space. Why don't they just shoot a bunch of disposable diapers into space, nothing gets through those things. Folks, the people in DC are FUCKING NUTS.

Kevin Jackson's BlackSphere Radio shall have Zo on tonight at 9:00PM Central. Tune in and check these guys out. Read Kevin's blog here.

I don't link Right Girl enough, but I always read. Controversies for you to chew on. Wendy does a podcast, too, so you should definitely take the time to listen to that. I think that we are up to Cast 39, if memory serves. I download and listen while I am drawing. GOOD SHIT.

Oh by the way, you remember that little Nancy-boy, John Edwards that was running for president but got caught with some FLOOZIE in a hotel room with what he denied was his baby? Yeah, he lied, it's his crumb-cruncher. I like to refer to that as Monkey Business II.

Good thing that Rahm Emanuel found the new person to isolate and polarize, otherwise the Party of the Morons wouldn't have a bogeyman to re-focus the attention on. Yes, that is the DEMOCRAT CONGRESSIONAL CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE website. Seriously, Democrats are too stupid to be allowed in public. Bi-Partisanship, y'all.

This is the SMARTEST Libtard in the world. Snoop goes Muslim. PEACE.

Check out the photograph of Monica Conyers of the Obamatroit City Council. Trust me, I laughed.

To our good friends in Taiwan, DO NOT DO ANYMORE ARCHITECTURE. You embarrass IDIOTS. No "Good Architects" label for you!

Remember The President of Awesome? It was made into a cartoon.

(Image Stolen from: EDSBS)

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