Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Phrase "these trying economic times," Makes Me Want to Kill

Seriously, I cannot come up with a more inaccurate or more dishonest statement. The "Time" or "Economy" is NOT "trying." There is a definitive reason why the economy slowed and started to contract. The economy doesn't do this by itself, that would mean that the economy is a thinking, rational being. I assume that we agree that it is not.

This phrase stems from the Moonbat mentality that things JUST HAPPEN. I'm sorry, but in the mindset of intelligent human beings, there is always causation for occurrences. It is easily discovered what has caused this economic problem, too. For the dumbasses in the White House, it is just magic that it happened, because they do not understand money, business, mathematics, science, or even religion. Or either it was George W. Bush's fault. Never mind the fact that the economy did not head toward the cellar until the Democrats took Congress. Just ignore that, mmmkay? Which came first, Democrat or moron? You cannot answer that question, they are parallel in their origin.

Now, I am NOT going to rehash, re-rehash, and re-re-rehash the problems that we are facing. Nor am I going to tell you, yet again, that Barry is a moron and is making really bad decisions. I am just going to tell you that if you repeat the phrase in the title, you are allowing Democrats to avoid their individual responsibilities for the collapse of the economy.

They did it. They own it. Make them pay.

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ChristinaJade said...

"Nor am I going to tell you, yet again, that Barry is a moron and is making really bad decisions."

o yes you are.

that's your job, y'know. :)