Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Day in the Life - Dang! (UPDATED!!!)

UDPATE: The video I linked below was the CNN broadcast on their network. Below, Founding Bloggers posted their own video of the VERY SAME CNN REPORTER just after her broadcast. I posted that link below. Watch what CNN broadcast and then watch what happened RIGHT AFTER.

Today has been something else. My son did his swearing in for his Navy service and we got the the Jackson, Mississippi Tea Party just in time to participate in the Pledge of Allegiance. Folks, I was stunned. Stunned. *Click the images to get them SWOLE*

For those of y'all that are NOT familiar with Jackson, Mississippi, it is a burnt out husk of a city, much like St. Louis. Completely run and controlled by Democrats since the DAWN OF TIME. There are virtually no businesses downtown, and the State Legislature is NOT in session right now, so even those folks and their aides are not around. I anticipated 300 people, MAYBE.

My son and I had just left the MEPS building and drove the six or so blocks toward the Capitol and people were EVERYWHERE. We quickly turned down a couple of side streets and parked near the Archives and History Building about four blocks away from the Capitol.

The aerial shows approximately the size of the crowd when we finally got there. Seriously, I got chill bumps, folks. I was really wondering if anyone would show up at all. DANG!

Having never attended a protest in my life, I had no idea what to expect and my boy and I were really pressed for time. I banged off a few photos for y'all with my phone. Sorry, I did not plan ahead.

I counted four hundred fifty people on just ONE SIDE of the main walk to the Capitol steps. You can ask Matt Friedeman, I had CHILL BUMPS on my arms. I had never felt anything like it to actually KNOW in the deepest recesses of my mind that there are other people, JUST LIKE ME, fed up with the taxing and spending.

We did not walk around too much because the speakers had already started. I walked up onto the hill next to the steps near the end of that red line in the aerial. Standing over the crowd was actually breathtaking. Folks, you just do not know what a ghost town Jackson is, especially on a Wednesday at 4:00. These people had to come into the area from all points on the compass. They were NOT already downtown. I saw one car tag from Lee County, which is about 200 miles away. I am not sure if there was a Tea Party in Tupelo, but if the Jackson one was any indication, I would assume there was.

When we were leaving, I asked two Mississippi Highway Patrol officers if there were any problems. NONE. I asked two more Capitol Police officers. NONE. I did NOT see a single news van in the area, but there were ambulances parked nearby with a trailer rig for an emergency hospital. KUDOS to the folks that put this on. Great job, perfect job.

These were the two best looking people at the Jackson, Mississippi Tea Party, although there were a bunch of other people that were pretty damn close to being as handsome.

My thanks to you, son. I couldn't be more proud of you.

One final thought. What do you think this CNN reporter is thinking while at the Chicago Tea Party? CNN is no longer a legitimate news source. If you watch CNN, you are watching agitprop delivered to you from the federal government.

This is the video of the CNN reporter and what happened AFTER she went on the air. BIASED? AW, F*CK NAW.

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Skunkfeathers said...

CNN ceased being a source of ANYTHING but leftist drivel, back during the sexual antics of Bill, the first black president.

I don't watch or listen to CNN because they have absolutely nothing to offer. If I want their slant, I can watch PRAVDA.

MSNBC is equally moronic and useless as a source of 'news'.

ChristinaJade said...

Looks like you had an awesome turnout! very cool!

The photo of your son being sworn in is the one that gave me chills. Very, Very, VERY awesome!

Paul Mitchell said...

Skunkfeathers, did you actually watch the video? She is practically SPITTING. She so clearly hates the people that are around her it is unbelievable.

CJ, it was seriously amazing. Both parts of the afternoon actually made me forget plunking down a big check to the IRS this morning.

Oddybobo said...

Great pick of you and the boy. Thanks to him again.

As for CNN, that woman was screaming at that man because he didn't answer the way she'd have liked . . . also she called "chicago" the "state of lincoln" Wtf . . . chicago isn't a state. ;)

Saw Anderson Cooper today say "it's hard to talk when you're tea-bagging" he would know . . . he would know . . .

Danielle said...

We estimate there were close to 3,500 people there total. Some came and left, others came late.

All the news crews were by the t-shirt tables on Mississippi Street. There were VERY fair and accurate reports on all four stations at 10:00 p.m. I need to send them all a message of thanks.

I'm glad you were there! I looked for you but couldn't find you. The sea of people was massive, after all!

Paul Mitchell said...

MM, I really did not plan my attendance well AT ALL. Left my camera in the truck and had NO plan, but they kept moving my boy's swearing in back as the afternoon wore on and I was actually afraid I would miss the whole Tea Party.

I looked for green shirts and GUESS WHAT? There looked like HUNDREDS of them. Just so you know, I was standing on the lectern level right by the cannon on the East side of the main steps. Matt was right next to me when they called him forward.

We left about 4:50 and there were still hoards of people filtering in. Y'all did a GREAT JOB. GREAT JOB. I salute you. I was amazed.

I really did not see the media at all. Mississippi Street was totally clear of vehicles when we got there, but we did enter at the Southeast corner directly onto the grass.

Johnny Techno said...

That CNN reporter, Susan Roesgen, was a anchor on a New Orleans TV station for many years. As of today, she is an embarrassment to all the New Orleans-area people who watched her and supported her.

I'm Mississippi Mama's husband, by the way.

Paul Mitchell said...

John, y'all did a great job, that must have taken forever to put together. Thanks so much, it made me forget (for a little while) cutting that check to the IRS this morning.

Skunkfeathers said...

TD, I avoid CNN like the plague that it is. Seeing a spitting liberal witch drivel about something she doesn't like, I need only go to downtown Denver, or up to the Peoples Repugnant of Boulder for that.

And I apparently can't guesstimate crowds; official counts from Denver Police and the Colorado State Patrol put our tea party at between 5-7k. Not bad in a liberal bastion. And while I didn't see 'em, two maggot-infested progressives did show up and started to cause a ruckus...until contacted and escorted out of the area by a Colorado State trooper the size of an Abrams battle tank ;) A witness to the event said they went from venonomous to sheet white and compliant in a heart beat ;)

Staci said...

The news reports says that 5,000+ showed up in OKC at the capitol, plus Tulsa had 3 tea parties of their own with several thousand attending! I was impressed!

MUD said...

This recession is all my fault because I haven't been spending more than I make. Yes, CNN doesn't understan that a man's opinion of the POTUS is protected by free speech. It isn't free speech unless you allow the guy to say things you really hate. There is no law that says it is illegal to say things that are stupid. There are limits on where you can say them and you can't holler things that cause panic in a crowded theater. Why is the word Navy backwards. I only wear my Navy hat when I'm out and up to no good. The rest of the time I wear my retired Army hat. MUD

MAS1916 said...

We are all such 'amateur' protesters! We didn't break or burn anything and we listed to the police!

In Denver, the three anti-tea party protesters that dared to show up were shouted down in about 15 seconds. When police started to intervene, they turned and walked away crying!


Basil said...

Congrats. I know you're proud. And rightly so.

Paul Mitchell said...

Thanks for all the comments folks. I am very glad that all the parties turned out well.

On the "Navy" on the hat issue, when you close the phone to take a photo, it mirrors the image for some reason. I just haven't taken the time to figure out why. I am lazy like that.

Anonymous said... are wearing the glasses i bought for you :) That makes me joyous (it's been a while since I can say that)