Sunday, March 15, 2009

All of the News that is Fit to Make Fun Of!

When I woke up this morning, it appears that all is right with the world since this little blog sits firmly atop the ranking for Mississippi's NUMERO UNO political blog. Sadly, the blog did not rank in the top Mississippi Conservative blogs, so I must admit, I HAVE NO DAMN CLUE how they judge these things.

I grabbed the "Special Stuff" tags from my sidebar and made it miraculously appear on BNN's index page to document this momentous occasion of again beating out the Jackson Free Press, which is the only metric that matters to me. I never make the ranking for "Dumbest Mississippi Blogs" (which BNN calls "Liberal" for some reason) and I guess that I am okay with that.


In the past day, I received a couple of comments on a post that I wrote over a year ago regarding the Democrats attempts to get John McCain disqualified from the ballot because he was born in the Panama Canal Zone. At the time, I made a big joke about Barry not being eligible to run either because he was supposedly born in Kenya. Now, a year later, Barry Obama continues to fight to keep his Certificate of Live Birth concealed from public view. He has also spent eight hundred thousand dollars keeping it from being viewed.

You know what The McCainiac did to quell the rumors and appearance of problems? Released his Certificate of Live Birth and asked the Supreme Court if there was a problem. Quick, painless, honest.

Now, for us normally skeptical people, this fight from Barry throws up red flags. Why? Because he has spent over eight hundred thousand dollars trying to keep a piece of paper concealed from the public. Most of us understand that this piece of paper must be shown to get a passport, to enroll in school or college, to join the military, and all kinds of various and sundry other things. Why does Barry shield his from view? I got some suspicions on that.

Barry was supposedly born to Stanley Ann Dunham and some dude from Kenya. The dude from Kenya is unimportant to the debate, he has no legal standing in our country. But, what if Ann Dunham ain't Barry's mama? Or what if Barry was born a girl and has just been hiding it all along? We've seen pictures of him, doesn't he have some mighty saggy pecs that appear to be MOOBS? Isn't he a mighty feminine person?

Ever wonder why there is a concerted effort to ridicule those that request to see his certificate? Do those ridiculers ever stop to think that this is really silly and the DAMN PRESIDENT should just show his certificate? That would put every bit of this to rest. Funny, that Barry has lied about every single thing that he has ever stated, but on this one issue they trust him? I like to call those people, "MORONS" because they is exactly what they are.

And does violating the Constitution, to protect the DUMBEST and most FECKLESS president we have ever had, seem like a good idea? Just curious. Please remember, he is a Democrat, that means that HE IS A CRIMINAL. (Science and mathematics tells us that not all criminals are Democrats, but ALL Democrats are criminals. See how that works? It's that subset thingy, you know.)

Wanna see utter BATSHIT craziness? There is actually a blog that blames MY BLOG for starting the Certificate of Live Birth stuff. Oddly, it is the same person that has been commenting on that YEAR OLD post. Two words on blaming me, "AS IF."

Now, since y'all happen to believe the Obamoron about that little piece of paper that is apparently worth more than eight hundred grand to him, let's check in just how he is doing in the honesty department to date. Not. Too. Good.

Barry ridiculed The McCainiac when Simple John said that he would look into taxing insurance benefits. I have always wondered why those "benefits" were not taxed to begin with because they are EXACTLY INCOME. No, I have never used employer supplied insurance because that is just flat-out stupid. You tie your medical services to a group of people that use the insurance to go to the doctor for regular check-ups. It sounds like something they would suggest at Jed Starnes' Twentieth Century Motor Company. Employer supplied medical insurance is not insurance at all, it is a pre-paid medical plan that jacks up costs of medical services, so I always abstained. Anyhoo, Barry is going to tax those employer provided benefits, even after he made fun of the McCainiac suggesting it. SHOCKER.

The fun part about Barry raising taxes on ANYONE that receives medical coverage through an employer is that there are ZERO benefits to ANYONE (other than the government) with the implementation of that policy. And the only people that actually experience a ZERO SUM GAIN are those already on the federal dole with their medical service plans. The main reason that I see for him implementing this HUGE additional tax is to make a bunch more STUPID people bitch about the costs of medical care, while Barry continues to drive costs through the damn roof. Remember, HE IS A MORON, or at best, he is a devout socialist.

Barry also signed stupidity allowing the further expenditure of government money to politicize the Embryonic Stem Cell research stuff. I guess that Barry is a big fan of the SUPER TUMORS, but that is not the point here. He signed an Executive Order allowing the government to spend a bunch of money on research that has proven to be a FAIL. He might as well give a bunch of money to folks to study the Religion of Darwinism. "Reality-based Community."

There's one little hiccup in his stupid EO regarding SUPER TUMORS. He also signed the Omnibus Spending Bill that refuses government money to ESC research. The Dickey-Wicker amendment reinstates the "BAN." I guess Barry doesn't read anything that he signs EITHER.

Justin Higgins chimes in on Embryonic Stem Cell Research. Justin is a college kid that has more intelligence than the President of the United States. Yes, I know that is NOT a compliment, but Justin is a college kid and gets it.

Sadly, this girl DOES NOT GET IT. Just for the record, if you do not OWN your car and are currently NOT paying for it either, it might be a bad idea to cover the bank's car with Barry propaganda. Just saying.

If you want to read something funny regarding this issue, read David Hampton's Op-Ed in the Clarion Ledger from today. There is NOT ONE fact in this opinion article. Everything that he states is PATENTLY FALSE. David Hampton is dumb as a bag of hammers in case you are wondering. The title just sends me into fits of laughing hysterics, "Politics should not determine research." So, how do we avoid that? By paying for a controversial FAILBOAT with government money. Contradiction? Shit, David is a moron, so I guess not.

When exactly was the last time that we heard from our good buddy, Osama Bin Laden? What happened to "the world will lurve us again?" Well, let's just say when you appoint the most VILE, CONTEMPTIBLE HUMAN BEING in the world as SecState, NO ONE WILL LIKE US. Is there anyone paying attention to the trainwreck in DC? Anyone?

Just to point a finger at the Barrystream Media that fails to report the truth, EVEN WHEN IT COMES FROM THE VERY OUTLET, kinda leads me to believe that there must be other things that those media outlets are hiding or lying about. When even The New York Times admits it, in 1999, and tells you that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are making risky loans that could have HUGE REPERCUSSIONS in the market, maybe you'd better listen and remind them what they said. Or not.

Wonder where your 401k has gone? Let's imagine that the federal government was spending a bunch of money and not even following where that money goes. Here's a history of government bailouts all the way back to 1970. Find the SUCCESSFUL ONES. Good lord.

While we are at this, did you know that Barry's entire public relations firm and nearly two hundred of his supporters got busted? Well, they did.

Bottled water? Check. Ammunition? Check. Dehydrated foods? Check. First Aid kits? Check. Whiskey? Check. Pornography? Check. Check. Check. Check. I guess we are ready to disappear now.

I saw this comic this morning and immediately thought of some of the conversations that I have with my patently insane electrical engineering buddy that uses the word, "lagniappe." Remember, from this point forward, Cajun Crawtater, we should put a sock on the doorknob.

I do believe that I am the black guy in this strip. But, that is debatable.

(Image Stolen from: Hat Bag, a Jafrica webcomic)

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ChristinaJade said...

see, it is posts like this that make it no surprise that you're on top of the list. congrats for that.

i've said it for MONTHS. all O has to do is go to damn Haiwaiia (that's how my Memom used to say it), go in that building containing birth certificates, pick it up, walk out the door, and hold it up. HERE.

hold your breath, really, that'll happen.



Anonymous said...

Get help.


Paul Mitchell said...

Anon, what should I tell the pshrink when I go to see them? Us crazy folks have no clue what you are talking about.

By the way, there is not one single thing in this post that is even debatable as being a falsehood. Not even from the moron (Obamabot) point of view.

christinajade said...

see, it is posts like this that make it no surprise that you're on top of the list. congrats for that.

i've said it for MONTHS. all O has to do is go to damn Haiwaiia (that's how my Memom used to say it), go in that building containing birth certificates, pick it up, walk out the door, and hold it up. HERE.

hold your breath, really, that'll happen.