Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Drive-by Blogging - NO, Barry Obama is NOT Smart

I am so sick to death of the "Barry Obama is a smart guy" meme, that I am about to cough up my damn skull.

Please, let's look at the facts. Barry wrote TWO books, both of those books IN HIS OWN WORDS, showed how much he loved socialism and BIG GOVERNMENT. He campaigned on the same ideology. He has pushed massive government regulation and MORE government control since he has been in office.

Those are the FACTS about Barry.

Now, let's look at another set of FACTS.

In every country that socialism has been attempted, it has led to increased poverty and starvation. These TWO things are NOT GOOD. To want those things is NOT SMART, it is either incredibly STUPID or incredibly EVIL.

There are no other choices. Either Barry is really fucking STUPID or he is really fucking EVIL. Pick one, there are NO OTHER CHOICES.

Please take the time to comment.

Just so y'all know, I am busy as Hell at work, and my boss is a dick.


kiev said...

hi/ i'm pdbuttons/ thank u 4 ur funny comments
u insulted? me
i think ur coolthanks again [sp]

ChristinaJade said...

i tend to lean towards stupid AND evil.

personal opinion. :)

Paul Mitchell said...

Thanks for the comment, Mike.

CJ, I struggle with "can an intelligent person actually be evil?" so maybe the two are intertwined. You can be stupid without being evil, though.

ChristinaJade said...

good point. the truly stupid don't even understand the concept of evil.

maybe i watch too many movies, but intelligent can be evil, i think. although, even darth vader did eventually return from the dark side. he seemed like a pretty smart fella. aside from the heavy breathing apparatus. which was just weird.

Paul Mitchell said...

But, if you are truly intelligent, what would be the benefit of being evil? Isn't the being evil just so you can get wealthy without having to actually earn it? Or maybe you are evil because of bloodlust, but if you were intelligent would you BE blood thirsty?

Jake, my boss makes Kevin LaFontaine look like an angel.

ChristinaJade said...

is it just for wealth, or don't those "evil genius" guys usually want to rule the world?

as for the blood thirst thing...what happens if, say, Einstein becomes a vampire? there would be genius and blood lust. hypothetically, anyway.

of course, i just insulted Einstein by even bringing him up in a post about our current POTUS. my apologies for that.

Paul Mitchell said...

Welcome to a very exclusive club, CJ. Oddly, most of non-virtual friends are Charter Members.

Check my reply to that comment of yours.

ChristinaJade said...

clubs are cool. i'm honored.

Steve B said...

What's funny is that you think HE actually wrote the books.

If so, the editor must have had quite a job doing a search-and-replace on all the "uhs" and "uhmms".


Skunkfeathers said...

Hitler didn't think he was evil, either.

DOH! Did I just imply that Barry is comparable to 'dolph? Heresy! The fair-minded, compassionate progressive/socialist/marxist/nippled-headed Keith Olbermanns would NEVER compare Hitler to Bush now, would they?

As for stupid...Barry makes Forrest Gump look pretty savvy. He can't do nuthin' for Bela Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Jack Murtha and Barney Fwank, though. A party in a race to see who can outstupid the others we're witnessin' h'yar.

Anonymous said...


What about Norway, Sweden, and Finland? Most of developed Europe for that matter. Judging by their tax policies they are very socialist but would you say they are poor and starving?

Would it be more accurate to say socialism works in more homogeneous (homogeneity can be code for uniform cultural views and/or physical appearance, depending on circumstance) societies? Looking at Europe that seems to be the case (the different European groups already divided themselves up into different countries). The US is not one and never will be...therefore socialism will fail. For a case example look at South America. The Americas do not have homogeneous populations...it is all mixed up culturally from different groups of Europeans, Africans, and Native Indian groups.

I don't see socialism ever working in this hemisphere (not every group has the same amount of cultural capital, as such when you put different groups together you will get stratification which can't be avoided no matter how much pc bullshit is put out to blind us to this fact [and group can be defined in hundreds of different ways...Northern Europeans vs. Southern Europeans, English vs. French, Scottish vs. English, Germans vs. Italians, etc..]). But I could see it working in a place like Taiwan, China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, etc...homogeneous populations, or in Singapore's case an overwhelming majority group that will stay in the majority (there is no such thing as "yellow guilt" over there).


MUD said...

For me, it is impossible to determine what the hell Barry really thinks because he says a lot and then never does what he said. He appointed a bunch of the Old Clinton Crowd and several lobbiest and he said he wouldn't do that. He said he was going to open up Washington and all he opened up was our wallets. He is going to balance the budget in his third year and he will (by OMB's projection) double the deficit in 10 years. He will eliminate special interest items in the budget and they passed the biggest Pork bill ever. How a 400 Billion dollar stimulus got to a Trillion is the responsibility of the Man that says "The Buck Stops Here".