Wednesday, March 11, 2009

WTW - Such a Nice Day for a White Trash Wedding

While all y'all around the country are worried about how you are gonna send Throckmorton Pistlewaist III to French Finishing School, us Bayou-Billies are just getting together to see Sally Ann and Jed Bob, our cousins, get hitched.

They got a seven year old together, ain't it about time to make an honest woman outta Sally Ann? Dang, ain't Lester Earl gittin' BIG?

Jed Bob and Sally Ann's youngest is dang near old enough to skin an eight-point all by herseff. Her mama is all happy 'cause she really likes brushing her hair a lot and Sally Ann thinks that Baby Penny Alice might even be smart enough to go to Beauty College.

And Baby Penny Alice don't even smoke! I keep laughing about that, 'cause how's she ever gonna git any customers if she don't let nobody smoke in the beauty trailer? Sally Ann keeps telling me that you caint let none of that stop no "Hair Artist."

We all got a big kick outta the wedding cake, 'cause everybody knows that you couldn't get RED on a 1978 Blazer. Jed Bob got all mad and shit about that 'cause he said it was a FAINTCIE custom paint job on his wedding cake truck. Them kids do go all out mostly, so I don't doubt it one bit that they DID git a FAINTCIE custom paint job on the wedding cake truck.

Even though he got mad, Jed Bob didn't even start no fight. It's like he weren't even hisself that day. Uncle Clem told me it was because there wasn't no knife in Jed's scabbard, it was just for looks.

After going off to Gatlinburg for the weekend, Jed Bob and Sally Ann is back at home in Vidalia on Jed Bob's mayonnaise farm.

When I took this pichur, I was amazed that they ain't got no junk in the yard, Jed musta cleaned up for the wedding party.

[Hat-Tip: (Dead) Tommy 5]

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