Friday, March 27, 2009

The Two Dogs Fambly Welcomes New Crumb Crunchers

I wanted to wait on this one until I had definitive proof, sometimes we can get tricked into believing stuff is true. Obama is a smart guy, global warming is man made and EXISTS!, soccer is a MAN's sport, The Dark Knight is a good movie, the list is endless.

I finally have the proof necessary to move forward on this story.

On March 9, 2009, at 2:05 AM, C and his Ball and Chain welcomed into the world, Little Umlaut, tipping the scales at seven pounds, seven ounces, and stretching nineteen point five inches.

This is the first photograph that I received from C and you can plainly see that the baby is fake in this one. I thought this was some elaborate HOAX to damage the credibility of my blog, because everyone knows that we are proven right 100% of the time.

I DID NOT FALL FOR THIS ONE. I knew that C and B&C could have purchased one of those fake pregnancy suits and just gone through the ruse for months on end to pull off this joke. They are crafty like that.

Then I got this one. Since I know that you cannot just RENT a baby and delivery room and hospital, I began to start to believe it. It really helps that C has the look of sheer terror on his face that screams, "NO WAI! How in the WORLD am I going to take care of a small HUMAN?!?!"

In this one, we see that C was right. The small human has already been neglected to the point of actually having to attempt to EAT HERSELF! I can picture C trying to hand her a slab of ribs and an already cooling church table of ditch crickets still remains uneaten in the background.

There really should be some kind of parenting test or something.

Here we see C finally chilling out because he realizes that he really doesn't have to take care of the baby because he is actually married and around these parts, raising the young 'uns is wimmen's work.

Congrats to you both and I am so glad that all of C's movie watching actually wound up producing something.

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Skunkfeathers said...

Dang...I knowd there wuz somethin' I didn't pay attention to in basic biology. So they AIN'T part of a govmint prog-ram or sumpin like that?

Wahl, congratcheelations to the Meany Brood!

Denise said...

I though Umlaut was a boy's name?

ChristinaJade said...

never too young for some crawdaddies. NEVER!

Paul Mitchell said...

Oh Denise, you know these kids don't even worry about that.

They were live crayfish. Live, I tell ya'.