Monday, March 30, 2009

Savus from Mabus!!!

When Mississippi politicians get nominated for stuff in DC, I try to post on exactly how incompetent they are. When Bennie Thompson got picked for Chair of Homeland Security, I just knew that this country was soon to be destroyed by invading armies of Muslims, because he ranks right up there with Nancy Pelosi in the brains department. Idiot? Imbecile? Moron? One of those.

Just so you know, Bennie took the vacated seat of Mike Espy when Espy was given the SecAg position in Bill Clinton's idiot cabinet. Yes, Espy resigned because of kickbacks from Tyson Foods.

Anyhoo, this post is about Ray Mabus, Barry's nominee for the Secretary of the Navy. They better keep the "Don't ask, don't tell" policy in place a little longer, if you know what I mean. Understand, I do not have any problem with homosexual men at all, every Democrat governor Mississippi has had since Cliff Finch has been gay. And yes, Ray was Ambassador to Saudi Arabia during Bill the Wang Doctor's rape through the countryside, so you know for a fact that Ray is not a good person.

Before that from 1983 until 1988, Ray was Mississippi's Elliot Spitzer in his role of state auditor. Ray was in office during the FBI sting, Operation Pretense, that took down the Democrat good ol' boy network of country supervisors. All of whom were his playmates in the Democrat Party. Exactly ZERO were Republicans. And everyone in the state knew that they were crooks, but were afraid to say anything, because remember, the Democrats in Mississippi used to just string someone up in they spoke up about anything. If that someone was white, they just didn't have to get their good sheets out to string that poor person up.

Operation Pretense was an FBI sting operation. Ray Mabus had absolutely nothing to do with President Reagan's dismantling of the Democrat corruption in Mississippi. Ray was probably informed about some things, but he was probably closely watched by the FBI to make sure that he didn't tip off his party members.

Ray ran for governor in 1987 and won. Supposedly, according to mainstream media outlets, Mississippi was the MOST Republican state, too! Even though at the time, we had exactly ONE elected Republican and that was Thad Cochran. No, Thad is not now, nor has he ever been, a "Conservative."

During Ray's tenure as governor, the Clarion Ledger states that he was the mostest, wickedest, awesomest governor that we ever had. They LIE. He FUCKING SUCKED. When his chance for reelection rolled around, Mabus lost to Captain Kirk Fordice in a surprise move that shocked the entire planet. Mississippi had always been a Democrat state and Mabus lost to someone that no one had ever heard of. The bumper stickers on every car of a working person was "Savus from Mabus." Ray was a huge, huge, huge tax and spend kinda guy. He loved spending tax money and raising taxes.

Of course, the Clarion Ledger named him "Governor of the Millennium." That is because there is no intelligent life at the Clarion Ledger. (Oh, the CL made that article a pay per view since the Wiki page went up, wonder why? And I am really surprised that their choice wasn't Ronnie Musgrove because he is the worst governor that we have had in my lifetime.)

Back to dumbshit.

After getting run out of Jackson on a rail because of his feckless leadership, Ray obviously had to work somewhere, but damned if I can find out if he has ever had a private sector job. Luckily Ray didn't have to wait too long to get the Saudi gig in 1994. He was in that position a WHOPPING TWO WHOLE YEARS!!!! And if you recall, 1994-1996 was NOT a stellar era for that Middle East area, huh?

When he and his wife at that time started breaking up, Ray recorded his wife's CONFESSIONS with her priest. Mmmm, that seems somewhat dishonest, a little bit to me...... Their divorce proceedings are still going on THIRTEEN YEARS AFTER THE FACT. And yes, he is already remarried. Wow!

Anyhoo, Ray got nominated for the Secretary of the Navy position. His qualifications for that role include two years of ROTC in college and two years in the Navy from 1970-1972. Seems like he is the most qualified person that Barry has nominated to date, huh?

My take? Sure, he is a fucking loser.

Check out Wiki on this tool, there are a whole lot of "facts" but oddly, ZERO are verified. Weird.

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o, i could do that whole thing about Mabus is going to die... and the anti-Christ... and the naval battle during the third world war... but i won't.

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