Thursday, March 12, 2009

Well, It's Official

I have noticed in the last couple of days something has been wonky here. As it stands now, half of the posts are missing and what remains of the sidebar is at the bottom of the page. Don't waste your time scrolling down, because there is very little left of it.

During the next couple of days it shall get fixed.

Or not.

In the meantime, check it out, Barry Obama's IT SECURITY GUY got busted by the FBI. I just do not even know what to say about this.

Try it on again, Barry Obama's IT SECURITY GUY got busted by the FBI.

Please take the time to comment.


ChristinaJade said...

well, YEAH! doncha know? all the cool kids have to be gangsters to hang with the Prez.

have you been hacked? i've heard that's when you know you're a blogosphere star...

Paul Mitchell said...

Don't they? The IT security guy thing is really beyond the pale though. That is kinda important.

There seems to be no logical rhyme nor reason to the missing posts. And now, the comments on the permalink page are really small font for me, but the whole sidebar is showing up in post pages, albeit below the post. It has to be the Haloscan, but I backed it out this morning and it didn't fix it for me.

ChristinaJade said...

what i'm not finding is WHO bribed the guy for WHAT exactly. my question: could this be treason? sure would be nice to know more, wonder if we ever will.

as i have no "blog-tech" about me at all, the only thing i can do is refer you to @sadcox, who is used to me running and yelling for help. :)

Paul Mitchell said...

Yeah, I didn't find that information either, but it could have been the IT guy bribing someone else, which with Barry Obama is highly likely.

Blogger has a post on help pages that says mine is not the only one experiencing problems, their solution was to publish a blank page and then go back and save it as a draft. FAIL.

ChristinaJade said...

oh, you wouldn't be suggesting that O would have someone BRIBE someone for him, would you? *gasp* LOL

hit up @sadcox on the tweetie thing or his site is sounds like blogger is full of fail today.

Steve B said...

So, has anyone been keeping a tally of the number of cabinet nominees summarily deep-sixed because they're effin criminals?

The number keeps growing.

It would be interesting to see what percentage it is.

Trenton Powers-Mellencamp said...

I scrolled down tot he bottom like you said to and their was nothing their.

Paul Mitchell said...

Steve, it has to be very high if you were discussing competent people.

Dean04Prez, the entire sidebar is GONE, now.