Monday, March 30, 2009

Catching Up on the News

Since I am knee deep in a project crunch, I have been remiss in linking the entire whirlwhinewebbyblags. Over the course of the past three days, since it was the weekend, the federal government ramped up their efforts to destroy the free enterprise system and capitalism in general. This is a decidedly BAD move on the part of our government. We can look at the markets around the globe and see exactly what the immediate effects of our country, THE LEADER OF THE WORLD, having an admitted Marxist in charge.

Yes, Barry is an ADMITTED MARXIST. Read his books, he readily admits his faith in socialism and even Communism. Then again, most people realize that ALL Democrats are firmly in that camp. What in the world could those Marxists do on the weekend to DESTROY the economy of the world? Folks, government simply CANNOT throw the bureaucracy into the mix of business and HOPE that things are going to be just fine.

Just to check on things, I stayed up mighty late last night to watch the Asian markets react to the Obama Moronfest's FIRING of the GM of GM. Let's just be really nice and call it A FRIGGIN' BLOOD-LETTING!!!!! EEK!

Just so there is no chance for any misunderstanding, THE ENTIRE WORKING WORLD HATES BARRY OBAMA'S POLICIES. Please make no mistake, there is going to be nothing but really bad economic policies come from this administration. And dammit, when the third stage of the minimum wage increase hits this July, there will be yet another huge increase in unemployment. By the way, this has only been proven 100% of the time.

The federal government has taken over General Motors. You can call it anything that you want, but if you refuse to see what is staring you in the face, that is your decision. Obama FIRED the GM Chairman Rick Wagoner. This is what happens when you take government money, folks. You are the PROPERTY of the government.

Let's go to our roving correspondent, Francisco d'Anconia:
Whenever destroyers appear among men, they start by destroying money, for money is men's protection and the base of a moral existence. Destroyers seize gold and leave to its owners a counterfeit pile of paper. This kills all objective standards and delivers men into the arbitrary power of an arbitrary setter of values. Gold was an objective value, an equivalent of wealth produced. Paper is a mortgage on wealth that does not exist, backed by a gun aimed at those who are expected to produce it. Paper is a check drawn by legal looters upon an account which is not theirs: upon the virtue of the victims. Watch for the day when it bounces, marked, 'Account overdrawn.'
A telling item on the COPPER INDUSTRY.

You should be increasingly aware that the people that are in charge of our federal government are the LEAST intelligent among us. They do nothing that requires any thought, it is all a house of cards built with nothing but their emotions. "There's a crisis, let's do what our hearts tell us is the right thing." Ignore the FACT that the direction they are rapidly moving has ALWAYS FAILED. ALWAYS FAILED. You know it, you even FEEL it. The current administration offers you NO HOPE, because your mind tells you that the things they are doing are WRONG. You want to BELIEVE that they are not the most evil among us, but your BRAIN tells you that they are.

Your BRAIN is right. They have targeted the best and brightest in our country and have actively turned to DESTROY them. You see it. You know that you do.

Kevin Jackson calls it, "The War on Achievement." If they are declaring war on achievement, what are they protecting? FAILURE. Our federal government is actively PROTECTING those among us that are FAILURES. Taste it, smell it, embrace it, they WORSHIP FAILURE.

You sit there and think that there could never exist someone that is so decidedly EVIL that they would encourage the collapse of the ONLY moral system of economics, Capitalism, but you are still refusing to SEE WHAT YOU SEE.

Why would this administration stack the deck of their questioners and attempt to obscure the fact that they are incapable of answering the legitimate questions asked by the competent questioners? Because they can only exist if THEY ARE SHIELDED FROM INTELLIGENT PEOPLE. Their philosophy, or lack thereof, does not survive the scrutiny of the LIGHT.

Why should we ignore the fact that for all practical purposes our Constitution has been killed. We have the RIGHT TO PEACEFULLY ASSEMBLE. It is GUARANTEED.

The folks that have a vested interest in our brethren staying disorganized have made all attempts in stifling that organization. They do not stop at LEGAL MEANS EITHER. There is a concerted effort to deny our individual right of choosing our PERSONAL FRIENDS.

Not only is the First Amendment under attack from those that NEED us, but they have also started an effort to remove our ability to defend ourselves against their assault on our freedoms. Our right to our personal protection is UNDER ASSAULT. Remember, the Left's description of "assault weapon" is not one of FUNCTION, but one of APPEARANCE. Our president believes that it is NOT your right to defend our OWN HOME against CRIMINALS.

Do you think that Barry's first nominee to the BENCH believes that you have individual rights? Seeing the fact that he is a former ACORN worker, a former ACLU lawyer, even his peers find him "NOT QUALIFIED," and the New York Times calls him a "moderate," are NOT ENCOURAGING.

To even think that our federal government would find legal precedent to bring MUSLIM TERRORISTS to our country from a safe prison is bad enough, but they are going to present those terrorists WITH FREE ROOM AND BOARD is a little too tough to take, even from this feckless administration. Think about that. These Muslim terrorists want to destroy everything that is good in our country, yet we shall pony up a portion of OUR income to support them and their ideology IN OUR OWN DAMN COUNTRY! We shall support people that HATE US! Justice is severely perverted if this could possibly be true.

Another thing, this past Saturday night, the Left celebrated the ideology of death and REGRESSION to the point of removing the accomplishments of man from their lives for an hour. They called it, "EARTH HOUR." They actively campaigned for the return to the CAVEMAN DAYS for an hour and they CELEBRATE this ideology. They WORSHIP FAILURE.

What was the height of their Mother Gaia worship? The fact that on Sunday, the grid in Sydney, Australia failed because of their ideology. They made a move that was decidedly ANTI-HUMAN ACCOMPLISHMENT and that technology FAILED because of their actions. Theirs was an act of terrorism, folks. Their ideology supports the HATRED of human life and seeks to return us to the era of grunts and the inability to MAKE FIRE. Understand the EVIL in their ideology. They hate human accomplishment. THEY WORSHIP FAILURE.

Their ideology is the one that shall deliver every man into bondage at the expense of our VIRTUES. It always has, it always will.

The Anti-Human crowd also seeks to minimize the importance of HUMAN LIFE even further by trying to push the idea that OUR GUYS are anti-science. Despite the FACT that our science produces innovation and the only thing that theirs delivers is DEATH. Remember DDT?

Pro-Choice? Their idea of choice is DEATH to all. And they cannot allow a competing ideology.

As the competent world realizes the mistake in their choices, our media continues to cover up those EPIPHANIES. We cannot spend more than we make, we cannot use what we do not have, and we cannot FORCE people to accomplish and produce at the point of a gun. No matter what President FAIL says.

Even though the world is quickly CRAWFISHING from the ideology of EMOTION over MIND, our Dear Leader gleefully embraces the FAIL. His campaign promises mean nothing to him and he steers our economy toward the early Clintonesque ideology of HIKING TAXES during an economic downturn. Barry has proven beyond any doubt that he thinks nothing of LYING to his constituents, folks. We saw this five years ago and yet he is still in charge, today. We must be forever vigilant in our demeanor and promote the CORRECT IDEOLOGY to all of those we touch in our lives. Our children must be told the truth from the moment of their birth.

Obama WILL NOT and CANNOT deliver on his campaign promise of a tax cut for 95% of our country's citizens. You know that the math doesn't work. And you know that he LIES.

Not only that, but the party that has been in charge for the past two years is actively moving to UNEMPLOY as many people as possible. The figures DO NOT LIE, people. Whenever the Democrats are in control, our standard of living retracts because they hate accomplishment and achievement. Check the graph, when does the number of UNWORKING people start to rise? Do not ignore what you see, your observation is very important. Those in charge want you to ignore the facts, the math, and the REASONS.

And we must make the world safe for TAX INCREASES. Do you understand the ramifications of such a statement? There is a media personality that is ACTIVELY supporting the confiscation of wealth from those that produce it, to those that offer NOTHING to the world. How is this person ALLOWED TO LIVE? E. J. Dionne says that Obama's mistake is that he is NOT STEALING money fast enough. Gnaw on that, please.

While everyone on the planet understands COMPLETELY who wants the innocent dead, the United Nations moves to protect those that seek only to kill. The UN believes that it should be ILLEGAL to call A, "A."

Brass Balls Radio 43 addresses the concerted effort to PROTECT THE MURDERERS and promotes Ezra Levant's new book that is selling like gangbusters. Not only that, if you stick around to the end of the show, our favorite blogger, ME, is mentioned on the podcast that enjoys 500,000 downloads a week. Thanks, Wendy! (It's not quite my fifteen minutes, but it does cut out a coupla' chunks in there. Consider my own horn blown by someone else.)

To show the exact IGNORANCE of the current SecState, we need only recognize that she is unaware of one of the MOST KNOWN FACTS of Catholicism. Not only does she completely insult an entire contingent of PEOPLE, but she insults an entire WORLDWIDE RELIGION. Where does the Moron Administration find these idiots? Is there a home that supplies UNEDUCATED MORONS to government?

Obama's unlimited number of contradictions on Afghanistan. It is like watching ping-pong from the Olympics. THERE's the CHANGE that we are looking for! Imbeciles, one and all. You know it, you see it.

To keep me from completely losing my shit, here's the lighter side of the news.

Obama's brain, philosophical better, and almighty leader lets the stress out.

For humor to actually be funny, there must be a touch of truthfulness. This is much closer than needed.

Keith Olbermann is a total idiot and only total idiots listen to him.

More on the Olbermann-Twittah Clusterfuck.

And remember, every Monday is FOD!

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ChristinaJade said...

the whole GM thing should really wake an awful lot of people up. historically speaking, taking over the largest businesses is the first thing that a socialist government wants to do. look at the policies of Hitler, for example.

and then i found this from 1959.

kinda scary similar to what's going on now, eh?

honestly, i see something new everyday that makes me shake me head in disbelief. and the fact that so many people just REFUSE to see it... *sigh*

Paul Mitchell said...

The last line of that article, "Undoubtedly Castro will make the mistakes of immaturity, but there is little doubt that in the future Cuba will be a freer and healthier country."

Wow, just wow.

ChristinaJade said...

here ya go, Steve. :)


td, did ya see what i just did? :)

Paul Mitchell said...

Suh-weet! Html coding, right there in the comments!