Wednesday, March 18, 2009

WTW - Growing Season Begins

Since the growing season is bearing down on us like a freight train, my cousin, Jim Howie, done started getting ready to plant.

He likes to prepare by growing stuff in pots to get ready to plant, so he done pulled out the welder to make hisself a pot.

Judging by the put-togetherness of his pot, him and Lula-Earl done got drunk and started filling the pot up with Marlboro one hunerts.

They's some purdy rocks in that pot, too. They's all clear and shiny.

Deddy said he don't like the idee of Jim Howie paintin' the pot like the flag, it seems somewhat disrespectful to him. But, Jim Howie said he don't give one red shit what Deddy said.

Jim Howie got a disrespectful streak in him sometimes.

That's why Deddy whupped Jim Howie's ass so much when Uncle Wayne Earl was up in the pen.

Anywhatzit, judging from this pitchur, Jim Howie and Lula-Earl gonna be growing bottles or sum other nonsuch.

I thinks that they's living out in Robin Hood so's the sherf don't git them's wacky-tobacky.

Here's the rest of the original group: (Four dead links, and not one WTW post.)

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