Monday, March 16, 2009

Another Heart-Warming Post

I received a text message last night asking me what exactly is the number of folks working for the government, so I decided to delve into that a bit. What I found was shocking even to me. I ran through the numbers of all federal employees in January of 2008 (quickly) and came up with 12.9 million, NOT INCLUDING the post office and the military. These numbers coming at you now are STUNNING.

From the yearly report of 2007.

All state and local employees 14,681,997
Fed Employees (no PO / Military) 12,907,743
Postal Employees around 800,000
Military around 3,000,000

Total 31,389,740

So, we have a total of about ten percent of the population working for government. This does NOT take into account that there are also people living on the dole that are also reaching into our pockets from their criminal lifestyle or because of their poverty. Currently, there are around 2,278,000 people incarcerated in prisons across this country. That number seems very, very low to me, but that is the number that I found. Also, I could not find any numbers that break down the number of people that receive welfare. The total numbers do not exist in any form that I can find, but The Heritage Foundation does offer the estimate that between three and four percent of total population are on FULL welfare at any time during the year. That amounts to somewhere around nine million people. Currently (February 2009), there are 12.5 million unemployed people in this country. That shall offer you some reference.

HERE's a very basic chart of current labor situations.

HERE's a Census Bureau spreadsheet thingy to run your own calcs. Have fun in your terror.

So, folks, the private sector employees support around forty-two million folks yearly. And there are ONLY 154,650,000 people working in NON-farm related industries. Please understand that my calcs and facts do not even begin to scratch the surface of exactly how much money is being leeched from the system by partial welfare receiving people, government subsidies for businesses and farming, the inequities of a progressive taxation system, and the folks that DO NOT pay any taxes at all, which in itself IS WELFARE.

When you consider that only 50% of workers pay the bill of government, you wind up with a figure of closer to 75,000,000 people that actually finance the remaining 225,000,000 people living in this country. This does not even begin to address the nearly 50,000,000 ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS in our country. (Do understand that those people employed by the government overlap into the tax-paying group that funds their very own salaries, too.)

Can you see that the current method of running this show simply CANNOT survive? Hopefully, you can see exactly that.

My back is bowed by these statistics and the overwhelming knowledge of the situation. What do we do NOW?

Also, let's look at some more SKEERY stuff. Remember, there is a false standard to the wage rates in this country set by the "MINIMUM WAGE" laws. What this standard accomplishes is terrifying to me. Government comes in and sets the cellar for the rate that you can pay your employees. That immediately INFLATES the cost of everything across the board. In case you are wondering, minimum wage rates are inherently stupid.

Then, we add to that big pile of stupidity, the need for labor to further organize into unions that are at their root, ANTI-BUSINESS and ANTI-PROFIT. The purpose of a labor union is to EXTORT the highest wage for the LOWEST possible production. And now, unions want the ability to abolish SECRET BALLOTING. Not only have labor unions consistently priced products made in the United States out of reach of the rest of the world, now they want the privilege of standing over people while they vote on whether to unionize or not. Can you see the outcome of that?

Let's throw YET ANOTHER thing into the mix. Barry Obama announced on Friday that he was looking into taxing medical insurance, paid by an employer, as INCOME. Granted, those benefits are definitely INCOME, but what shall be the effects of that policy? Well, of course, medical costs shall skyrocket, and there will be another decided push toward a nationalized healthcare program.

And guess what? That WHO Report that every one of the people promoting nationalized healthcare cites as a basis for their information, HAD A PURPOSE and a MISSION. Can you find the exact purpose of the WHO Report from the title of Chapter Two in the report?

What is the answer to the above stated problems? You see it, but you refuse to see it. There is no limit to the amount of freedom that can be removed FROM YOU BY GOVERNMENT.

My philosophy is that I never resort to violence UNLESS I am violently attacked. Is it an act of violence when a man crawls in my bedroom window and tries to take from me and my family that which we own? You damn skippy, it is.

The Left has had their way too easy for too long. Take to the streets, folks.

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Anonymous said...

This is definitely one of the more eye-opening posts I have read in a long time. Basically, it seems like the rationale of the government, in all its awe-inspiring stupidity, is to get an ever-increasing amount of money from an ever-decreasing group of taxpayers because the more you can give to people without expecting anything from them the more voters you can expect come November.

Knowing these numbers, even though we both know they aren't exact, but they do present a good picture of what is most likely the truth, it is no wonder why tax cuts work so well. With so few people working AND paying taxes a little tax cut can make a huge difference. Raise taxes and the producers in this country will get fed up and stop producing the lion's share of our country's GDP.

Paul Mitchell said...

Travis, what's an even bigger looming picture is what happens when the credit card companies stop receiving their money? This economic model cannot stand another HUGE hit like a credit crunch in the smaller credit market.

Hide and watch when AmEx releases their quarterly earnings. Already they are buying folks out of the card.

We are a little top heavy right now.

ChristinaJade said...


so basically, if i get the math right, if there's a house of 12 people, only 3 of them are paying the bills and then there's 2 more peeps that aren't even supposed to be there and just show up and suck off the rest.

3 out of 14 paying for everything.

nope. that ain't gonna work.

Anonymous said...

Wow. What about partial assistance programs like WIC and CHIP? Hmmmmm... I wonder what the numbers are for people receiving federal grant money for research... for degrading art work... for college tuition???

Paul Mitchell said...

CB, you would think that there would be a clearing house for that type of information. You would be wrong.

What I found was that stuff like WIC and sCHIP mostly is block grants given to the individual states to spend. It's like you handing the kids the credit cards and never checking the statements of cards with no limits.

The Fed approved almost a trillion dollars last September/October in bailout money. They have no clue where it has gone ALREADY. How in the world do you expect them to keep up with any Fed college grant money? Or free lunch program money? Or even office supply money for one national park station?

Anonymous said...

Man, what an awesome post. I think I found a new blog to frequent.

Paul Mitchell said...

Thanks for coming over, Paul. I added y'all about three weeks ago to my Reader. Good work over there.

cajunokie60 said...

amen meanie

cajunokie60 said...

amen meanie

Paul said...

Man, what an awesome post. I think I found a new blog to frequent.